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Chechen Rebel: Russia Prepares For Olympics 2014 – With “Enormous” Quantity Of Troops

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

An exiled Chechen rebel leader Akhmed Zakayev, who was given political asylum in Britain in 2003 Says  that Russia  quadruples the size of its army in the North Caucasus in 2010.
Zakayev, quoting his contacts in the region, an “enormous” quantity of troops would be stationed in the North Caucasus, which Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has described as the country’s biggest domestic political problem.

“They want to solve the Caucasus problem before the Olympics and tell the world they have eliminated terrorism.”

Russia will host the 2014 Winter Olympics in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, located close to the Caucasus mountains.

Zakayev forecast the Russian government would explain a troop increase by saying there was a risk of further conflict with southern neighbour Georgia, against whom Moscow fought a brief war last year. He did not say when the surge would happen.

Local leaders and analysts say widespread violence is fuelled by a potent mixture of Islamism, clan feuds and poverty.Zakayev said the Kremlin plans curfews, roadblocks, spot searches and arbitrary detention for the entire North Caucasus.

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Russian President Failed In His Speech To Name Those Who Are Destabilizing the Caucasus

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Comment by Sergey Markedonov

For the first time in the past few years, the Russian head of state has acknowledged the fact that the main source of instability in the Russian Caucasus lies not outside, but within our own country.

The president calls the  Russia’s main enemies in the North Caucasus “bandits.” … we can logically derive the conclusion that our country has been unable to overcome simple organized crime for 18 years, which is not the case. Yet the text of Medvedev’s speech does not point out whose hand is throwing explosives at our policemen, soldiers, and ordinary Ingush, Chechen, Avar and Russian citizens. Who is morally and ideologically justifying these assassinations? Possibly it would have made sense to name these ill-wishers in an honest address to your fellow citizens, so that we could be armed with knowledge and prepared for the tough struggle against this threat.

We should be prepared to understand .. the threat of terrorism, who is behind it, what these people’s goals are, their morals and their Achilles’ heels. Unlike the populist and anarchic terror of past centuries, contemporary terrorism is not aimed at the state as much as at suppressing society’s will to resist.

There is no way to resolve the acute problems of the North Caucasus without a dialogue with society and without making the right diagnosis. But for this we have to acknowledge the fact that the enemy is not a simple bandit, but a politically-motivated opponent (a nationalist or a religious extremist), who cannot be overcome by deploying more military contingents to the region. It is necessary to counter him with your own values and moral imperative, which cannot be done without establishing “soft power” (a system of secular education, a united informational space, a network of a civil society, non-governmental institutions) that is nearly non-existent today. ….more here

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Олег Орлов: “ЕС проявляет недостаточно твердости”

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

В сегодняшнем номере Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung публикуется интервью с председателем правозащитной организации “Мемориал”, в котором Олег Орлов высказывает сомнения, искренне ли президент Медведев выступает за либерализацию.

Не только в мире, но и внутри страны растет непонимание противоречия, которое сложилось между заявлениями президента Медведева о значении гражданского общества и реальностью, где это гражданское общество испытывает все больше давления. “Красивые и правильные слова Медведева остаются словами, и иногда создается впечатление, что у нас в Кремле сидит мечтатель”, – говорит Олег Орлов…..

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Европейский суд по правам человека – решение по трем делам

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

29 октября Европейский суд по правам человека вынес решение по трем делам в отношении исчезновения людей в Чечне, иски по которым были поданы в Европейский суд родственниками исчезших людей: Хантиева и другие против России (№ 43398/06),Сатабаева против России (№ 21486/06), Вакхаева и другие против России (№ 1758/04)

Отмечая, что по всем этим делам власти не обосновали применение своими военнослужащими силы со смертельным исходом и не объяснили каким-либо иным образом исчезновение людей, Суд пришел к заключению, что было допущено нарушение Статьи 2 в отношении всех родственников истцов.

Суд также вынес решение по всем трем делам в отношении того, что были допущены нарушения Статьи 2, в связи с неспособностью властей провести эффективные расследования обстоятельств, при которых исчезли родственники истцов.

