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More From Former UK Ambassador About Uzbekistan about Torture and Forced Confession, About 10 000 Political Prisoners, About Being Terrorist Just By Having Beard, About CIA Secret Prisons

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

You Tube – Video of 23 minutes  of Mr Murray speech for journalists:

…….Murray asserts that the primary motivation for US and British military involvement in central Asia has to do with large natural gas deposits in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. As evidence, he points to the plans to build a natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan that would allow Western oil companies to avoid Russia and Iran when transporting natural gas out of the region.

Murray alleged that in the late 1990s the Uzbek ambassador to the US met with then-Texas Governor George W. Bush to discuss a pipeline for the region, and out of that meeting came agreements that would see Texas-based Enron gain the rights to Uzbekistan’s natural gas deposits, while oil company Unocal worked on developing the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

“The consultant who was organizing this for Unocal was a certain Mr. Karzai, who is now president of Afghanistan,” Murray noted.

Murray said part of the motive in hyping up the threat of Islamic terrorism in Uzbekistan through forced confessions was to ensure the country remained on-side in the war on terror, so that the pipeline could be built.

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CIA Relied On Intelligence Based On Torture In Prisons In Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Italy convicted 23 CIA operatives on Wednesday in a 2003 Milan extraordinary rendition case.

………….with hundreds of alleged militants abducted in Europe and Central Asia and elsewhere, and delivered to states like Algeria, Egypt, and Syria, where torture is often used against presumed enemies of the state. The US says it received assurances that torture would not be used. But the practice has been especially controversial in Europe, where roughly 100 Muslim men have been abducted.

Daniel Tencer writing “The Raw Story,” describes the experience of Britain’s former ambassador in Uzbekistan with the CIA rendition program in that totalitarian country who said:

“The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive”

Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004 the UK’s ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the CIA not only relied on confessions gleaned through extreme torture, it sent terror war suspects to Uzbekistan as part of its extraordinary rendition program.

‘I’m talking of people being raped with broken bottles,” he said at a lecture late last month that was re-broadcast by the Real News Network . ‘I’m talking of people having their children tortured in front of them until they sign a confession. I’m talking of people being boiled alive. And the intelligence from these torture sessions was being received by the CIA, and was being passed on.’”

Murray was dismissed as ambassador in 2004 after he documented and raised questions to his superiors about the CIA rendition program in Uzbekistan, the horrific torture taking place in prisons there and that the United States and Britain were relying on that torture to provide them information on suspected terrorists.

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ECCHR-Complaint Against Austria In Case Of Chechen President Kadyrov

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights in June  2009, submitted a formal communication to the UN Special Rapporteur for Torture Prof. Manfred Nowak.  ECCHR accuses Austria of violating its duties under the Convention Against Torture by failing to investigate and act on accusations of torture leveled against President Kadyrov of the Russian Republic of Chechnya, who visited Austria in June of 2008. The fight against impunity being the main pillar in the effort to eradicate torture worldwide, Austria’s failure to act on the accusations against Kadyrov is considered an extremely serious matter.

Pres. Kadyrov was to visit Austria on 13 June 2008, ECCHR, through an Austrian lawyer, submitted a criminal complaint with the Austrian Department of Public Prosecution. In the complaint, ECCHR accused Pres. Kadyrov of torture and other cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment committed in contravention of Article 1, Article 5 and Article 6 of the UNCAT and numerous provisions of the Austrian criminal code.

Despite the formal complaint and request for an arrest warrant, Austrian authorities failed to act. President Kadyrov visited Austria during the weekend of 12-13 June 2008 and managed to leave without intervention by the Austrian authorities.

The core obligations on “third states” in relation to torture suspects found on their territory are contained in UNCAT articles 5, 6 and 7.
Article 5 (2) explicitly provides for the obligation of the State Party to enable, through legislative or other means, their courts to exercise jurisdiction when a person suspected of torture is present on the territory regardless of where the relevant acts occurred. Articles 6 and 7 oblige the “third state” to either prosecute or extradite the torture suspect found on its territory.

more about the case read here

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Yandex to Close List That Annoyed State

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Yandex, the country’s leading search engine, has announced plans to stop ranking popular blog posts after several entries exposed problems that embarrassed government officials.

