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Мой суд – моя крепость

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Глава Минюста Александр Коновалов во вторник сделал сразу несколько важных заявлений. Он пообещал, что скоро в России появятся так называемые «цитадели правосудия» – закрытые анклавы, где будет обеспечиваться безопасность участников сложных процессов. Также он сообщил, что сообщество адвокатов пополнится «дореволюционными» стряпчими, и заверил, что новоприобретенное право силовиков без санкции суда читать частную переписку граждан не противоречит закону.

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B России 200 тысяч экстремистов (?)

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Министр внутренних дел России Рашид Нургалиев в статье о особенностях становления и развития МВД России, опубликованной сегодня в «Российской газете»«, сообщил, что по данным ведомства, на сегодняшний день в России находится 200 тыс. экстремистов.

«По данным МВД России, количество участников различных движений экстремистской направленности – от националистических организаций до фанатских группировок, находящихся в поле зрения криминальной милиции, – достигает 200 тысяч человек. Кроме того, организованные преступные группировки, расширяя сферы влияния, иногда сознательно придают банальным криминальным разборкам межэтническую окраску», – пишет Нургалиев.

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Turkmenistan Holds Elections For Local Councils /10% or 95.7% voters?

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Turkmenistan held nationwide elections for local councils on July 26.Turnout for the elections was reportedly low as residents did not have any information about the canditates and there was no campaigning for the council posts.

Exit polls conducted by RFE/RL in some parts of Ashgabat and in some parts of the Lebap and Mary provinces showed voter turnout varied between 5 and 10 percent, although state media reported that 95.7 percent of eligible voters took part in the elections throughout the country.

Since coming to office in late 2006, President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov has pledged to allow greater freedom and bring democratic changes to Turkmenistan.

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Russia: Two Policemen Accused Of Torture

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Two policemen in the Russian city of Korolev near Moscow were arrested for alleged torturing a prisoner.
The policemen are accused of beating and torturing a person who had no identification on July 1.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim, Armen Abdurakhmanov, was severely beaten and tortured with boiling water.

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Moldovan Officials Detain, Expel Election Observers

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Moldovans go to the polls on July 29, in a repeat of the disputed parliamentary elections.

Moldova holds its second parliamentary election this year. Back in April, riots flooded the street of Moldovan capital after the Communist party’s victory, amid claims the ballot had been rigged.

International election observers traveling to Moldova have been detained and others expelled, RFE/RL’s Ukrainian and Moldovan services report. Georgians were denied entry due to “information from Moldova’s intelligence service.”. An ENEMO representative in Chisinau, Sergei Tkachenko, also  said the Georgians did not have accreditation when they arrived in Moldova, but were supposed to receive it once they reached downtown Chisinau. Georgian citizens do not need visas to enter Moldova. Moldova expelled several activists and foreign journalists during its April 5 poll, which was followed by street violence and the death of at least one protester.

Moldovans abroad feel left out as country decides. According to official figures, some 500,000 Moldovans currently live abroad. Other estimates put their number at 1 million, almost a quarter of the country’s total population.

Moldovan expatriates are the engine of their homeland economy — the remittances they send home are equal to about one-third of Moldova’s gross domestic product. The majority of Moldovans abroad won’t be able to cast ballots in the decisive general election on July 29. Many Moldovan expatriates live in places with no Moldovan consular representation and therefore no polling stations.   Many Moldovans also live abroad illegally and are therefore unable to vote.

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Kyrgyz authorities arrest 50 activists protesting election results

Posted by Info on 29/07/2009

Some 50 opposition activists protesting the final results of Kyrgyzstan’s presidential elections have been arrested.

Kyrgyzstan’s Central Election Committee has officially declared incumbent President Kurmanbek Bakiev the victor in Thursday’s election, giving him 76.4% of the vote. Almazbek Atambayev came in a distant second with 8%. Opposition supporters claim Atambayev garnered 60% of the vote.

Bishkek prosecutor, Gulya Kozhukulova said “the police acted within the law” in arresting the participants of the unsanctioned protests.

Atambayev on Tuesday called on supporters to join “peaceful demonstrations, protests and other peaceful actions” against the “unprecedented falsifications during presidential elections.”

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