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Africans ‘under siege’ in Moscow

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

BBC: Nearly 60% of black and African people living in Russia’s capital Moscow have been physically assaulted in racially motivated attacks, says a new study.

Africans working or studying in the city live in constant fear of attack.A quarter of 200 people surveyed said they had been assaulted more than once. Some 80% had been verbally abused.

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Orlov x Kadyrov- Chechen leader’s suit against Memorial head put off to Sept. 10

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Ria Novosti: Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov’s lawsuit against the head of a Russian human rights group for libel has been postponed until September 10.

In a statement published on the group’s website in July, Orlov accused Kadyrov of involvement in the murder of human-rights activist Natalya Estemirova, who was working for Memorial when she was killed July 15.

“I know, I am certain who is to blame for the murder of Natasha Estemirova. We all know this person. His name is Ramzan Kadyrov, the president of the Chechen Republic,” the statement said.

The day after Estemirova was killed, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev dismissed claims that Kadyrov was behind the murder as “primitive.”

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Counterterrorist operation regime was cancelled second day

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Caucasian Knot: As of 10:00 p.m. on August 29, the counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime in Karagach village, Prokhladnenskiy District of Kabardino-Balkaria, introduced on August 28, was cancelled.

“In view of liquidation of threat to life, health, property and other interests, protected by the law, of the people, staying in the territory, where the CTO was conducted, a decision was made to cancel the regime,” the “Interfax” quotes the headquarters’ spokesman.

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В России правят органы безопасности, как в советские времена

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Ino Pressa: Судебная власть за время Путина и Медведева превратилась в инструмент на службе исполнительной власти, утверждает в интервью El Paίs один из судей Конституционного суда РФ Владимир Ярославцев. “Усиление авторитаризма приводит ко все большей зависимости судей. Никто не знает, какое решение примут власти завтра”.

Конституционный суд не должен раздражать власть, поэтому при рассмотрении деликатных вопросов главное – конформизм. Судебная система – не обособленный элемент общества. В России гражданского общества либо нет, либо оно находится в зачаточном состоянии. Органы безопасности могут делать, что хотят, а судам остается только утверждать их решения.

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Georgians leave the country massively – every month about 200 persons

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Georgia Times: The citizens try to go abroad looking for better life conditions, as, according to the UN data, 51 per cent of Georgians live in poverty.

At the present moment several hundreds of Georgian citizens are staying at the Belarusian border trying to penetrate in Poland. The number of Georgians requesting for asylum in the Czech Republic also increased – mass media.

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Ingush woman states extrajudicial execution of her son

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Caucasian Knot: Relatives of Shamil Makhloev, 21, a resident of Ordzhonikidzevskaya village, state another extrajudicial punishment by power agents.

Shamil Mahloev’s mother Marem told the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent that on August 22 power agents rushed into their house, grasped her son, without any explanations and without presenting any documents, drove him out of the house and shot him dead near the shed right in her eyes.

The Makhloevs plan to complain against the actions of power agents to all law enforcement bodies and human rights organizations of the republic.

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Kazakhstan: Court Should Resist Political Pressure

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Ferghana: A trial of a prominent human rights defender Evgeny Zhovtis started on August 27, 2009. Evgeny had been charged with criminal responsibility for a car traffic accident.

Biased character of the investigation and disappointing start of the trial testify not only about a disregard to the law but most likely also about a political order from above. Apparently, some influential forces strive, at any price, including juggling with the facts and open violations of the law, to secure conviction of Evgeny Zhovtis, discredit and silence a well known lawyer and human rights defender who has been for many years successfully protecting public interests and openly speaking up about serious human rights violations in Kazakhstan.

The nest session of the court is scheduled for September 2, 2009.

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North Caucasus : two persons killed when police stormed a house – were they terrorists?

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Radio Free: Russian security forces say they have killed an Al-Qaeda agent and a second rebel fighter in its troubled North Caucasus region of Daghestan.

“A representative of an international terrorist organization in the North Caucasus tasked to oversee terrorist acts in Daghestan was neutralized during a combat operation,” a security officer told.Muhammed and a second rebel fighter were killed when police stormed a house in Daghestan’s Khasavyurt district bordering Chechnya on the evening of August 30, Russian news agencies reported.

