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PRIDE and POWER – fascinating view on Russia

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

Russia is caught between continents and haunted by its past. Richard Pipes on the need to convince a nation to dial back its aggressive tendencies and join the West.

Russia’s influence on world affairs derives not from her economic power or cultural authority but her unique geopolitical location.

One unfortunate consequence of the obsession with “great power” status is that it leads Russians to neglect the internal conditions in their country. And here there is much to be done.

The political situation may appear to a foreigner inculcated with Western values as incomprehensible. Democratic institutions, while not totally suppressed, play little role in the conduct of affairs defined by the leading ideologist of the regime as “sovereign democracy.” Indeed, President Medvedev has publicly declared his opposition to “parliamentary democracy” on the grounds that it would destroy Russia.

read the whole article in The Wall Street Journal here or in Comments here

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Ukraine: Yushchenko promises fair presidential polls

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

Ria Novosti: The ex-Soviet state, long engulfed in political crisis and hit hard by the global economic slump, is due to hold presidential elections on January 17.

“As president, I guarantee that the voting will be free, fair and legitimate,” Viktor Yushchenko said in a speech in the capital, Kiev on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

The Ukrainian leader also announced on Monday the holding of a referendum on his draft Constitution.

In the spring 2009, the president submitted the draft to parliament, where it was severely criticized.

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“Почему я не могу говорить, что думаю?” ругалась матом в адрес президента РФ

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

Kommersant: Cудья Кировского района Астрахани признал виновной в хулиганстве местную жительницу Надию Фокину, раскритиковавшую губернатора Александра Жилкина в присутствии президента Дмитрия Медведева.

По требованию астраханского УВД безработную жительницу Астрахани Надию Фокину признали виновной в хулиганстве в присутствии президента РФ. Bечером 17 августа женщина со своей знакомой и мужем сидела на лавочке на набережной Волги. По словам милиционеров, увидев президента и губернатора, Надия Фокина начала громко выкрикивать ругательства.

И вот почему у судей много работы.

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Azerbaijan: court accepts NGO’s suit against Ministry of Justice

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

After a triple rejection, the Court of Baku has accepted the claim of the NGO “Centre for Election Monitoring and Teaching Democracy” (CEM&TD) against the Ministry of Justice.

The claim of the Centre demands to recognize as “illegal” the refusal of the Ministry of Justice to register this NGO and to blame the Ministry’s actions as “violation of the freedom of association.”

Caucasian Knot: On August 5, the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations promulgated a document about the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan, passed on the outcomes of the discussion at the 96th Session in Geneva of the third periodic report on Azerbaijan….

The UN Committee is concerned of the messages about corruption of the judiciary and the legal system of Azerbaijan as a whole, which is, as the document marks, especially bad at the background of the actual absence of any independent judicial system in the country.

Besides, a concern is expressed of serious restrictions of the right for the freedom of expression and mass media, closing of some newspapers and refusal to licence broadcasting of some foreign radio stations.

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Fight against terrorism in Ingushetia to continue

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

ITAR: The Ingushetian President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov after returning to Nazran from Moscow where he underwent medical treatment after the June 22 attack against him said:

“The fight with terrorism will continue mercilessly against those who do not want to lay down arms, and those who want to lay down their arms — there is a way for them to return to peaceful life. The situation in the republic is heavy, but not hopeless”.

Those who consider themselves Muslims must realise during the holy month of Ramadan that evil deeds must not be committed, and if one come and lay down arms — it will count, he noted.

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Федеральный список экстремистских материалов- более 400 пунктов

Posted by Info on 24/08/2009

Nezavisimaia: Зампредседателя думского комитета по конституционному законодательству и государственному строительству Виктор Илюхин объясняет это только тем, что вся работа по выявлению экстремизма в России построена исключительно по формальному признаку.

Илюхин подчеркнул , «правового понятия экстремизма в российском законодательстве до сих пор нет.… наказание за участие в экстремистских организациях в Уголовном кодексе есть, право запрещать экстремистскую литературу у правоохранительных органов тоже есть, а вот четкого определения, за что нужно наказывать и из-за чего запрещать, – нет. «Поэтому прокуратура, милиция и судебная система могут творить здесь все, что угодно», – заявил зампред комитета. Например, проводить антиэкстремистские расследования по конкретному политическому заказу. Илюхин, кстати, ожидает, что уже осенью

«любое несогласие с властью, особенно в условиях углубляющегося кризиса, будет объявляться экстремизмом».

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