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EU Extends Georgia Mission, Holds Off On U.S. Joining

Posted by Info on 28/07/2009

EU nations have extended a cease-fire monitoring mission in Georgia for another year, but did not discuss the possibility of other countries, including the United States, joining the mission.

Georgia wants U.S. monitors and weapons to help defend against what it says is a threat from Russian troops in two breakaway regions, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, at their nearest point 50 kilometers from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

But some EU states are concerned that inviting the United States to join the mission could anger Russia, a key energy supplier to the bloc.

UN and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitoring missions, which had operated in Abkhazia and South Ossetia until Georgia’s war with Russia last year, have been forced to pull out of Georgia after Russia rejected extending their mandates.

This has left the EU as the only monitoring mission in Georgia, an important transit region for oil and gas to the West.

more about the views from the Georgian watch here

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Russia x Strasbourg: Human Rights Runaround – Legislating Lawlessness

Posted by Info on 28/07/2009

For years, the victims of Russia’s counterterrorist operations and their families have sought justice through the only effective and legal channel, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Russian government loses roughly 95 percent of the cases that reach the court, the human rights watchdog of the Council of Europe. Russian cases made up nearly a third of the court’s case load last year, costing the Kremlin millions of euros in compensation for human rights violations.

This month, the government announced a new bill that aims to create a venue for victims of counterterrorist operations or terrorist acts to seek compensation within the Russian justice system. The European court requires that plaintiffs exhaust all available domestic legal venues before submitting their cases in Strasbourg.

The law could also prevent any future cases from reaching the European court.

Simply put, the new law has the potential to cut off the world from knowing about the impunity and lawlessness in the North Caucasus.By passing a law that would keep thousands of cases from potentially reaching the Strasbourg court.

According to Memorial, there are up to 5,000 people missing from the second Chechen war alone. So far, the European Court of Human Rights has made rulings on only several dozen of these cases because of a severe backlog.

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Поможет ли компенсация жертвам терроризма?

Posted by Info on 28/07/2009

Минюст готовит законопроект о компенсациях жертвам терактов. Но сами жертвы уже не верят, что им кто-то пойдет навстречу.

Практически все жертвы терактов в России – от Волгодонска до Театрального центра на Дубровке – вынуждены добиваться компенсаций через Страсбург. Россия терпит в Евросуде поражение за поражением: с начала года проиграно около 200 исков только от жителей Чечни, чьи родственники были убиты или похищены в результате антитеррористической операции. Выплаты идут уже на миллионы евро – средняя компенсация морального ущерба за погибшего составляет около €40 000. По российским же законам семьям чеченцев, пострадавших от боевых действий, полагается 2000 рублей, а семьям погибших – 20 000 рублей.

В конце прошлого года президент Медведев поручил Минюсту разработать законопроект о компенсациях гражданам, пострадавшим от терактов или во время контртеррористических операций. На днях глава Минюста Александр Коновалов назвал примерный размер выплаты – €15 000 за погибшего.

Как объяснил российский уполномоченный в Европейском суде по правам человека Георгий Матюшкин, после того как закон о компенсациях примут, иски будут рассматриваться уже не в Страсбурге, а в России.

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