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Armenia has semi-consolidated authoritarian regime

Posted by Info on 05/07/2009

Freedom House:05.07.2009

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Democratic decline in Central Europe and Eurasia was widespread in 2008, according to the Nations in Transit publication released by the Washington-based Freedom House. Freedom House researchers determined that democracy in 18 of 29 countries studied suffered setbacks.

Among the former Soviet states, Georgia and Ukraine were described as “hybrid regimes” with both democratic and authoritarian tendencies, and Armenia and Moldova as “semi-consolidated authoritarian regimes.”

Kyrgyzstan and Russia joined Belarus, Azerbaijan, and other Central Asian countries in a group that Freedom House calls “consolidated authoritarian states.” The report singled out “petro-state Azerbaijan,” which “recorded the most significant declines” in terms of democratic development.

The researchers determined that perceived democratic gains made in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan following the so-called Rose and Tulip revolutions in 2003 and 2005 were fully reversed by 2008.

Freedom House also criticized international monitors “that issued positive statements about elections in 2008 that were clearly flawed, such as those in Azerbaijan and Armenia.”

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Папуашвили: власти Азербайджана ставят под угрозу работу НПО в стране

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июл 04 2009,

Власти Азербайджана хотят принять поправки в закон об НПО, в результате которых работа НПО в республике стала бы невозможна, уверен Симон Папуашвили, координатор организации Human Rights Centre в Тбилиси.

“Кем точно этот законопроект был подготовлен, неизвестно. Но это были представители партии президента Азербайджана. Группа членов парламента подготовила эти поправки, касающиеся деятельности НПО. Мы считаем действительно проблемой то, что не было никаких обсуждений ни в обществе, ни в тех организациях, которых эти поправки могут касаться”, – говорит Папуашвили.

По словам правозащитника, законопроект о поправках был подготовлен, представлен в парламенте, вынесен на слушания, но никто из правозащитников об этом не знал.

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Turkmenistan, EU Hold Human Rights Talks In Brussels

Posted by Info on 05/07/2009

Officials from the European Union and Turkmenistan have held a second round of human rights talks in Brussels, RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service reports.

Gabriela Dlouha, the director of Human Rights and Transition Policy at the Czech Foreign Ministry, told RFE/RL’s Turkmen Service that discussions this week focused on the functioning of a civil society, press freedom, and freedom of expression, religion, movement, association, and assembly.

Other topics included prison conditions, torture, and judiciary reform.

Dlouha, who headed the Czech delegation, said the EU gave the Turkmen officials a list of specific cases — including political prisoners — that the bloc would like the Turkmen government to resolve.

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Obama Will Meet With Russian Opposition

Posted by Info on 05/07/2009

President Barack Obama has invited several prominent members of the Russian opposition, including United Civil Front leader Garry Kasparov, for a meeting in Moscow.

Obama will travel to Moscow on July 6th for meetings with the Kremlin as well as business and civil society leaders.  A meeting with Russia’s leading human rights advocates has been scheduled at the Metropol hotel, the location of a consultation between representatives from NGOs in the US and Russia.


“I believe that if Medvedev finally takes power into his own hands, we will have a chance to return to a political thaw, to democratization,” he went on.  “We are being given the chance to return to rule of law and the Russian Constitution.  Clearly, much depends on the opposition, on its energy… Which is why we alone are responsible for our future, and not Obama.”

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