Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Kyrgyzstan: President’s Party Wants To Keep Death Penalty Because “Rights Of Victims Must Be Observed”

Posted by Info on 11/11/2009

On November 11 at the session of Kyrgyz parliament Ak-Jol President’s party rejected idea of ratification of international pact on cancellation of death penalty, adopted by UN General Assembly resolution in 1989.

Kyrgyzstan joined International pack on civil and political rights, dated October 7 of 1994. Now the subject of discussion is the second protocol to this pact, saying about the cancellation of capital punishment.

In accordance with optional protocol no party, the subject to the jurisdiction of current Protocol member-state, shall introduce capital punishment; besides, each member-state puts all efforts within national legislation to cancel death penalty.

During the discussion deputies Raisa Sidorenko, Askar Salymbekov, Ernest Akramov were against the ratification of this protocol, noting that the rights of victims must be observed. They pointed out that crime was growing in the republic while the humanization of legislation favors criminals.

So far this is unclear whether this issue will be considered at the parliamentary session.

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