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Грозный. Кадр телеканала НТВ, архив Чеченские правозащитники объявили о похищении коллеги

Posted by Info on 10/08/2009

Чеченские правозащитники объявили о похищении лидера молодежной неправительственной организации “Спасем поколение” Заремы Садулаевой и ее супруга, имя которого не называется.

Член совета российского правозащитного центра “Мемориал” Александр Черкасов сказал журналистам, что супругов Садулаевых увезли из офиса организации “Спасем поколение” неизвестные вооруженные люди, не предъявившие никаких документов. Радиостанция “Эхо Москвы” уточняет, что трое из пятерых похитителей, как утверждает Черкасов, были одеты в некую “черную форму”.

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Belarus: Parties registration procedure simplified

Posted by Info on 10/08/2009

The procedure of state registration of political parties, trade unions and other non-governmental organisations, as well as their unions and funds has been simplified.

The simplified procedure of registration of parties and NGOs will promote more adequate development and strengthening of the civil society in Belarus.

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Findings on alleged existence of political prisoners in Georgia

Posted by Info on 10/08/2009

The Human Rights Centre (HRIDC), FIDH member organisation in Georgia unveiled the preliminary findings of FIDH investigative mission on political prisoners.

FIDH sent an international investigative mission to Tbilisi from 19-25 February 2009. The mission delegates interviewed family members and lawyers of alleged political prisoners, and also representatives of Georgian human rights NGOs, international organisations and Georgian authorities. Despite FIDH’s formal requests, Georgia’s government did not allow the fact-finding mission to meet with several alleged political prisoners.

The preliminary findings highlight eight pilot cases that demonstrate how some political opponents were arrested and detained after being sentenced in totally- or partially-fabricated judicial cases.  All eight pilot cases examined in depth supported the assertion that there are indeed persons detained in Georgia who should be considered political prisoners according to the Council of Europe’s definition.

report in PDF format here

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Обращение правозащитников к Президенту Российской Федерации

Posted by Info on 10/08/2009

3 августа мы открыто обратились к Президенту РФ Д. А. Медведеву (, как к главе государства — т. е. высшему должностному лицу исполнительной власти, гаранту Конституции, прав и свобод человека и гражданина (ст. 80 Конституции РФ).

В своем заявлении мы призвали его прекратить кампанию травли, гонений и преследований правозащитников и правозащитных организаций и выступить в их защиту.

больше здесь

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Interview with Chechen Prezident Kadyrov about atmosphere of impunity for violence

Posted by Info on 10/08/2009

For many in the West, the image of Chechnya is of a region of violence, like the Wild West. How do you explain that?

Kadyrov: The wildest violence in the world takes place in the West. People are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Palestinians are being killed. Human rights are being completely violated…But Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation. All Russian laws are observed here. Yes, human rights violations take place here, too….

I want to say first of all that the security structures aren’t subordinate to the president [of Chechnya]. The heads of those services are appointed by the president of Russia, as I am. That includes the head of the Federal Security Service in Chechnya. But as the guarantor of the constitution, I am trying to make them subordinate [to the government in Chechnya] and act properly.

But we’re not angels. Human rights are violated all over the world. America pressures absolutely everyone. And no one says anything about it. Take [Georgia’s separatist region of] South Ossetia. The Americans snuck in there at night, shot up the entire population, and left. And everyone’s silent about it.

more here

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