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John Beyrle, U.S. ambassador to the Russian Federation about Justice

Posted by Info on 08/08/2009

We congratulate Russia on the passage of this law and hope that it will be used to punish those who order contract murders and sit at the top of other criminal conspiracies.

Until this week, Russian prosecutors lacked a legal mechanism to reward defendants who testify against their co-defendants, an indispensable tool in prosecuting any criminal conspiracy. But a new law that took effect on July 14 will allow prosecutors to conclude formal cooperation agreements with defendants, cap sentences of cooperating defendants at half the statutory maximum (and 13 1/2 years in cases carrying life imprisonment) and entitle cooperating witnesses to state protection.

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Editor in Chechnya complains about pressure of power authorities

Posted by Info on 08/08/2009

Representatives of power authorities in Chechnya have used threats to prohibit the editor of Urus-Martan district newspaper “Marsho” the printing of critical articles about the deceased patriarch Alexi II and South Ossetia president Eduard Kokoity. This has been relayed to the Human rights center “Memorial”.

Khozhaliyev was told that his newspaper had not violated the law “On Mass Media” but there were things which must not be said or written in Chechnya.

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Politkovskaya’s murder: The state should contribute to effective investigation

Posted by Info on 08/08/2009

On Friday, the court refused to return the Politkovskaya murder case to prosecutors for pooling it with the main case against the masterminds and perpetrator of the crime. The court thereby refused to meet the petition, lodged by Politkovskaya’s children and supported by the prosecutor for the state.

“It makes no sense to refer the case as it is to court. The most important thing for us is that all the people involved in the murder be found, brought to trial and convicted,”

said Anna Stavitskaya, representative of the children of the killed journalist.

Representative of the injured parties Karina Moskalenko believes that if the investigators have enough proofs, the case against suspected murderer Rustam Makhmudov should be sent to court as well:

“The case, sent to the court in its present shape, does not answer a single question: either about the mastermind or even the question of who perpetrated the crime. We believed that the investigation should be reopened. A complaint had been filed with the European court of human rights. The state should contribute to effective investigation.”

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