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Georgia neither confirms nor refutes possibility to accept Guantanamo detainees

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

RT news: The news that Georgia is willing to accept terrorist suspects held at the US military base in Cuba came on Friday through the Washington Post.  Several EU countries volunteered to take the prisoners, while several more made unofficial commitments.Georgia is named as one of the countries willing to help the US.

“A senior Georgian official joked in an interview that his country, which just marked the first anniversary of a war with Russia, would accept every Guantanamo detainee if the deal came with the establishment of a U.S. military base in Georgia,” WP says. Georgian officials refrain from commenting on the issue.“I can’t say anything concrete yet. We’ve expressed our willingness to consider a request by the USA. If we reach an agreement, we’ll review every candidature.

Georgia Times

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CIA tortured terror suspects in Lithuanian secret prison

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

RT Today: It’s claimed Lithuania, a former Soviet republic on the Baltic Sea, provided the CIA with facilities where as many as eight terror suspects were held, according to information given to ABC News by unnamed CIA sources.

According to ABC News, information received from some CIA sources alleges a so-called “black site prison” existed on the outskirts of Vilnius for more than a year, until 2005.

This isn’t the first time Lithuania has been implicated in the US’s extraordinary anti-terror program. At a Council of Europe debate in 2005, it was named along with Poland and Romania, as the host of an illegal prison, but managed to escape direct accusation.

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Chechnya: principle of collective responsibility

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

Caucasian Knot: The leader of one of local NGOs said : “I’m afraid that relatives of Batalov and Saltakhanov (surnames of suicide bombers who blew themselves in the afternoon on August 21 in Grozny killing four employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Chechnya and a young woman) can face very serious problems, since

power agencies are already openly using the principle of collective responsibility in relation to militants’ relatives,”

After a suicide bomber blew himself up in the end of July in Grozny, his mother’s house was burnt down; and the mother and several close relatives of that guy disappeared.

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Ричард Пайпс: “Гордость и могущество России”

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

«Наш Мир»“Влияние России на мировую политику обусловлено не ее экономической мощью или авторитетностью в культуре, но ее уникальным геополитическим положением”, – пишет автор, поясняя, что Россия доминирует на евразийском континенте, непосредственно соприкасаясь с Европой, Ближним Востоком и Дальним Востоком. ….

больше здесь

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Chechen Rebels Order Separatist Leader’s Death, saying he had abandoned Islam

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

Radio Free: Akhmed Zakayev, 50, fought Russia as a senior rebel commander in two wars with Moscow in 1994-2000. After Russia regained control of the province, he fled to Europe and acted as an official rebel envoy until 2007. Russia has tried to extradite Zakayev but a British court rejected the request in 2003, causing a diplomatic row.

Kadyrov said last month that he would welcome Zakayev’s return and possibly offer him a job in the regional culture ministry. But there were no indications Russia was ready to drop charges against him.

Chechen rebels have called for prominent separatist leader Zakayev to be killed, saying he had abandoned Islam by recognizing the legitimacy of the restive region’s Kremlin-backed government.

Doku Umarov, Chechnya’s most wanted separatist leader said:
“The court has ruled that the killing of this apostate is a duty for Muslims.”  but he  did not say what court had issued the ruling.

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Рядовой российской армии Дмитрий получил убежище в Грузии

Posted by Info on 25/08/2009

Lenta: Рядовой российской армии Дмитрий Артемьев, который в начале июля перешел на грузинскую территорию и попросил убежища, получил официальный статус беженца.

Дмитрий Артемьев, проходивший службу на территории Южной Осетии, после побега заявил, что причиной стали издевательства со стороны командиров. Его слова получили подтверждение.

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