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Snowball in Russia: YouTube Police Videos Viewed By More Than 1 Million And Inspired Other To Follow

Posted by Info on 13/11/2009

The videos, which highlight a mounting Russian tendency to turn to the Internet for justice, have become a media sensation.

Demoralized by low pay, long working hours, and abusive superiors, the police major recorded two video clips appealing directly to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to crack down on police corruption. The videos cost policemen Dymovsky his job but he had inspired other to follow his lead.

Two more former policemen on November 11 posted personal videos on YouTube urging President to improve conditions for Russia’s troubled police. …. former police Major Mikhail Yevseyev posted a video claiming two innocent men were sentenced to life in prison following a 2005 arson in the northern Russian city of Ukhta that killed 25 people.

Videos on the Internet appearing to document Russian police abuse are nothing new. What makes these video clips unique is that they come from identified insiders and are addressed directly to Russia’s leaders. Just over one-third of Russians have regular access to the Internet, but that number is growing fast. Russians are currently the world’s second-largest group of users of LiveJournal.

Medvedev himself runs a blog on LiveJournal, as well as an official video blog, a personal website with family photos, a site for children, and his own YouTube channel. Even his wife, Svetlana, has her own official website.

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Ингушетия: кто кого терроризирует? video

Posted by Info on 13/11/2009

В последние месяцы сообщения об убийствах и нападениях приходят из Ингушетии почти каждую неделю. Теперь эта северокавказская республика стала центром нестабильности на южных флангах России.

Власти Ингушетии объясняют нападения боевиков более эффективной работой правоохранительных органов. Однако интенсивность нападений не спадает. И многие местные жители объясняют участившиеся взрывы и убийства по-другому.

video 5 minut BBC

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Who has ever heard of Ingushetia? How and Why Suicide Bombers Are Born? “They Are Good Man From Good Families…They Are Not Madmen..”

Posted by Info on 13/11/2009

Ingushetia is tiny, located to larget and more violent neighbout Chechnya ( Russia).In this vast country of 11 time zones. Its population is less than half a million  But that suddenly changed in August when Ingushetia hit the headlines for all the worst reasons wiht  a series of suicide bombers and attacks.  In spite the violence in Ingushetia has been growing for two years.

In Nazran the BBC reporter speaks with policeman Lt Vasanbek Porogov who very nearly died  ( see video of the suicete attack here) tells me a story of Ingushetia. It’s the third time he’s been blown up. So , I ask him,  Why does he still do this job? and he replies:

“There are no other jobs here. If you have a family to raise the security services are the only option. I ask him why he thinks the violence is growing. You need to ask our leaders.  They kill people, they say they’re killing fighters, but I don’t know. “They’re killing a lot of young people. There are 12 so-called fighters who have been in detention for three years – I guarded them, I talked to them; they didn’t seem like fighters to me.  “If they’re guilty, they need to be convicted; if not, let go.”

The reporter stops is a large house on the edge of Nazran. It belongs to the Aushev clan, one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Ingushetia…He is also filled with bitterness and anger.Ten days before my visit his son was murdered in his car. He had been a leading opposition politician. He said:

“My son got in the way because he tried to tell the truth. He got in the way of this political game.”Then he launches into a tirade against the security services. “They have money and the weapons. It’s them who do the kidnappings, the killings, the illegal executions. They embezzle half the budget, but nothing is done about them.”

“So why the young men are turning to violence?” He replied:

“These generals who come have no regard for the law. They kill, they burn, they beat. They have weapons, they have armoured vehicles. The young men who stand against them don’t have anything. They take a gun and go to the woods. They have a [suicide] belt. They’re not drug addicts or madmen. No, they’re good young men from good families; they take that belt and walk away to death. There is nowhere to go to complain.”

And what Ingushetia’n president Yunus-Bek Yevkurov says?

“The security services of several foreign countries, working together with the illegal terrorist groups, are seeking to destabilise this part of southern Russia. ” When pushed he refuses to name the foreign countries, but hints strongly that Georgia is one of them, and by implication Georgia’s best friend, America.

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