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Suicide bombers in Chechnya

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Ria Novosti: Three police officers and three civilians were injured early on Friday when two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Chechen town of Shali  when police were attempting to arrest the suspects.

Moscow has scaled down its military presence in the republic in recent years, officially ending its decade-long anti-terrorism operation in April, but violence has risen in recent months, with militants targeting police.

On Tuesday, a suicide bomber killed three officers at a carwash in a Chechen village.

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Президент Ингушетии намерен сотрудничать с правозащитниками

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

Free Europe: Президент Юнус-Бек Евкуров намерен тесно сотрудничать с правозащитниками, чтобы обеспечить общественный контроль за соблюдением закона. Oн распорядился ввести правозащитников во все тендерные и бюджетные комитеты, а также приглашать их на заседания правительства Ингушетии.

Евкуров также пообещал , что расследование теракта в здании городского отдела внутренних дел в Назрани будет доведено до конца, и не исключил скорые кадровые перестановки во властных структурах республики.

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Moldovan government to stand down

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

BBC: The resignation is expected to be formally handed in at a meeting of the newly elected parliament on Friday. A new government, formed from a coalition of the four main opposition parties, will then be announced.

Moldova was forced to hold fresh elections in late July, after the Communists, who won an initial ballot in April, failed to gather enough seats to elect a new president, triggering a re-run. The Communist Party had governed Europe’s poorest country since 2001.

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Guantanamo prisoners may be placed in Estonia

Posted by Info on 31/08/2009

The Baltic Times: The government plans to receive Guantanamo prisoners. They would get free room and board during their stay. There is no word yet on where the detainees would be placed. The Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Interior are currently in preparations.There are some legal issues to solve, regarding treating them as asylum seekers.

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Russia denies boosting Caucasus antiterrorism forces

Posted by Info on 30/08/2009

Russia’s Defense Ministry denied on Thursday media reports alleging that 3,800 troops would be redeployed from the Moscow Region to the Caucasus to bolster antiterrorism efforts.

A Defense Ministry spokesman said 3,800 personnel had indeed been redeployed to reinforce the North Caucasus Military District as part of the ongoing military reform.

He added however that the decision had been taken a long time ago and had nothing to do with the current situation in the Caucasus.

“Antiterrorism operations are conducted by specially trained Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service units, not regular army units,” A Defense Ministry spokesman said.

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Illegal smuggling on rise in Estonia to EU

Posted by Info on 26/08/2009

The Baltic Times: Citizens of Afghanistan are prepared to pay 5,000 – 6,000 U.S. dollars to be able to escape the war in their home country and move to the European Union. Estonian border guards have caught citizens of Afghanistan who do not have the right to enter Estonia on the Koidula border crossing point.

The General Vladimir Pronitshev chief of the Russian Border Guard has stated that both illegal immigration and the smuggling of drugs and alcohol have increased into Estonia.

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Role of Russian Orthodox Church in North Caucasus – successfull manipulation

Posted by Info on 26/08/2009

J.Foundation: Each of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church has a special duty – serving the Russian army in the conflict zones, blessing the new recruits before they go to war.

After the first war in Chechnya, public opinion in Russia was critical of the government’s action in the republic. Not only because of solidarity with the people of Chechnya, but also due to the loss of many young soldiers during the first war.

Why did public opinion in Russia turn from strong protest to ignorance? It appears that the Russian Orthodox Church has successfully fed this campaign by manipulating popular perceptions of the conflict. Moscow the main goal has never changed -to defeat, colonize, assimilate and control the populace, while the indigenous population focus on survival or liberation.

The crosses around the North Caucasus are symbolic of the union between the Church and the State in an effort to strengthen Velikaya Rus (Great Russia), regardless of the costs involved – be it the lives of thousands of civilians labeled as separatists, terrorists, religious extremists, or western spies, or Russian soldiers who die unknown and unreported, and in many cases even uncounted. Those deaths have been justified by the Russian Orthodox Church.

In the view of the local people, these crosses  are considered as memorials erected by murderers by those who killed and continue killing their sons, brothers, husbands, daughters, wives, sisters.  It is similar like refusal of  Natalia Estemirova  to walk on the central street in Grozny, after the street was renamed by Kadyrov as Putin’s boulevard (, July 23).

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