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Russian troops prepare for anti-terror drills with China

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

MOSCOW, June 30 (RIA Novosti) – Russian troops participating in the joint Russian-Chinese antiterrorism exercises will arrive in the deployment area by July 14, the Ground Forces press service said on Tuesday.

The Peace Mission 2009 antiterrorism drills, involving 2,500 military personnel, will take place in Russia and China on July 22-26.

The first Peace Mission bilateral antiterrorism exercises were held in Russia and the eastern Chinese province of Shandong in August 2005, involving warships, aviation and over 10,000 servicemen including marines and paratroopers.

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Geneva: Russian, Georgian Talks End Without Results

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

Georgian and Russian officials met for security talks in Geneva on July 1 — the sixth such meeting since their five-day war in August 2009.

No agreements were reached during the meeting, but the two countries have agreed to meet again on September 17 in Geneva.

The meeting, held under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the European Union, and the United Nations, also included representatives from the Georgian breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

The meeting came a day after the OSCE officially closed its observer mission in Georgia and UN monitors began pulling out of Abkhazia.
Russia, which recognizes the two regions as independent, had refused to renew the mandate of both missions.

Russia started this week its annual large-scale military exercises across parts of its southern regions bordering Georgia, condemned by Tbilisi as “pure provocation.”

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Russia loses Strasbourg court case over Chechnya abduction

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

MOSCOW, July 2 (RIA Novosti) – The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia on Thursday pay 39,757 euros in compensation to a Chechen woman whose husband went missing in 2001.

Zina Pukhigova, 65, said her husband was seized by armed men in uniforms who she believed to be Russian soldiers in February 2001, and that she had not seen him since. She also said Russian authorities failed to properly investigate the case.

“The Court found that the applicant had presented a coherent and convincing picture of her husband’s abduction, which had been supported by witness statements,” the Strasbourg court said in a news release.

Russian authorities said years after the abduction that law enforcement agencies were not involved in Salman Abdulazizov’s disappearance, and that the inquiry was continuing, the news release said.

The court said that since Russia had failed to provide the case files in its possession, citing secrecy, and plausible explanations for the events, it considered Abdulazizov to have been abducted by servicemen in an “unacknowledged security operation.”

“In his absence or of any news about him for eight years… the Court concluded that the Government had been responsible for his death,” the news release said, adding that the right to life, the prohibition of inhuman treatment, and the rights to liberty and legal protection had been violated.

The ruling can be appealed against through the Court’s Grand Chamber within three months from the date of the ruling.

Russia has lost the majority of cases brought against it in the Strasbourg-based court. In 2008, the court ruled against Russia 245 times. Overall, around 20% of all complaints made to the court in the past decade have involved Russia.

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Strasbourg court starts hearings on Georgian case against Russia

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

PARIS, April 16 (RIA Novosti) –  The European Court of Human Rights held its first hearing on Thursday on a case lodged by Georgia against Russia two years ago over alleged human rights violations.

The Georgian government filed the suit on March 26, 2007, saying that after Georgia’s arrests of five Russian soldiers on September 27, 2006, Moscow violated the rights of Georgians living in Russia.

The Kremlin responded to the arrests by imposing an air, sea and postal blockade on Georgia.

In October, Russia expelled over a hundred Georgians accused of “immigration offenses” following a crackdown on allegedly illegal businesses owned by Georgians.

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Strasbourg court orders Russia to compensate Chechen families

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

MOSCOW, May 14 (RIA Novosti) – The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia on Thursday to pay 104,000 euros ($141,000) in compensation to the relatives of two people who were abducted or killed in Chechnya.

The court ordered Russia pay 10,000 euros to the wife of Aslanbek Khamidov and 25,000 euros to his mother in pecuniary damages, as well as 3,000 euros and 5,500 euros in costs and expenses.

Khamidov, who lived in the village of Alleroy in the Kurchaloyevsky District, went missing in late October 2000 when he was taken by armed men from his family home. An investigation is still underway.

