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Hачался суд над милиционерами, обвиняемыми в пытках

Posted by Info on 10/11/2009

9 ноября 2009 года в Джалал-Абадском городском суде начался процесс над четырьмя милиционерами, которые обвиняются в применении пыток против подозреваемого. Судебное разбирательство чуть было не закончился самосудом над подсудимыми.

Из-за отсутствия в зале одного из обвиняемых и потерпевшего, председательствующий судья Токтосун Суеркулов решил перенести слушания на 16 ноября, обязав представителя прокуратуры обеспечить явку отсутствовавших. При этом Суеркулов заметил, что уважительной причиной неявки в суд считается, если человек проходит стационарное лечение, а отсутствовавший обвиняемый, согласно медицинской справке, проходил амбулаторное лечение от ангины.

Как писал ранее «Voice of Freedom», прокуратура Джалал-Абадской области завершила расследование дела, по которому четыре сотрудника милиции обвиняются в применении пыток против подозреваемого Жанышбека Халмаматова.  Уголовные дела по статье 305-1 «Пытка» Уголовного кодекса страны возбуждены против оперативным работникамaм Сузакского районного отдела милиции. Кроме применения пыток, милиционеры обвиняются в «умышленном причинении менее тяжкого вреда здоровью», «превышении должностных полномочий» и «незаконном задержании или заключении под стражу».

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Lukashenka To Europeans: “It Is Counterproductive To Put Pressure On Us”

Posted by Info on 10/11/2009

On the eve of adopting a decision on extending sanctions against Belarusian officials by the European Union, Alyaksandr Lukashenka stated that elections in Belarus should be held as before.Mentioning requirements of the European Union to change the electoral code of Belarus and hold free and democratic election, Lukashenka stated:

“I have said that several times, it is counterproductive to put pressure on us…..

some people treat the necessity to change the electoral legislation as fulfilment of demands of the European Union on political liberalization of Belarus”.

To answer those “some people”, Lukashenka stated that “the liberalization of election laws will not lead to political turmoil and anarchy during the forthcoming election campaigns”.

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Russian Police Must Not Aim Guns At Law-abiding Citizens

Posted by Info on 10/11/2009

President Medvedev has highlighted corruption as one of the country’s key problems. In May 2008, he signed a decree to set up a presidential anti-corruption council and approved a plan to deal with the problem in July 2008, proposing that special units be created in every branch of government.

There have been a number of murder cases in 2009 involving Russian police officers. The most high-profile case saw a southern Moscow district chief kill three people and injure two during a supermarket shooting spree in April.The Russian interior minister Rashid Nurgaliyev said:

“We must remember the tragedy that happened in Moscow, unfortunately through the fault of one of our colleagues, every day. Department chiefs who take people on and hand out IDs and weapons must understand that these weapons should be pointed only in the direction of criminals, and not aimed at peaceful citizens.”

As well as violence, the Russian police force has been plagued by increasing allegations of corruption, something Nurgaliyev also pledged to tackle.

This month, Alexei Dymovsky a police officer from the southern Russian city of Novorossiisk was fired and is set to be charged with libel after posting a video on the web asking Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to launch a nationwide corruption probe.In his message he said that department chiefs routinely jailed innocent people to improve statistics. He also said that many young people joined the force despite monthly wages of some $400 because they knew they would be able to supplement their income with bribes.

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