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What is going on?: Central Asia’s Northern Exposure

Posted by Info on 05/08/2009

Russian agreement to allow U.S. military over-flight rights to ferry lethal goods to Afghanistan was one of the signal achievements of the recent meetings in Moscow between Presidents Barack Obama and Dimtri Medvedev.

Less publicized has been Moscow’s agreement earlier this year to allow for overland transit of nonlethal goods through Russian territory and on to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan……..

Perhaps even less well-known is that Russian commercial cargo carriers have been shipping non-lethal goods out of the Middle East aboard massive Antonov 124 “Ruslan” cargo planes to Afghanistan for more than a year….

Tashkent views the growing Russian military presence in the region as a security threat. The manner in which Russian “peace-keeping” forces were mobilized in the Georgia war last summer made a deep impact on Uzbek policymakers, heightening their sense of vulnerability. Uzbek skepticism about Russian goals is so deep that several key figures intimated that when it comes to Afghanistan, Iran would be a more reliable partner for Washington than Moscow.

more in The New York Times

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Russia begins new trial into murder of journalist Politkovskaya

Posted by Info on 05/08/2009

The Moscow Military District Court opened on Wednesday a new trial of defendants in the 2006 murder of investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

The court acquitted in February Dzhabrail and Ibragim Makhmudov, brothers from Chechnya, and former police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov of involvement in the journalist’s murder. However, Russia’s Supreme Court overturned last month the not-guilty verdicts and ordered a retrial.

Novaya Gazeta reporter Politkovskaya, who gained international recognition for her reports of atrocities against civilians in the troubled Caucasus republic of Chechnya, was gunned down in an elevator in her Moscow apartment building in October 2006, in what police described as a contract killing.

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В России создается суд над судьями

Posted by Info on 05/08/2009

Президент России Дмитрий Медведев внес в Госдуму проект федерального конституционного закона “О дисциплинарном судебном присутствии”. Президент внес данный документ в соответствии с пунктом “г” ст.84 Конституции Российской Федерации.

Этот законопроект предусматривает создание в России специального судебного органа, который будет заниматься рассмотрением дисциплинарных проступков судей. В частности, в нем можно будет обжаловать решения квалификационных коллегий о прекращении полномочий судей.

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Action in memory of Natalia Estemirova banned in Ingushetia

Posted by Info on 05/08/2009

The authorities have prohibited members of a number of NGOs to hold on August 6 a rally in memory of a well-known human rights advocate Natalia Estemirova, who was assassinated on July 15. Moreover, two members of the organizing committee of the action were summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“This action was planned not only as a rally in memory of Natasha, but also in support of President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov, and as an act of condemnation of the violence and terror reigning in Ingushetia and Chechnya. However, our application on holding the action in Nazran was rejected.”

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Another Azerbaijani Youth Activist Detained

Posted by Info on 05/08/2009

An Azerbaijani youth activist has been detained in Baku and charged with desertion from the military.

Agasif Shakiroglu, the head of the youth coalition Hadaf said that the accusations against him are groundless, as he made several appeals to the government to call him to serve in the military, but he has never been called up.
Shakiroglu says the accusation was made for political reasons in order to frighten young people away from participating in sociopolitical activities.

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