Yandex explained in a statement that the rating service, dubbed Top Yandex, had stopped reflecting the situation in the Russian blogosphere and instead become a “media tool” aimed at influencing the public and the mass media.

“The rating was created as a mirror of the blogosphere … but it has become a tool of influence,” Anton Volnukhin, the head of Yandex’s blog search service, said in e-mailed comments.

Bloggers often have used Top Yandex, which reflects the most quoted and discussed topics in the Russian blogosphere, to decry social problems and appeal to the public and mass media for help.

The rating system has helped to expose stories that have embarrassed the government and forced it into action. The most recent example involved a Pskov region nursing home where employees neglected the elderly residents. A group of volunteers working there complained on LiveJournal, prompting widespread media coverage and a public outcry that caused regional authorities to dismiss the director and close the nursing home.

“If you don’t want to be manipulated, you have no choice but to shut down. This is the usual fate of independent media,”  said Anton Nosik, a pioneer of the Russian Internet and the former president of No. 2 search engine


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Первые аресты по делу об убийстве Станислава Маркелова и Анастасии Бабуровой

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

3 и 4 ноября были арестованы первые подозреваемые по делу об убийстве адвоката Станислава Маркелова и корреспондента «Новой газеты» Анастасии Бабуровой. Подготовка операции хранилась в строжайшей тайне, задержанию предшествовали активные оперативные мероприятия как в среде националистов, так и на публичном информационном поле.

5 ноября официально стали известны имена подозреваемых: Евгения Хасис, 1985 г.р., и Никита Тихонов, 1980 г.р.; как подтвердили в Следственном комитете, им предъявлено обвинение по ч. 2 ст. 105 УК РФ — убийство, совершенное группой лиц по предварительному сговору.

Пока рано говорить о том, что преступление раскрыто. Предстоит доказать виновность арестованных и вычислить других соучастников преступления. Как и заказчика, если он был.

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Interesting Idea In Latvia: Renting Prisons To EU Inmates For Millions Euro

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Latvia could rent out its prisons to take in inmates from other European Union countries, the head of the country’s Prison Administration Board told the Panorama news program on Friday. “If we can’t export anything other than our own workforce, then I have an idea – we could build several prisons to accommodate EU inmates,” Visvaldis Pukite said on the Latvian program.According to Pukite’s calculations, the project could yield an annual profit of 5.7 million euro ($8.5 million).

State Secretary Martins Lazdovskis also dismissed the idea, saying that most Latvian prisons do not correspond to EU prison standards.Latvia has been one of the hardest hit of all EU states by the global economic crisis. Its government resigned in February after a wave of street protests against a planned increase in VAT and other unpopular measures to help the budget meet EU commitments.

The head of the country’s new government, approved by parliament in March, has said Latvia is on the verge of bankruptcy.

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Правозащитница, Глава Московской Хельсинской Группы Получила Hаграду

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Известная российская правозащитница, глава Московской Хельсинской группы Людмила Алексеева получила награду “За заслуги перед ФРГ”. Это не первая престижная международная награда, которую получают российские правозащитники в этом году. Президент Германии Херст Келлер удостоил Людмилу Алексееву ордена за ее вклад в окончание холодной войны и укрепление российско-германских отношений.

С чем вы связываете то, что многие российские правозащитники получают престижные международные награды именно сейчас, в сегодняшней России? Ведь сейчас, в общем-то, в России далеко не 1970-1980-е годы: вроде бы демократию строят.

– По-моему, у нас отступают от демократии. Думаю, что особое внимание и Европы, и всего мира в нашей деятельности привлек тот трагический факт, что у нас за правозащитную деятельность, поддержку демократии люди расплачиваются жизнью. Не случайно это происходит сейчас, после гибели Анны Политковской и Станислава Маркелова, Наташи Эстемировой, Магомеда Евлоева, Макшарипа Аушева…

Людмила Алексеева была одной из трех российских правозащитников, кто в этом году получил премию имени Андрея Сахарова “За свободу мысли”. Вместе с ней этой премией были отмечены президент Института прав человека Сергей Ковалев, а также глава правозащитного центра “Мемориал” Олег Орлов.

