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Journalism Of Intimidation

Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

Every Russian journalist knows a story can get him killed.

Protecting journalists (and, with them, freedom of speech) is not a priority in Russia.

There may be attempts by the authorities to use the killing of journalists for their own purposes, for example, by hinting that they were carried out by the regime’s political enemies.

Seventeen journalists have been assassinated in Russia since 2000. Not in one single case has the person who ordered the killing been found. The reason for this is that law enforcement in Russia is beholden to the very people in the business and political elite who find independent reporting most objectionable.

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Lukashenka Pardons U.S. Lawyer Imprisoned In Belarus

Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

The Belarusian government has announced a presidential pardon for Emanuel Zeltser, a Russian-born U.S. lawyer imprisoned for nearly a year on espionage charges.

Zeltser, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen,  is a lawyer who is said to have a vast knowledge of organized crime, particularly the practice of money laundering. One of his clients was the late Badri Patarkatsishvili, a wealthy Georgian who opposes Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

According to Zeltser’s brother, Mark Zeltser, the lawyer was in Minsk last summer to check on the status of Patarkatsishvili’s assets. Emanuel Zeltser was arrested in August, shortly after he arrived in Minsk.

He was given a three-year prison sentence on industrial espionage charges that his associates say were politically motivated.

He has steadfastly maintained his innocence, and recently went on a hunger strike because Belarusian authorities refused to review his case under the country’s new amnesty laws.

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Правозащитные организации призвали президента Армении объявить амнистию

Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

7 июня 2009

Президент Армении Серж Саргсян Международная федерация прав человека и Институт открытого общества Армении обратились к президенту Армении Сержу Саргсяну с заявлением, в котором призвали его амнистировать всех политических заключенных и узников совести. Об этом передает PanARMENIAN.Net

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Дайте им сколько-нибудь свободы

Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

(“Handelsblatt”, Germany)

Кремль все еще не смекнул. За пять лет, которые прошли с тех пор, как на одной из улиц Москвы был застрелен Пол Хлебников, рискованное положение журналистов в России ничуть не изменилось. За гибелью редактора российского издания Forbes последовали убийства других журналистов. В убийстве Анны Политковской в 2006 году, так же как и в убийстве Хлебникова, обвинили преступную группировку из Чечни – в ходе неубедительного процесса, который протекал при полном отсутствии доказательств. Российские власти, похоже, не считают, что журналисты заслуживают справедливости. А кроме того, власти не смогли снять подозрения в том, что правительство замешано в этих смертях.

Большая часть СМИ контролируется государством, а немногие оставшиеся независимые журналисты подвергаются угрозам и репрессиям. В сфере СМИ Россия установила диктатуру третьего мира. Президент России Дмитрий Медведев – юрист, он выделяет коррупцию как одну из главных бед российской экономики. Не так давно у некоторых наблюдателей появилась надежда – когда Медведев дал длинное интервью ‘Новой газете’. Это одно из немногих независимых изданий, которым удалось выжить. Но одних только символичных жестов недостаточно для того, чтобы дать журналистам свободу, которой они заслуживают, а России – реформы, которые ей необходимы.

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Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s decision to shut down the commission investigating the deaths of the 10 people killed during March 2008 clashes between police and protesters has prompted families of the deceased to fear that those responsible for the deaths will escape punishment.

President Sargsyan ordered the commission’s closure on June 6; its members “failed to depart from their political benchmarks and work independently,” presidential spokesperson Samvel Farmanian claimed.

The prosecutor’s office has identified four police officers who carried the guns, but stated that it could not pinpoint which officer had fired the gun that killed the three men.

Seda Safarian, a former opposition member of the investigative commission, confirmed to EurasiaNet that the commission spent several months investigating the use of the riot guns. The information gathered clearly indicated that the police officers had intentionally used the weapon against the three people slain, she said.

After more than a year of waiting, however, the diplomatic approach carries little weight with grieving families.

“We have no more hope that the cases will be solved in our country, but we won’t let anyone kill our children and go on to enjoy life. The guilty must be punished.”

commented Sargis Kloyan, the father of 28-year-old Gor Kloyan, an election monitor for Serzh Sargsyan’s campaign and one of the three people killed by a Cheryomukha-7 gun.

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Guantánamo captive: I don’t want to go home to Tajikistan

Posted by Info on 10/07/2009

A Guantánamo Bay captive is so fearful of returning to his homeland that he is fighting U.S. plans to send him there.

Even as the White House pledges to empty the prison camps at Guantánamo Bay, a 30-year-old prisoner is so afraid of returning to his native Tajikistan that he is asking to stay at the U.S. Navy base in Cuba.

Umar Abdulayev was brought to Guantánamo in the earliest crude Camp X-Ray days. Now, ”he’s told us he’d rather stay another seven years in Guantánamo than go back to Tajikistan,” said Chicago attorney Matthew J. O’Hara.

At the Justice Department, spokesman Dean Boyd refused to address Abdulayev’s specific claims. Broadly, he said the United States doesn’t send foreigners with a credible fear of torture to another nation.

“The U.S. government is working to make appropriate arrangements to carry out these transfers in a manner consistent with national security and foreign policy interests of the United States, as well as U.S. policies concerning humane treatment.”

Obama has ordered the controversial prison camps emptied by Jan. 22. The task force is moving to downsize the prison camps population, which Tuesday was fewer than 230 foreign men. Detainees and their advocates for years have claimed abusive treatment, false imprisonment and sought trial or release.

Abdulayev wants neither, unless a third country agrees to give him asylum, O’Hara said.

He argues that his client is twice cursed — not only because he rebuffed the overtures of the secular security forces but because he carries “the stigma of having been held at Guantánamo.”

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