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Austria refused Kazakh requests to extradite two men

Posted by Info on 20/08/2009

Rakhat Aliev, the former Kazakh ambassador to Austria, said that the defendants-to-be tried last year to kidnap him and his former colleague, Alnur Musaev, in Vienna and to forcibly take them to Kazakhstan.

Aliev has been living in self-imposed exile in Austria since 2007. He was tried last year in absentia in Kazakhstan and found guilty of kidnapping, extortion, and treason and given a 40-year jail term.

The Austrian parliament is expected to start hearings into alleged attempts by the Kazakh secret service to influence parliament members so they would vote to extradite him and Musaev to Kazakhstan.

The Austrian government has refused Kazakh requests to extradite those two men, saying it could not guarantee they would receive a fair trial.

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Moldova/Transdniester – Museum of Soviet Union or Frozen Conflict

Posted by Info on 20/08/2009

Radio free: This region where a statue of Lenin still lords over the barren central square of the capital, Tiraspol, split from Moldova soon after the Soviet collapse in 1991, following a brutal war that killed around 1,500 people and ended with the intervention of Russian peacekeepers. Today, only financial aid from Russia props up an economy that would otherwise collapse.

TRANSDNIESTRIA This unregulated region is reputed to be a center for traffickers of drugs, arms, and women forced into prostitution.
The median income is around $150 a month.
It’s been locked in a frozen conflict and seemingly stuck in time ever since.

Igor Smirnov has been the President of Transnistria since the declaration of independence in 1990, and he is serving his fourth mandate after being reelected in December 2006. In the parliamentary election in December 2005, the Renewal movement defeated the Republic movement and won an overall majority, its leader Yevgeni Shevchuk is the speaker of parliament.A list published by the European Union bans travel to the EU for some members of the Transnistrian leadership, including Smirnov and Shevchuk.

“I don’t see a future for this strip of land,” Valovoi, human righst activist says. “Most young people want to leave and those who remain don’t even remember there was a war in 1992. All they know are the official cliches drilled into them.

Transdniester’s frozen conflict will end only when Moscow wants it to.”

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Russia: New methods in fight against terrorism/calls for tougher ‘Terrorism’ trials

Posted by Info on 20/08/2009

Radio free: “Some time ago we got the impression the situation in the Caucasus concerning terrorist attacks had improved. Unfortunately, recent events show this is not so,” Medvedev said at the meeting in Stavropol.

“In the near future a decision could be taken to change the territorial jurisdiction of terrorism and extremism cases.
If we cannot give the bandits a quality trial here [in the North Caucasus], we will do this elsewhere — in Moscow, St Petersburg, in Kamchatka.”

Medvedev also said criminal groups, which officials say share the blame for surging violence in the impoverished North Caucasus, should not be tried by juries.

“Juries are not coping,” said Medvedev, who has strongly resisted conservative demands that Russia ends jury trials. “We must consider having these cases heard by professional judges.”

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Hовые меры по борьбе с экстремизмом

Posted by Info on 20/08/2009

Novosti: Дмитрий Медведев провел в среду в Ставрополе выездное заседание Совета безопасности, на котором предложил изменить территориальную подсудность дел экстремистского характера и вывести их из-под ведения суда присяжных.

“Можно было бы принять в ближайшее время решение изменить территориальную подсудность по делам экстремистского и террористического характера, чтобы бандиты и коррупционеры не могли оказывать давления на суды.”

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Азербайджан: Спецслужбы вызвали на допрос голосовавших на Евровидении за Армению

Posted by Info on 20/08/2009

Спецслужбы Азербайджана вызвали на допрос ряд граждан, которые во время ‘Евровидения‘ голосовали в пользу армянского дуэта сестер Инги и Ануш Аршакян, заявил один из допрошенных.

“12 августа меня вызвали на встречу в министерство национальной безопасности и стали спрашивать, почему я голосовал за представителей Армении. Меня обвиняли в отсутствии патриотизма, из-за чего Армения оккупирует территории, принадлежащие Азербайджану”, – сообщил Ровшан Насиров, 25 лет от роду. Он добавил, что у представителей спецслужб были имена и фамилии, а также телефонные номера 43 человек, которые проголосовали за армянский дуэт…

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