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China, Russia Holding Joint Antiterrorism Exercise

Posted by Info on 22/07/2009

Russia and China are core members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which some experts say is an attempt to form an alternative military bloc to NATO to counter the rising threats of separatism and extremism in Central Asia.

China and Russia are holding a joint military exercise, with the drill seen as a chance to beef up antiterrorism cooperation after the recent flare-up of violence in China’s Xinjiang region.

The “Peace Mission 2009” five-day exercise in northeast China comes weeks after China’s worst ethnic unrest in decades between Muslim Uyighurs and Han Chinese in the far-western region of Xinjiang that killed at least 197 people.

“To some extent, the July 5 Xinjiang riot pushed forward antiterrorism cooperation between China and Russia,” the “China Daily” newspaper quoted Major Wang Haiyun, a former Chinese military attache to Russia, as saying.

“The situation in Central Asia itself, including Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, is not so good, so that’s the most likely area of practical cooperation. And in fact they’re learning new ways to fight against Islamic insurgents and Uyghurs,” said Vassily Kashin, a Chinese military expert at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Far Eastern Studies in Moscow.

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