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Two Arrested Over Moscow Deaths Of Lawyer Markelov And Journalist Baburova

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Russian police have arrested two people suspected of killing a top human rights lawyer and a journalist last January.Stanislav Markelov, who had worked on numerous human rights cases, was shot dead in broad daylight in Moscow with reporter Anastasia Baburova.

The suspects were named as Nikita Tikhonov and Yevgenia Khasis, both Moscow residents.Law enforcement sources linked them to an outlawed far-right group, Russian National Unity. But the group itself denied any involvement in the murders and said those arrested had never been members.

The first leaks, details of which were printed in the Kommersant daily on Thursday morning, suggested that a man and a woman had been detained. While noting that the investigative bodies were officially refusing to comment, the daily reported “talk” that the woman was believed to have trailed Markelov before the murder and communicated his movements to her male accomplice, who carried out the killing.

By Thursday afternoon the two suspects had been named in public – Yevgenia Khasis, a 24-year-old manager in a trade company, and Nikita Tikhonov, 29, unemployed. Both were once members of Russian National Unity, a far-right group that broke up in 2000.

Mr Markelov had worked on many high-profile human rights cases and had represented Anna Politkovskaya. He was killed shortly after holding a news conference on another prominent case – that of Elza Kungayeva, a Chechen woman killed by a Russian army officer in 2000. Mr Markelov, who represented her family, had promised to challenge a court ruling giving the officer early release from prison.

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Baku Mosque Attackers Sentenced For Terrorism

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

A court in Azerbaijan has sentenced 26 people to lengthy terms in prison in connection with an attack on a mosque in the capital Baku in August 2008. Two worshippers were killed during the incident at the Abu Bakr Mosque when grenades were thrown at the building.The attack resulted in the closure of the mosque.

Those convicted said they were members of an organisation called Forest Brothers and among them were 23 Azeris, one Russian and two Turkish nationals. The men were convicted of various offences including terrorism, murder, formation of an illegal group and arms possession. The sentences range from two to 15 years.

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Самарский омбудсмен встал на защиту заключенных, обвиняемых в бунте в то время как содержались в ШИЗО

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

Уполномоченный по правам человека в Самарской области заявляет о невиновности ряда заключенных, обвиняемых в бунте. По его мнению, в деле есть масса нестыковок, которые следствие даже не пытается устранить.

Громкое заявление в адрес следственных органов сделал уполномоченный по правам человека Самарской области Ирина Скупова. У нее есть все основания полагать, что ряд обвиняемых по делу о массовых беспорядках в колонии №6 не виновны.

“Одно из труднейших дел, с которыми я сталкивалась – это развитие событий, возникших в процессе массовых беспорядков в 6-й колонии, которые имели место в сентябре 2008 года”.

В августе на имя правозащитницы поступили обращения осужденных, которые на момент беспорядков содержались в строго изолированных помещениях камерного типа и штрафных изоляторах (ШИЗО). “Они физически никак не могли принимать участие в беспорядках, хотя это им вменяет следствие”, – отметила омбудсвумен.

Она пояснила, что направила эту информацию в следственный комитет и прокуратуру Самарской области.

“Мне поступили ответы, что копия моего обращения прикреплена к делу и является фактически ходатайством по делу, – добавила Скупова. – Это большой плюс. Прокуратура, таким образом, легализовала новые обстоятельства дела”.

Уполномоченному не ясно, как же закрытые в ШИЗО люди могли поджечь колонию. Однако следственные органы отвечают Скуповой, что “все законно”…..Подробнее здесь

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В Москве Похищен Чеченский Правозащитник Арби Хачукаев

Posted by Info on 06/11/2009

B Москве вооруженными людьми был похищен, а затем самолетом отправлен в Грозный критик чеченского президента Кадырова Арби Хачукаев.

Представители «Мемориала» не имеют информации о местонахождении Хачукаева. По их предположениям, он либо удерживается в качестве заложника, либо находится в тюрьме.

Как заявила пресс-служба МВД Чечни, Хачукаев был задержан по подозрению в разбойном нападении.

Арби Хачукаев возглавляет чеченскую общественную организацию «Право» и является открытым критиком президента Чечни Рамзана Кадырова. Хачукаев неоднократно выявлял факты нарушений прав человека, вину за которые он возлагал на кадыровцев.

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