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Azerbaijan: punishment for activists, who post their work on Facebook – for their criticism of the government.

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

A Baku court has rejected appeals by jailed journalists Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli and ruled that they will remain in detention for next two months. Lawyer Elton Guliyev called the decision by the court “absolutely illegal” and said they will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The two bloggers  who were beaten by two men in an unprovoked attack have been charged with hooliganism and face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Rights groups say the charges were fabricated to punish the activists — who post their work on the social networking website Facebook — for their criticism of the government.

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Kyrgyzstan: Russia wants anti-terror hub in Central Asia

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

Russia may open a new military facility in the Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan to help stem the rising tide of insurgency spilling over from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan.

President Kurmanbek Bakiyev: “Southern Kyrgyzstan poses the biggest threat, and that involves our neighbours there, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. …This training centre is where forces will be trained everything they might need in case of a terrorist insurgency.”

Kyrgyzstan is a small impoverished nation at the heart of Russian-US rivalry in Central Asia. It has become important due to its proximity to Afghanistan and both Moscow and Washington now operate military bases on its mountainous territory. Bakiyev denied earlier statements by Kyrgyz sources that he could allow Russia to open another base on Kyrgyz soil to counter growing US military clout

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Kyrgyzstan: presidential election on July 23, 2009 / President Bakiev “We will not allow any destabilization in country”

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

“All necessary measures have been taken to hold open and transparent presidential election. Every attempt of unrest will be suppressed within the law, we will not allow destabilization of situation in the country,” Kurmanbek Bakiev, the President of Kyrgyzstan said meeting with the Head of OSCE mission on monitoring of presidential election Radmila Shekerinska on Tuesday.

The statement followed concern of the head of OSCE mission about some statements of the presidential candidate Almazbek Atambaev. Shekerinska pointed that “tone and character of speeches of the only oppositional candidate have changed lately, we can hear calls to various actions.”

According to the presidential press service, Radmila Shekerinska informed Bakiev about activity of the mission in the republic. In particular, she pointed that over 250 observers will operate at polling stations all over the republic on the election day.

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Правозащитники требуют отменить приказ Минсвязи о легализации перлюстрации корреспонденции

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

Открытое обращение  об отмене регистрации нормативного акта

…. В связи с чем  в изложенной редакции указанный текст Приказа Министерства связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации от 19 мая 2009 года № 65 г. Москва «Об утверждении Требованиям к сетям и средствам почтовой связи для проведения оперативно-розыскных мероприятий» прямо противоречит требованиям Конституции Российской Федерации и федеральным законам, регламентирующих проведение оперативно-розыскных мероприятий, которые ограничивают конституционные права человека и гражданина на тайну переписки,  почтовых, телеграфных и иных сообщений, передаваемых по сетям электрической и почтовой связи.

На основании изложенного, и в связи с несоответствием положений  вышеуказанного ведомственного нормативного акта требованиями Конституции и федерального  законодательства, просим Вас  отменить регистрацию…..

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At least 18 people arrested for terrorist activity in Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

на русском языке здесь

At least 18 people have been arrested for involvement in terrorist activity in Kyrgyzstan.

About five of the arrested militants have been trained at foreign camps, while some of the detained have participated in military operations against forces of the anti-terrorist coalition in Afghanistan.

The detainees dealt with making of forged passports, preparation of safe houses, communication facilities and transportation means, supply of militant groups with food. One citizen of Kyrgyzstan is wanted by police at the time.

The aiders of terrorists, citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, have been arrested after the two special operations in the south of the republic.

As the news agency earlier reported, five terrorists have been killed during special operation in Suzak district, Jalalabad region on June 23, 2009. Three of them are citizens of Uzbekistan and the other is Kyrgyz national, who served sentence for extremist activity in Uzbekistan.

