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For “Eurasia LIFT” : the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism about Russia

Posted by Info on 03/08/2009

1) Many experts expressed serious concerns regarding the 2006 Law on Countering Terrorism and the Law on Extremism. What is your opinion about this legal framework and where do see the danger for the society?

There is a concerns about that law and have addressed them in a letter to the Russian government. As in so many other countries, I am concerned of broad definitions of terrorism that may result in the use of force and special powers in respect of activities that cannot be described as terrorism. Terrorism means resorting to the unacceptable tactics of using deadly or otherwise serious violence against innocent ordinary people. Crimes against the state are not terrorism on their own, unless terrorist tactics are employed. Wide special powers should always be avoided, even in the fight against terrorism properly defined. And in no case may the conduct by state authorities be covered by a shield of impunity.

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Chechen authorities try defeating militants by cutting them off their social support

Posted by Info on 03/08/2009

After cancellation of the counterterrorist operation (CTO) regime, Chechnya sees a splash of violence causing tough reaction of the authorities. To defeat the rebels, Ramzan Kadyrov tries to cut them off from their social base.

“After cancellation of the CTO regime in Chechnya, the whole responsibility for safety in the republic is now directly on Ramzan Kadyrov. And now he wants to show that CTO cancellation was, first of all, a justified measure, and, secondly, that he keeps the situation in the republic under control and there is in fact no underground left,” says the human rights defender.

“Part of the population and individuals are still helping militants with foodstuffs and medicines, and being at war without this support is certainly impossible. Those latest detentions, disappearances, extrajudicial executions that we observe in the last two months were applied just to those people who were suspected of complicity with rebels. That is, not the militants and suspects of participation in combat operations, but those who brought bread and medicines to them,” the Radio Liberty quotes Ms Sokiryanskaya.

“This is no solution to the conflict in Chechnya. It can be strangled for some time; however, as soon as this tough, violent and total power gets slightly weaker, a new and even more terrible conflict will burst out.”

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Uzbekistan: ‘GoNGOs’ Controlling Civil Society

Posted by Info on 03/08/2009

Rights activists say the Uzbek government is using government-operated NGOs (GoNGOs) to control civil society in the country. Suhrob Ismoilov of Rapid Response Group, one of just a few independent NGOs still left in Uzbekistan, told that the creation of the GoNGOs in recent years has “resulted in civil society’s deep lethargy.”

Since the violent repression of the protests in the eastern Uzbek town of Andijon in 2005, the government has closed down or kicked out all international NGOs from the country and forced local public organizations to become part of a government-funded association of NGOs. Any organizations that refused to join were shut down.

Lyudmila Alekseyeva, a prominent rights activist and chairwoman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, told RFE/RL that Uzbekistan’s crackdown on civil society is similar to that which occurred in Russia this decade. But she says civil society still has a certain quality in Russia, while in Uzbekistan the strong civil society that began forming in the late 1980s during perestroika is in a much worse state.

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Страсбургские дела вновь проиграны Россией

Posted by Info on 03/08/2009

В четверг Европейский суд по правам человека ( ЕСПЧ) рассмотрел сразу 12 дел, поданных российскими гражданами. Согласно постановлению суда России придется потратить на компенсацию почти 80 тыс. евро. И это при том, что в списке на этот раз отсутствовали иски от жителей Чечни, выплаты которым за пропавших родственников, как правило, становятся ощутимыми для федерального бюджета. На сегодняшний день Россия остается негласным лидером среди стран — членов Совета Европы по числу проигранных дел и суммам выплаченных компенсаций.

Из 12 исков, рассмотренных в Страсбурге, 10 объединяют жалобы на плохие условия содержания в российских тюрьмах, а также чрезмерную затянутость расследования и содержания под стражей во время следствия. Так, Николай Сорокин из Волгограда находится в СИЗО с сентября 2003 года, при этом возбужденное тогда же уголовное дело до сих пор не рассмотрено. ЕСПЧ присудил ему 7580 евро.

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