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Uzbekistan: Special services “clean up” Tashkent

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009


In the light of Independence Day and 2200th anniversary of Tashkent that will be celebrated on September 1 the law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan run “Tozalash-Antiterror” (Cleanup-Antiterror) special operation.

According to Bakhtier Shakirov, major of IAM of Uzbekistan and the Head of patrol and public order protection service, with the help of pictures and fingerprints in the database 415 crimes were uncovered during the special operation, including the detention of 145 wanted people.

The security checkup of passport and visa regime revealed 61233 violations. 374 foreign citizens, illegally visiting the republic, were deported from Uzbekistan. Special operations also identified 346 people, which committed crime; 333 crimes were uncovered. 1237 homeless people were sent to rehabilitation centers while other 572 law-breakers were arrested.

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Kyrgyzstan: Asylum Seekers Feared Returned to Abuse in Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Two Uzbek asylum seekers have been missing since July 30, 2009, from the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, raising fears that they were forcibly returned to Uzbekistan. But Sanjar and Savarbek Khudaiberganov are now back in Kyrgyzstan and  on August 6 they immediately reported to UNHCR.

Khudaiberganov fled to Kyrgyzstan in 2008 because he feared persecution and ill-treatment in Uzbekistan. His brother, Iskander, had been arrested and sentenced solely on the basis of his own confessions obtained under torture to death in 2002 for, among other things, terrorism. Other members of the Khudaiberganov family had been involved in human rights activities.

Sanjar Khudaiberganov had been detained in 1999 and questioned about his brother’s whereabouts. He was severely ill-treated while in custody.

More than a dozen asylum seekers have been forcibly returned to Uzbekistan since 2005. On August 8, 2006, for example, the Kyrgyz government violated international law by forcibly returning to Uzbekistan five Uzbeks, four of whom the UNHCR had recognized as mandate refugees, and one asylum seeker. At least five registered asylum seekers disappeared from Osh, a city in southern Kyrgyzstan, over the course of the following two weeks. Allegedly the Kyrgyz authorities provides details about Uzbek asylum seekers, including their names and addresses, to the Uzbek government.

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HRW – Russia: Ensure Independent Inquiry Into Activists’ Killings

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Sadulayeva was the head of the nongovernmental organization Save the Generation, which helps children with disabilities in Chechnya. She and Dzhabrailov were taken from their office in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, on the afternoon of August 10, 2009, by five armed men. Their bodies were found, with multiple gunshot wounds, at about 4 a.m. on August 11 in the trunk of Dzhabrailov’s car on the outskirts of Grozny.

“This is a ghastly crime, and its authors must be brought to justice. These killings, less than a month after the murder of Natalia Estemirova, make it absolutely clear that anyone trying to help the people of Chechnya is in mortal danger,”:

said Holly Cartner, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch.

Save the Generation, the group that Sadulayeva headed, is a NGO in Chechnya founded in 2001 that provides psychological and physical rehabilitation to children with disabilities, orphans, and other socially vulnerable groups. The group also works closely with UNICEF, among other organizations, to provide training about landmines, and promotes protection of the rights of those with disabilities.

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Президент за забором

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Как бесланские матери пытались встретиться с Дмитрием Медведевым

Восьмого августа, в годовщину пятидневной войны в Южной Осетии, в Северную Осетию приехал президент РФ для награждения военных и встречи с жителями Южной Осетии. Мы, жители города Беслана, пострадавшие от теракта, узнали об этом из новостей. И тут же собрались на встречу в надежде, что президент и нас выслушает.

Мы пытались успокоить их, показывали им наше письмо, которое собирались мирно передать президенту. Нам отвечали угрозами: «Если побежите на дорогу — пристрелим».

И тут из дверей штаба не очень быстро выехали черные машины с абсолютно затемненными окнами. Можно было легко догадаться, что это едет президент. Одна из нас невероятным образом смогла достать, раскрыть плакат и поднять его высоко-высоко. Из президентской машины был хорошо виден этот плакат. Но кортеж президента плавно проехал мимо…

Когда мы приехали домой, по телевидению показали людей, радостно приветствующих Дмитрия Медведева. Он встречался с жителями Южной Осетии, охраняемый высоким забором от матерей Беслана.

