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Специальный докладчик Организации объединенных наций по правам человека в условиях борьбы с терроризмом

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Мартин Шейнин, говорит о своей личной оценке государственного терроризма:

«Знаете, для меня решающими являются действия. Кто бы ни совершал террористический акт, является террористом; другими словами, терроризм – это агрессивные действия в отношении простого населения с применением насилия, приводящего к смертельному исходу, или иным тяжким последствиям ради политических целей, таких как, например, принуждение правительства или международной организации к какому-либо действию, либо терроризирование простого населения. Я вижу, что государства могут участвовать в террористических актах; они также могу держаться в тени, нанимая или финансируя террористическую группу для исполнения террористического нападения. Я не думаю, что в реакции на такие действия должны быть различия: будь его участником государство или не-государство. Главное, что имеет значение – это действия, и кто бы их ни совершал, является террористом.”

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Moscow: after picket in Estemirova’s memory, militiamen detain organizer of the action

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

After the picket in Russian capital aimed to commemorate Natalia Estemirova, an employee of the Grozny office of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) “Memorial“, its organizer Victor Sakirko was detained by the militia.

At about 7 p.m., when most of the picketers went to the party in Estemirova’s memory to the Moscow office of “Memorial“, several persons still remained in the picket venue. All of a sudden, several agents in militia uniform and black berets got out of a bus. They seized the organizer of the action Victor Sakirko and dragged him towards the bus.

Other protesters tried to interfere, women hang on militiamen’s hands, demanding to release him; however, the militiamen managed to drag Mr Sakirko into the bus.

There was the car still in the venue of the militia major, who was in charge of public order at the event. He was surrounded by the remaining picketers who demanded to explain the reason of Sakirko’s detention. They blocked the car and would not let him to go. The major presented himself, but refused to show his ID.

He said that Sakirko was detained for violating the rules of holding a picket. His application ran that some 30 persons would take part, but in fact there were much more participants present.

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Georgia’s Counterweight to Power Ombudsman Thrives Even as President Increases His Control

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Georgian Ombudsman Sozar Subari keeps four rocks on his office desk as mementos. “This one hit a woman who was standing next to me,” he said as  he was also beaten by government special forces in 2007.

Since 2007, the opposition has staged regular rallies against the president, and for the past three months protesters have obstructed streets, blaming him for last year’s war with Russia and demanding his resignation. President Mikheil Saakashvili has been consolidating power, and Subari has been able to keep criticizing his government.

But, stung by his reports on Georgia’s lack of judicial and electoral independence, on police brutality and weakened media, government officials routinely dismiss Subari as politically motivated. “Confidence toward Sozar Subari as a personality is very low among government institutions,” said Akaki Minashvili, a member of Parliament from the ruling party.”

“It would be impossible in other countries to have such a critical ombudsman toward the government,” Subari said. “But, in Georgia, it’s possible. .. it would be a huge scandal to change the law or arrest the ombudsman.”

“They see the value of having some democratic structure even if they are not democratic. . . .  president Saakashvili doesn’t hesitate to point to ombudsman Subari as to ‘why my country’s a democracy.’ ” said Lincoln Mitchell, a Columbia University professor of international affairs who specializes in Georgia.

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Болгария может экстрадировать туркменского оппозиционера на родину

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

В пятницу, 24 июля, в болгарском городе Варна состоится заседание окружного суда, на котором будет рассмотрен вопрос об экстрадиции в Туркменистан гражданина России Какаджана Атаева. К.Атаев был задержан правоохранительными органами Болгарии 11 мая.  Никаких обвинений Атаеву болгарская сторона пока не предъявила.

Какаджан Атаев участвовал в работе общественного Народного демократического движения Туркменистана (НДДТ) с начала создания организации в декабре 2001 года. С тех пор К.Атаев часто критиковал в прессе режим С.Ниязова, и родственников и друзей К.Атаева регулярно вызывали на допросы, где унижали и пугали, обвиняя в «измене родине».

Очевидно, что если Какаджан Атаев будет экстрадирован, то к нему будут применены пытки, лишь бы выбить признательные показания – и очевидно, что эта «царица доказательств» будет представлена в суде.

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Georgians Want a Pluralistic Democracy

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Most people will be familiar with the threat Georgia faces from its Russian neighbor. But Georgian society also faces massive internal challenges to its democracy and economy. We need to get past our confrontational politics to create a pluralistic democracy and bring prosperity based on open markets to all Georgians. This would also improve our security in the face of the Russian threat.

Unfortunately, some ruling politicians forget that these goals can only be achieved with a strong but balanced government, the rule of law, room for dialogue and disagreement, a vibrant opposition and fair elections. It is time to press the restart button on democracy in Georgia……

more here

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Paris: Protest action against suppression of rights and freedoms in Azerbaijan

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

On July 22, the Day of National Press of Azerbaijan, a protest action against suppression of rights and freedoms in this country was held in Paris in front of Azerbaijani embassy. The action was organized by the “Reporters without Borders”, an international organization in defence of journalists, with participation of a group of young Azerbaijanis.

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Zakayev, Chechen separatist leader may announce return from exile

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

The Kommersant newspaper said Zakayev, 53, will make a statement on the results of his recent two-day talks with Chechen officials in Oslo mediated by the Norwegian human rights organization Chechnya Peace Forum.

Zakayev, the former deputy prime minister and the current prime minister of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, has resided in London since 2002.