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Russian Ombudsman- Vladimir Lukin

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

Human Rights Commissioner Lukin spoke of enclaves of permissiveness in the Caucasus and said they could spread to all of Russia if left unchecked. He warned that politicians who tolerate such enclaves for opportunistic reasons maintain extremely dangerous positions. Lukin claimed there are too many people in Russia who think all controversial matters that have a negative personal impact should be resolved by murder.

There is a deeply rooted tendency in Russia to confuse the security of the state with the security of government officials. The security in a lawful country should mean the security of the people, above all journalists, lawyers and human rights activists who help protect others.

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Memorial’s Closure Leaves Chechens With Nowhere To Turn

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

Forced Closure
Estemirova was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds on July 15, hours after being abducted outside her home in Grozny.
But Chechens are mourning more than the loss of Estemirova. Her employer, Memorial, announced on July 19 that it was suspending its work in Grozny due to concern for the safety of other workers there
until at least the end of August.

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Dr Baiev, US plastic surgeon works patriotic wonders in Chechnya

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

He is a successful plastic surgeon in the US, yet he spends his summers in Chechnya doing free surgery for anyone in need. Doctor Khasan Baiev says he will even operate on a cow if it helps save lives.

Despite having a house in the US, Chechen plastic surgeon Dr Khasan Baiev comes to Grozny every summer, which he says is for vacation. However, his trips end up more as a working holiday, as he spends most of it at his clinic.Read more

He works non-stop without days off, literally living in his Grozny clinic where people come to from all around. He says he is simply unable to refuse anyone help.Dr Baiev is always ready to treat for free. Many regard him as nothing less than a medical magician and savior, but the modest surgeon is not seeking self-promotion. Curing is his duty, he says.

During the two counter-terrorist operations in Chechnya, his work was often a matter of life and death – and a long way from cosmetic surgery. How many people owe their lives to him is unknown, but Dr Baiev is a legend for locals.

The surgeon performed more than 10,000 operations, saving many lives, in the most primitive conditions – such as without electricity, or in bomb-shelters, sometimes without even basic drugs or medicines.

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Жители Чечни опасаются усиления репрессий силовиков после ухода “Мемориала” из республики

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

Решение руководства Правозащитного центра “Мемориал” временно приостановить деятельность организации в Чечне вызвало неоднозначную оценку в республике. Одни жители считают такое решение оправданным, другие выражают опасение, что приостановка деятельности правозащитной организации развяжет руки силовикам, которые в последнее время резко усилили карательно-репрессивные акции.

Ранее сообщалось, что Правозащитный центр “Мемориал” 17 июля принял решение о приостановке своей деятельности в Чечне после совершенного там похищения и убийства его сотрудницы Натальи Эстемировой. В “Мемориале” говорят, что деятельность организации в Чечне временно остановлена. Решение о дальнейшем продолжении работы будет принято с учетом того, как будет вестись расследование уголовного дела по факту убийства Натальи Эстемировой и ряда других факторов.

Freedom House: у населения Чечни нет политических прав

Freedom House утверждает, что оппозиция в России не имеет шансов заявить о себе, поскольку авторитарный режим полностью контролирует выборы и суды. Независимые СМИ и неправительственные организации подвергаются гонениям.

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Georgia: President Saakashvili Proposes Democratic Reforms

Posted by Info on 21/07/2009

TBILISI, Georgia, July 20 — Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili proposed new democratic reforms Monday ahead of a visit by Vice President Biden, promising to hold direct mayoral elections for the first time next year and to help an opposition cable channel beam its signal nationally.

The measures also include new limits on the president’s powers and steps to strengthen the courts.

Addressing complaints of pro-government bias at the nation’s top television stations, Saakashvili said he will help a “hostile” opposition cable channel in Tbilisi deliver its signal via satellite to the entire country within 30 days and will give the opposition greater representation on the public television board.

He also promised to establish a new electoral code and appoint a new election commission by October, with a chairman acceptable to the opposition.

Since April, the opposition has staged protests denouncing him as a dictator, saying he betrayed the ideals of the 2003 Rose Revolution, which put him in power, and lost a fifth of Georgia’s territory in a reckless war.

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