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Newspaper Novaya Gazeta closing / result of systematic killings

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Medvedev’s declaration. 2009 year

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Кому выдана лицензия на убийство?

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

7 вопросов президенту Российской Федерации, председателю правительства, руководителям ФСБ

«Новая газета» вслед за целым рядом международных правозащитных и благотворительных организаций приняла решение приостановить деятельность своих журналистов по освещению событий в Чечне

«Новая газета» 12.08.2009

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OSCE Criticises Kazakh Journalist’s Jailing as violation of international standards

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Esergepov, the owner and editor of “Alma Ata Info” newspaper, was arrested in January after publishing a letter he said revealed the links between a businessman and the National Security Committee (KNB).Esergepov was found guilty of revealing state secrets in his newspaper and sentenced to three years in jail on August 8.

Criminalizing civilians or journalists for breach of secrecy deprives the public of important information and leaves investigative journalism without one of its most important tools: the liberty to go beyond official stonewalling. The sentence violated international standards and OSCE commitments on media freedom.

said on August 11  in a letter to Kazakh Foreign Minister Marat Tazhin, Miklos Haraszti, the OSCE representative on freedom of the media.

Kazakhstan, a Central Asian state that will next year chair the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), has already come under fire over the case of newspaper editor Ramazan Esergepov, sentenced to three years in jail this month.

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Перебежчик из узбекского СНБ говорит о преступлениях Каримова

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Бывший офицер Службы национальной безопасности Узбекистана (СНБ) Икром Якубов, бежавший в Великобританию, заявил в интервью Би-би-си, что президент Узбекистана Ислам Каримов лично отдает приказы об уничтожении своих противников и пытках.

“Этот кошмар всегда со мной – я не могу нормально спать. Когда я засыпаю, я вижу во снах все эти ужасы”, – рассказал Якубов в программе Newsnight с Питером Маршаллом.

Икром Якубов – первый офицер спецслужб Узбекистана, бежавший на Запад и решивший публично рассказать свою историю.

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Turkmenistan: Hundreds of students refused permission to leave country – 2 reasons

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

They are students in Turkmenistan seeking to study at foreign universities and technical schools who are not being allowed to leave by Turkmen authorities. (More  information here). It appears that mainly those who are registered at private universities in former Soviet states are being prevented from departing Turkmenistan.

The problem surfaced in late July. Since then, despite quiet US diplomatic intervention, Turkmen authorities have refused to relent. At the same time, authorities have declined to state reasons for their actions, or establish clear guidelines that students can follow in order to obtain required permission to leave the country.

The exodus is making authorities feel uncomfortable, in part because it means surrendering a high degree of control over what students learn.

Another factor may be  corruption. In recent years, limited educational opportunities in Turkmenistan meant that the families of some aspiring students would pay as much as $15,000 to $20,000 in bribes to secure a scarce spot at a Turkmen university. The rapid rise in the number of students going abroad to study may be negatively impacting existing arrangements. “For a lot less, it’s possible to get an education abroad,” said Farid Tukhbatullin, head of  the Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights who lives in exile in Austria. He estimated that between 1,300 and 1,500 study-abroad students are presently getting the bureaucratic run-around.

THUS “One of the reasons for the current trouble is related to corruption. It is also a matter of government control what students learn.”

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Россия: Милиционеров станет проще уволить

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

В МВД России разработана концепция обеспечения собственной безопасности органов внутренних дел, которая упростит процедуру увольнения милиционеров.

Как рассказал изданию начальник департамента собственной безопасности МВД Юрий Драгунцов, с января 2010 года все сотрудники МВД должны будут декларировать свое имущество и доходы. В случае предоставления ложных сведений, милиционеров будут увольнять. Кроме того, всех милиционеров обяжут письменно объяснять нюансы исполнения своих обязанностей.

