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Who is next? Killing with impunity in Chechnya

Posted by Info on 14/08/2009

Guardian Two more activists have met horrifying deaths in Chechnya – there must be an investigation, or more murders will follow.

by Tanya Lokshina– These killings brings to four the number of activists working on Chechnya who have been killed this year, starting with Stanislav Markelov, a prominent human rights lawyer, in January, than Natalya Estemirova (Natasha to her friends), a leading investigative researcher for Memorial human rights centre in Chechnya and less than one month later Zarema Sadulayeva and Alik Dzhabrailov, from a small Chechen charity. The perpetrators of all these crimes are at large, and this stark impunity is apparently inspiring more vicious and deadly attacks on activists in the region. Only a thorough, effective investigation that ends in the prosecution of the killers can put an end to the chain of attacks. Otherwise, more murders are bound to follow and we’ll keep asking ourselves, “Who’s next in line?”

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Germany: Merkel to Press Human Rights Concerns With Russia

Posted by Info on 14/08/2009

The New York Times

When Angela Merkel became German chancellor nearly four years ago, on her first visit to Moscow  in January 2006, she criticised human rights violations, which she discussed publicly with Mr. Putin. Her meetings with human rights activists stood in sharp contrast to her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder, a Social Democrat. Instead, he stressed closer economic ties, believing that a stronger, more prosperous Russia would eventually modernize and reform political institutions, a policy that most analysts say has yielded few results.

Mrs. Merkel goes on Friday to her annual summer meeting with the Russian president — Dmitri A. Medvedev with  hopes that her support for human rights would lead to greater media freedom and restoration of civil liberties. Equally unrealized are the fears of German industrialists that Mrs. Merkel’s outspokenness would risk their burgeoning business ties with Russia.

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FIDH: антиэкстремистские законы РФ основа для преследования инакомыслящих

Posted by Info on 14/08/2009

Антиэкстремистское законодательство в России создало правовую базу для преследования как религиозных групп, так и общественных организаций. Об этом в своем докладе “Российское общество под контролем” заявила Международная федерация прав человека (FIDH).

“Антиэкстремистское законодательство создало правовую базу, в том числе, и для преследования религиозных групп – в основном, мусульманских. Достаточно легкое в использовании, поскольку оно может быть направлено как против письменных, так и против устных высказываний – т.е. против намерений, а не совершенных действий – законодательство по борьбе с экстремизмом оказалось весьма эффективным для преследования мусульманских организаций».

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