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В Кабардино-Балкарии введен режим контртеррористической операции

Posted by Info on 30/06/2009

Режим контртеррористической операции введен с 30 июня на территории Эльбрусского района Кабардино-Балкарии.

По сообщению правоохранительных органов, с июня 2007 года по настоящее время в районе отмечено “32 проявления террористического характера – подрывы самодельных устройств, обстрелы, большая часть которых была направлена против сотрудников правоохранительных органов”.

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Киргизия обвиняет россиянина в терроризме

Posted by Info on 30/06/2009

В Бишкеке по подозрению в пособничестве террористам задержан россиянин.

По информации ГКНБ, россиянин, являющийся уроженцем Киргизии, был пособником террористов, уничтоженных на днях на юге республики. Киргизские силовики установили, что он прошел обучение в террористических центрах в Пакистане и прибыл в страну для подготовки легализации других членов международных террористических организаций.

Ликвидация террористов

В конце июня на юге Киргизии были проведены две спецоперации против боевиков Группы исламского джихада и Исламского движения Узбекистана. В ходе них были уничтожены девять террористов.

23 июня пятеро вооруженных боевиков были уничтожены в городе Джалал-Абад. Спецслужбы позднее объявили, что ликвидация террористов стала «завершающей стадией» длительного расследования деятельности организации «Исламское движение Узбекистана».

В ночь на 28 июня в селе Кош-Коргон Узгенского района Ошской области киргизское спецподразделение «Альфа» провело новую операцию. Был окружен брошенный дом, в котором засели вооруженные пистолетами, автоматами и гранатами боевики. В результате штурма убиты трое боевиков.

А сутки спустя в том же селе был убит еще один вооруженный боевик.

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OSCE Observers Leave Georgia // UN observers also scheduled to begin withdrawing from Abkhazia, ending a 16-year mission

Posted by Info on 30/06/2009

TBILISI, Georgia –– Western observers pulled out of Georgia Tuesday after Russia blocked an extension of the mission to observe the cease-fire that ended last year’s war.

The pullout of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe mission comes as fears of a new war between Georgia and Russia grow.

OSCE spokeswoman Martha Freeman said the organization’s 20 observers packed up their post in the village of Karaleti, near the region of South Ossetia, on Tuesday.

The withdrawal follows Russia’s refusal last year to agree to extend the mission’s mandate because other OSCE members refused to recognize South Ossetia and another region, Abkhazia, as independent nations. Russia and Nicaragua are the only nations to recognize the two regions as independent.

Meanwhile, United Nations observers were also scheduled to begin withdrawing from Abkhazia Tuesday, ending a 16-year mission there. That follows Russia’s recent veto of a UN Security Council resolution that would have extended that mission.

The withdrawals leave only European Union observers remaining in Georgia, though they have been blocked from traveling to South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

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Russian exercises anger Georgia

Posted by Info on 30/06/2009

Russian forces have begun their biggest military exercise in the Caucasus since the war with Georgia last year.

More than 8,000 troops are taking part in the manoeuvres near the Georgian border, which Georgia has called “a pure provocation from Russia”.

Last month Nato angered Russia by staging exercises in Georgia itself.

Although Nato and Russia have just agreed to resume military ties, analysts say the latest exercises are a clear warning from Moscow to the West.


People frightened

Tensions in the region are still high: Russia maintains heavy military presences in Georgia’s two breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and has recognised them as independent.

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Posted by Info on 30/06/2009

Kazakhstan will become the first ex-Soviet state to assume the chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 2010.

Astana had considered it symbolically important that Kazakhstan be the first of the former Soviet republics to lead the 56-country organization. The Kazakh government has for years told its people that holding the OSCE chairmanship would show that the international community was taking notice of Kazakhstan’s growing importance in the world community.

When Kazakhstan was named 2010 chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Astana pledged to undertake wide-ranging political reforms. But now, just over six months before Kazakhstan takes over the OSCE’s helm, US lawmakers and diplomats are voicing concern that Astana is not serious about fulfilling its commitments.

“More than 60 defamation lawsuits targeted six independent news outlets and their reporters last year.”

“The question facing the Kazakhstani government today is what kind of human rights leader it is going to be,” said Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), a New York-based international rights group. “Is it going to lead by example, or is it going to be a leader plagued by hypocrisy?”

Roth made those comments in early June during a visit to Kazakhstan. With less than seven months to go before Astana assumes the helm of the OSCE, Roth urged Kazakhstani officials to make “modest, do-able steps” to improve the country’s rights image. The areas most in need of improvements, according to Roth, included religious, political and media freedoms and freedom of association.

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