Russia, which issued an international arrest warrant for Zakayev in 2001, has repeatedly asked Britain to extradite Zakayev, accused of terrorist activities, but the request has invariably been refused.  Zakayev was granted political asylum in the U.K. after fleeing Russia in 2003. London has refused Moscow’s repeated requests for his extradition.

The Chechen president repeatedly urged Zakayev through the media to return to his homeland and contribute to the revival of the Chechen Republic in exchange for amnesty.

Who is Akhmed Zakayev?

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Правозащитники просят Дмитрия Медведева отстранить Рамзана Кадырова от исполнения обязанностей президента Чечни

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Президенту Российской Федерации
Д.А. Медведеву
Открытое обращение

Уважаемый Дмитрий Анатольевич!

Несмотря на то, что виновные в убийствах С.Маркелова и А.Политковской так и не были найдены и наказаны, что дает основания сомневаться в наказании убийц Н.Эстемировой, мы считаем, что для расследования этого злодейского преступления должны быть приложены максимальные усилия….

Мы не считаем возможным проведение объективного расследования этого преступления местными правоохранительными органами, материалы о многочисленных нарушениях прав человека и преступлениях со стороны которых в течение многих лет собирала и предавала гласности Н.Эстемирова.

Во-вторых, в Чеченской республике наблюдается тотальная концентрации всех фактических властных полномочий в руках одного лица – президента республики Р.Кадырова, открыто заявившего, что, в нарушение уголовного-процессуального закона, следствие будет вестись «народными методами». Поэтому мы не считаем возможным проведение объективного и результативного расследования похищения и убийства Натальи Эсемировой на территории  Чеченской республике, когда власть там осуществляет Кадыров.

Мы знаем, что деятельность Эстемировой привела к выявлению массовых, грубых и систематических нарушений прав человека и гражданина либо непосредственно со стороны, либо при попустительстве силовых и госструктур Чеченской республики, и в связи с этим, деятельность Эстемировой неоднократно становилась мишенью острой критики со стороны   представителей властей в Чеченской республике.

В этой связи просим Вас на период проведения расследования, отстранить Р.Кадырова от исполнения обязанностей президента Чеченской республики.……

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Estemirova’s funeral procession of 200 people was broken up by paramilitary police / Kadyrov is watching horse racing in Moscow

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Estemirova was buried in line with Islamic tradition before sunset on Thursday, in a cemetery in her ancestral village, Koshkeldy, in Chechnya’s Gudermes district. A funeral procession of 200 people was broken up by paramilitary police, who said it might turn into a demonstration.

Estemirova had worked on uncovering abuses such as cases where the homes of families were burned down because their relatives, accused of taking part in military groups, would refuse to surrender. She had also said that kidnappings had increased in the last year. According to Memorial, 187 people were kidnapped in 2006, 35 in 2007, 42 in 2009, and already over 75 in the first half of 2009.

Oleg Orlov, the head of Memorial, lashed out after the killing, saying Kadyrov bore the responsibility for Estemirova death.

and in Moscow?

Kadyrov was in Moscow over the weekend, attending an informal summit with Medvedev and CIS leaders at the city’s Hippodrome and watching horse racing there. Kadyrov brought 11 racehorses to the event, and one finished fourth.

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BRUSSELS: EU Parliament Urges Probe of Andrei Kulagin, Russian Activist’s Death

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

на русском языке здесь

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek said those responsible for the murder must be brought to justice.

“I would like to … insist upon an impartial and credible investigation conducted by the Russian authorities. The international community cannot allow this case to add to the long list of unsolved murders of human rights activists in Russia.”

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OSCE ‘disappointed’ by Kyrgyz presidential polls

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

OSCE election monitors in Kyrgyzstan said on Friday the country’s presidential vote failed to meet the required international standards, with a number of irregularities observed during voting.

“Sadly, this election did not show the progress we were hoping for and it again fell short of key standards Kyrgyzstan has committed to as a participating state of the OSCE,” the group of monitors said in a statement. “The conduct of election day was a disappointment.”

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said there had been cases of ballot box stuffing, inaccuracies in the voter lists, multiple voting and other irregularities.

The OSCE’s preliminary report also said President Kurmanbek Bakiyev used administrative resources to ensure his reelection, and campaigning in the Central Asian state was uneven, with candidates having unequal access to the media.

Preliminary results show Bakiyev leading the polls with over 86% of Thursday’s vote. His closest rival, opposition candidate Almazbek Atambayev, received just over 7%.

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IFHR : failure in defence of human rights

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Absence of “Memorial” means a failure in defence of human rights in Chechnya

The International Federation of Human Rights (IFHR) expresses its concern about the departure of the Human Rights Centre (HRC) “Memorial” from the Chechen Republic. The leaders of the Federation believe that the absence of “Memorial” in the republic will create a failure in defence of human rights.

They note that one of the very few information links between the Chechen population and the international community has vanished.

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Германия:В России борются с терроризмом в ущерб правам человека

Posted by Info on 24/07/2009

Международная федерация по правам человека (FIDH) обнародовала доклад “Российское общество под контролем”, сделанный в рамках программы по изучению использования антитеррористического законодательства. В нем собраны многочисленные примеры произвола российских правоохранительных органов и силовых структур, отмеченные за последние 10 лет.

Россия занимает особое место по масштабам злоупотреблений, допущенных в ходе борьбы с терроризмом. Их эпицентр, конечно, находится на северном Кавказе.

…..больше здесь

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