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Anti-Communists lead in Moldova election

Posted by Info on 30/07/2009

Four parties opposing Moldova’s ruling Communist Party are ahead in legislative polls and set to win five more seats than the Communists, results based on 97 per cent of the vote say.

The Communists – led by strongman President Vladimir Voronin who has ruled the country for the last eight years – polled by far the highest votes of a single party in the parliamentary polls, the official results said on Thursday.

But its share of 45.1 per cent of the vote was exceeded by that polled by four main opposition parties combined, including one led by a former leading Communist who defected in the run-up to the elections.

This would give the Communists only 48 seats in the new parliament and its opponents 53 seats, the central election commission said. The four parties do not have a formal coalition but have expressed a desire to work together.

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