Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

States Should Admit Asylum-seekers Who Were Forced To Aid Terrorists

Posted by Info on 30/10/2009

The UN Special Rapporteur’s  report to a General Assembly Committee which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural affairs, devotes considerable attention to the gender dimension and specific rights of women in the war against terrorism.

“Victims of gender-based persecution, including by terrorist groups, should be granted asylum and entry into countries and never fall victims of the notions of material support to terrorism.”

The report available here …

30. Counter-terrorism measures have had impermissible gendered collateral effects that are often neither acknowledged nor compensated. Indeed, enforced disappearances of male detainees in the name of countering terrorism have had “special resonance” for female family members, who bear the burden of anxiety, harassment, social exclusion and economic hardship occasioned by the loss of the male breadwinner. ..
31. The Special Rapporteur is also concerned that women (and children) not suspected of terrorism-related offences are unlawfully detained and ill-treated to either gain information about male family members or to compel male terrorism suspects to provide information or confessions. As well as being discriminatory, such collective sanctions resolve the disappearances of members of their family, making them susceptible to intimidation, persecution and reprisals.”


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