In the second case, the court ruled that Russia pay the parents and daughter of Kazbek Taysumov, who together with his wife and daughter, was killed in September 2002 in an alleged artillery attack on his village in the republic’s Groznensky District.

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HRW: в Чечне поджигают дома родственников боевиков

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

Правозащитная организация Human Rights Watch призвала российские и чеченские власти прекратить практику поджигания домов, принадлежащих семьям предполагаемых боевиков в Чечне, и привлечь к ответственности организаторов нападений.

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Chronicling Repression: How Russian Police Blacklist the Opposition

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

It comes as no surprise that political and civic activists in Russia experience harassment from police.

As it turns out, the Russian police are creating databases used to the track the movements of law-abiding citizens.  The project is overseen by a new department for countering extremism within the Russian police, but often targeted at individuals for no reason other than their political views or activism.

Journalist Irina Borogan documents these “black lists” in the third in a series of articles documenting the government campaign to battle extremism and strengthen control over the public.  The series is a joint project between the Yezhednevny Zhurnal online newspaper and the web portal, which specializes in investigating Russia’s intelligence agencies.

Previous articles have focused on the nature of the new anti-extremism department of the Russian police and have questioned why emphasis has shifted from battling organized crime to extremism.

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Other Russia Activist Dies in Prison

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

An opposition activist from the Siberian city of Kasnoyarsk has died in prison in what authorities describe as a suicide.

The activist’s wife, Lyudmila Shaigalimova, told the online newspaper that her husband never had suicidal tendencies, and that he had feared for his life in prison.  She believes he may have been killed, and is pressing for an independent investigation.  She also asserted that Shaigalimov’s body showed signs of injury not related to his fall.

“It was absolutely clear that the death was caused by suffocation,” she told Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty.

Shaigalimov, a former opera singer and photographer, had taken part in more than 100 opposition demonstrations, some of them solitary pickets.  He was a member of the Other Russia coalition, and a one-time deputy to the organization’s alternative parliament, the National Assembly.

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Russian Federation: Rule without law: Human rights violations in the North Caucasus

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

This report sets out Amnesty International’s current human rights concerns in Chechnya, Ingushetia, Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria. Amnesty International looks at violations such as the excessive use of force by law enforcement agencies, deaths in custody, use of torture and ill-treatment in custody, extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, abductions, enforced disappearances and threats to human rights defenders.\r\n

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Russian Soldier Requests Political Asylum In Georgia

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

MOSCOW — The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a Russian soldier is seeking political asylum in Georgia, RFE/RL’s Russian Service reports.

The Georgian military reports that Dmitry Artemyev left his post with the Russian Army in Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia on July 1 and applied for political asylum in Georgia.

Georgian authorities brought Artemyev to Tbilisi, and he held a press conference in front of the UN building in the Georgian capital.

Artemyev told journalists that he left the Russian Army because he was often beaten by officers.

Another Russian soldier, Aleksandr Gluhov, received political asylum in Georgia in May after also leaving his post in South Ossetia.

The St. Petersburg-based NGO Soldiers Mothers says it recently received a complaint from the relatives of a soldier who was found hanged in a train station.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported last month that some 150 soldiers had died in noncombat situations this year.

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В Грузию сбежал еще один российский солдат

Posted by Info on 02/07/2009

ТБИЛИСИ, 2 июля. Примеру сержанта Глухова последовал еще один его соотечественник – на этот раз из российской военной части, дислоцированной в Цхинвале, сбежал солдат Дмитрий Артемов.

Как сообщила сегодня телекомпания «Рустави 2», в настоящее время он находится в грузинском офисе ООН, в который Артемов обратился за помощью. ООНовцы, в свою очередь, обратились в Министерство по делам беженцев и расселению Грузии.

Как пояснил солдат, к побегу его вынудили невыносимые условия службы в военной части, включая сложные взаимоотношения с сержантами. «Со мной плохо обращались, меня били, я сбежал через блок-пост в Переви», — сказал он. Артемов также заявил, что впредь собирается жить в Грузии.

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