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In Russia Women Graduate Terrorist School, allegeldy authorities follow those “students” in order to kill them later ?

Posted by Info on 04/11/2009

Russia Today : ( by Mikhail Lukanin) According to Trud’s sources, – “Amazing” artickle!

Half of the graduates of terrorist school are young women.

In the North Caucasus, terrorists let their presence be known – this time in Dagestan. Yesterday, in the city of Khasavyurt, special forces destroyed three militants, including one female suicide bomber. A day earlier, a local Imam was killed in the Kizilyurt district. According to Trud’s sources, among the assassins were graduates of the Caucasus terrorist school. Militants have been actively recruiting female suicide bombers by buying them from their families for $3,000.

In June, 2009, 30 suicide bombers graduated the terrorist school, 23 of whom blew themselves up, were killed or detained. According to Trud’s source from the Main Intelligence Directorate, at least 30 new students have been recruited to the school in September. Half of the new recruits are women aged 18-22 years…..more here in Artickle “Terror has feminin face”

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В Европе родилось движение «Против Каримова» (Against Karimov)

Posted by Info on 04/11/2009

Марком Руппертом организовал движение «Against Karimov» («Против Каримова»). У движения есть страница в «Живом Журнале», одним из постингов на которой значится «Обращение к народу Республики Узбекистан», которое начинается так: «Второе десятилетие властные структуры Узбекистана во главе с Исламом Каримовым продолжают политику насилия и преступлений против народа. Который год продолжаются репрессии несогласных с политикой властей, который год продолжаются гонения и репрессии жертв и очевидцев Андижанской трагедии

Целью движения является «помощь народу республики избавиться от Ислама Каримова и его преступного окружения, захватившего страну». Девиз движения – «Тиран должен быть свергнут». Каким образом? Изучая материалы на веб-страничке движения, приходишь к выводу: путем принуждения Узбекистана к выполнению европейских судебных решений.

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Russian Lawyers Have Not Right To Be Human Rights Activists

Posted by Info on 04/11/2009

The qualifications commission of the Moscow City Bar is threatening to strip Solidarity member Evgeny Arkhipov of his status as a lawyer, according to a November 3 press release from the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, as believes that lawyers have no right to engage in social activism. On this basis, the commission demand an initiation for disciplinary proceedings against Arkhipov.

In Arkhipov’s opinion, the attack is connected with his role as organizer for an October 10 rally opposing toll roads that the local population had voted down overwhelmingly. His membership in the opposition movement Solidarity also likely plays a role.

A combination of assassination attempts and increasing Kremlin control over the judicial system has created a hostile environment for Russian lawyers in recent years. In a high-profile case last January, Lawyer Stanislav Markelov was shot dead in broad daylight in Moscow.

Human rights activist Lev Ponomaryov was scathing of his indictment of Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s silence on Markelov’s killing. “The president always talks about superiority of the law. A lawyer was killed carrying out his duties and the president, a lawyer himself, could not even find one word to say.”

Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights are aimed to protect human rights and freedoms without any kind of distinction, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. The Association defends actively human rights and freedoms at international bodies and presents its position at meetings of Council of Europe and European Union and other international organizations.

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