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AGAIN killing: Kidnapped teenager found murdered in Chechnya

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

On August 9, a local resident aged 16 was kidnapped by unknown persons in the Shali District of Chechnya. At night on August 10, he was found assassinated.

According to the Information Centre of the Union of Chechen NGOs, Shamkhan Shamilyov, 16, a resident of Serzhen-Yurt village, was forced away from his house by armed persons in camouflage. Yesterday at night, his body was thrown out in the suburb of the village.

Human rights activists learnt about the incident from the relatives of the assassinated boy.

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Russia: “Everyone thinks the police should protect civilians, but here this is not the case”

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Ilya M. Gerasimenko was chatting with friends outside a supermarket when a bullet blasted through his skull. Mr. Gerasimenko, an 18-year-old student, was conscious long enough to see the gunman, a man named Denis V. Yevsyukov, a major in the police force and the chief of a Moscow precinct.

Igor L. Trunov, a prominent human rights lawyer representing some of Mr. Yevsyukov’s victims, including Mr. Gerasimenko said :

“The police have turned into an organization that has its own criminal interests, has its own criminal influence. It differs from criminal groups in that police carry weapons legally.”

For many Russians, including top officials, Mr. Yevsyukov’s rampage has come to symbolize a systemic crisis in Russian law enforcement, making the issue of police criminality — already a fact of life in this country, if a largely unaddressed one — almost impossible to ignore.

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Facebook + Twitter – denial-of-service / targeted for “telling the truth about the Russian-Georgian war”

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

The pro-Georgian blogger, known as Cyxymu, said he had been targeted for “telling the truth about the Russian-Georgian war” in his writings. The attack caused a blackout of Twitter for about two hours on Thursday.

Google, Facebook and blogging platform Live Journal – all sites where Cyxymu had accounts – were also affected.

“I write the truth about the Russian-Georgian war and somebody did not like these truths – these people in Russia,” the blogger told BBC News. The blogger has posted videos and blogs which criticise Russia over its conduct in the war over the South Ossetia region, which began one year ago.

“It’s a big surprise to me that my blog has meant that 250m people have not been able to enter Facebook,” George said.

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Russian President Medvedev attacks on Ukraine’s president, accusing him of “anti-Russian” behaviour

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Russia x Ukraine – Tensions continue

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko has forged close links with the EU, US and Nato since coming to power in 2004. He is expected to run for re-election in Ukraine in January.

In the videoblog, Mr Medvedev commented on a letter he had sent to Mr Yushchenko recently, which he said was “no routine matter”. He accused Mr Yushchenko of having supplied Ukrainian weapons to the Georgian forces who “killed civilians and Russian peacekeepers in Tskhinvali” during the South Ossetia conflict a year ago.

He also accused Mr Yushchenko of bypassing Russia in Ukrainian energy deals with the EU “concerning deliveries of our Russian gas” and the administration of driving the Russian language out of Ukrainian media, education and culture, and of trying to rewrite history.

Diplomatic relations had already soured before Mr Medvedev’s attack on Mr Yushchenko.

Moscow’s previous ambassador to Kiev was recalled in June. On Monday a councillor at the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow, Ihor Berezkin, left Russia in line with a demand from the Russian authorities.Last month Ukraine expelled a Russian diplomat.

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Russia: Ingush minister shot dead at work

Posted by Info on 13/08/2009

Attacks on government officials have become more common in the troubled, mainly Muslim North Caucasus republic.In June, Ingushetia’s President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov was seriously wounded in an assassination attempt.

Two masked gunmen have shot dead Mr Amerkhanov the construction minister of the volatile Russian republic of Ingushetia in his office. His assistant was wounded in the attack. Three employees of Russia’s emergencies ministry were shot dead in Ingushetia ten days ago.

Ingushetia has seen escalating clashes between security forces and armed militants in the past year, similar to the violence that continues in neighbouring Chechnya.

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