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Russia ordered to pay 37,000 euros in damages to Chechen family of Tepsurkayev

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ordered Russia to pay 37,000 euros ($53,000) in compensation to the relatives of a Chechen man who was abducted in 2001.

Relatives of Khizir Tepsurkayev, abducted in Urus Martan in 2001, appealed to Russian law enforcement many times before filing a complaint with the Strasbourg court accusing Russia of failing to carry out an effective investigation to find the culprits.

The investigation established that Khizir was abducted by the Russian military conducting a security operation in the town that was under the full control of Russian federal forces. The court said the Russian government had failed to submit any evidence to challenge this finding.

Russia has lost the majority of cases brought against it in the Strasbourg-based court. In 2008, the court ruled against Russia 245 times. Overall, around 20% of all complaints made to the court in the past decade have involved Russia.

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Руководитель карельского отделения “Справедливости” найден мертвым

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

Руководитель карельского отделения межрегиональной общественной организации “Справедливость” Андрей Кулагин найден мертвым, сообщается на сайте “Справедливости”. Тело правозащитника было обнаружено в песчаном карьере под Петрозаводском через два месяца после его исчезновения. Кулагин пропал 14 мая 2009 года.

Андрей Кулагин возглавлял карельское отделение “Справедливости” с момента его создания в 2007 году. Он занимался борьбой за права заключенных и входил в состав общественно-попечительского Совета по учреждениям ГУИН Министерства юстиции Карелии, а также организовывал благотворительные акции в карельских колониях.

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Rakhim Mavlonov and Mr. Shansiy Sa’di v. UZBEKISTAN – UN Human Rights Committee 2009

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

The United Nations Human Rights Committee found violations of freedom of expression (ICCPR art 19) and minority rights (ICCPR art 27) in a case siubmitted by two Uzbek citizens of Tajik origin. The facts of the case are related to the closing down of, and refusal to re-register, the Tajik language newspaper “Oina”, where the two authors were the editor and a reader.

more under “case law”

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UN Rights Committee Set To Censure Azerbaijan

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

GENEVA – United Nations experts are set to censure energy-rich Azerbaijan over its human rights record after suggesting it was in denial over violations of global rights pacts, officials and diplomats said on July 22.

They said the critique, which could be harsh, was likely to be formulated in recommendations to the government in Baku on what it should do to clean up its act. It would be issued on July 31 by the UN’s watchdog Human Rights Committee.

“After comments made by committee members this week, it is clear they are going to be tough over attacks on independent journalists, on freedom of expression and on state control of judges.”

An official UN report on the session said the committee questioned the team on killings and arrests of journalists and  suicides of others in police custody, on bans on opposition rallies, on violence against women, and attacks on homosexuals.

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Nobel Laureates: “nothing more dangerous than telling the truth in today’s Russia.”

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

A group of Nobel peace laureates called on Russia on Wednesday to find the killers of activist Natalya Estemirova, saying there was “nothing more dangerous than telling the truth in today’s Russia.”

“Natasha (as she was known among friends and colleagues) was a gentle, loving woman and a brave truth-teller who was not afraid to speak out about torture, rape and disappearances in Chechnya. She paid for it with her life,” the Nobel winners said in a letter published in Britain’s The Guardian.

The letter was signed by more than 100 prominent figures, including Nobel Peace laureates Shirin Ebadi, Mairead Maguire, Jody Williams, Rigoberta Menchu Tum and Desmond Tutu.

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Russia : Andrei Kulagin’s death – human rights activist murdered on 10 July in Karelia

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

A Russian human rights activist has been found dead in a quarry more than two months after he went missing. One colleague said he suspected the prisoners’ rights advocate was murdered.

The news of Andrei Kulagin’s death comes a week after the abduction and murder of Natalya Estemirova, a well-respected Chechen human rights activist.

Kulagin was the branch head of the rights organisation Spravedlivost – “Justice” – in Karelia, 600 miles north of Moscow. He was last seen alive on 14 May, leaving his home after receiving a phone call from somebody who wanted to meet him, the organisation’s director, Andrei Stolbunov.

Kulagin’s body was found on 10 July in a quarry on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk, capital of the Karelia region in north-west Russia.

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Russia rules out UN expert probe into Chechen activist’s murder

Posted by Info on 23/07/2009

Russia said on Wednesday that United Nations experts could not carry out their own investigation into the murder of Chechen rights activist Natalya Estemirova, but could give evidence to Russian police.

Estemirova, who had been investigating kidnappings and disappearances in Chechnya for the Russian human rights group Memorial, was abducted and murdered on July 15 in the south Russian republic, prompting international outrage.

The offer from seven leading international experts came after a call by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay for a thorough and independent investigation into the killing.

The Foreign Ministry said : ”

… the letter it received had not mentioned a separate investigation by the UN officials, which would be impossible under Russian law and UNHCR procedures, but added that they were welcome to provide Russian investigators with any evidence they had relating to the case.”

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