Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Role of Russian Orthodox Church in North Caucasus – successfull manipulation

Posted by Info on 26/08/2009

J.Foundation: Each of the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church has a special duty – serving the Russian army in the conflict zones, blessing the new recruits before they go to war.

After the first war in Chechnya, public opinion in Russia was critical of the government’s action in the republic. Not only because of solidarity with the people of Chechnya, but also due to the loss of many young soldiers during the first war.

Why did public opinion in Russia turn from strong protest to ignorance? It appears that the Russian Orthodox Church has successfully fed this campaign by manipulating popular perceptions of the conflict. Moscow the main goal has never changed -to defeat, colonize, assimilate and control the populace, while the indigenous population focus on survival or liberation.

The crosses around the North Caucasus are symbolic of the union between the Church and the State in an effort to strengthen Velikaya Rus (Great Russia), regardless of the costs involved – be it the lives of thousands of civilians labeled as separatists, terrorists, religious extremists, or western spies, or Russian soldiers who die unknown and unreported, and in many cases even uncounted. Those deaths have been justified by the Russian Orthodox Church.

In the view of the local people, these crosses  are considered as memorials erected by murderers by those who killed and continue killing their sons, brothers, husbands, daughters, wives, sisters.  It is similar like refusal of  Natalia Estemirova  to walk on the central street in Grozny, after the street was renamed by Kadyrov as Putin’s boulevard (, July 23).

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