Кроме того, Суд признал, что все истцы пострадали и продолжают страдать от горя и боли в результате исчезновения их родственников и невозможности узнать, что с ними случилось. Характер действий при рассмотрении их жалоб властями надлежит рассматривать, как проявление бесчеловечного обращения в нарушение Статьи 3.

Наконец, по всем трем делам, Суд признал, что родственники истцов подверглись негласному задержанию без обеспечения каких-либо гарантий их безопасности, в соответствии с положениями Статьи 5, что является особо серьезным нарушением права на свободу и безопасность, закреплённого в этой статье.

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Why Russia Will Not Become Part Of Eu? Finnish Foreign Minister With “His Own Lack Of Experience” Explains

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Stubb says that his personal goal is to link Russia more closely to the European system.

He does not believe that Russia will ever become a member of the European Union, because he feels that two great powers will not fit into one union.  “I believe in a free trade area, in which goods would move between Russia and the EU without tariffs. The closer the relations that are established, the more solid the dependency”.

Stubb feels that Finland should not try to become a bridge builder – of the kind that can fall into the river. Instead, he feels that policy toward Russia needs to be dealt with through the European Union. He saw his own lack of experience in relations with Russia as a small hazard .

“I am the generation for whom there has been a Russia. I remember the Soviet Union mainly as a magnificent hockey team, with CCCP written on their shirts”, Stubb said.

“I went to the eastern neighbour ( Russia) for the first time in the early 1980s with the hockey team of the City of Helsinki. I believe that my father  warned me not to bring back vodka, because I was underage. I hid two bottles in a pair of knee protectors, and was the only one who didn’t get caught”

Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb said to Helsingin Sanomath:
“Russia takes a negative attitude toward enlargement, but at the same time it admits that the decision is in the hands of each country. I would emphasise that if the view is repeated, it does not change it. I agree with Prime Minister Vanhanen that not every statement by Russia should be esamined with a magnifying glass. We live in the world of the 21st century and Russia naturally has the freedom to express itself.”

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EU Concern At Russian Human Rights Situation x Mutual Dependence

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Sweden’s prime minister has expressed disquiet about Russia’s human rights situation after an EU-Russia summit in Stockholm.

Fredrik Reinfeldt,  said: “We exchanged views on human rights, the rule of law in Russia and democracy. This is an increasing cause for concern”. Moscow and Brussels are still rebuilding relations after falling out over last year’s Georgia-Russia war.

EU leaders were also due to discuss key issues such as trade and energy with their Russian counterparts.The EU, which represents 500 million people, is Moscow’s biggest trading partner and depends heavily on Russian gas. Moscow, meanwhile, is seeking more foreign investment.

Earlier this week, Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb said the EU needed to work closely with Russia.“There is a level of mutual dependence – we depend on them for energy supplies and we are energy consumers for them.”

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Russia: Journalist Of Kalinigrad Media Community Olga Kotovskaya Dead

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

According to law enforcement agencies, Kotovskaya fell from a balcony on the 14th floor of a building in which she did not live nor knew anyone residing there. Immediately after her death, investigators announced this was a suicide, which caused an outcry from Kaliningrad journalists and opposition figures.

Olga Kotovskaya was found dead near a skyscraper in the center of Kaliningrad on November 16. The journalist’s death caused a sharp reaction from the regional media. Semyen Kushnerov, chairman of the regional branch of the Russian Union of Journalists: “We insist that the suicide version is the most convenient; thus, we urge you not to choose the easiest path but to consider other versions”.

After Olga Kotovskaya’s death, her husband Igor Rostov said : “It was a murder. If I am one day found lying on railroad tracks, do not believe that is suicide”. The press Secretary of the Arbitration Court, Igor Belov, told Nezavisimaya Gazeta (NG) that he, too, finds the suicide version strange, especially since Kotovskaya was to appear in court in the trial for the return of her company.

Local media representatives were also categorical. “I do not have the slightest doubt that this was a murder – a murder related to journalistic work. I cannot imagine that a person who had won a case of their lifetime, overwhelmed with joy, would jump from the fourteenth floor of a building. Authorities and competent agencies need to finally notice the fact that terrorism against journalists and media owners has long been the norm in the Kaliningrad Oblast, and the fact that it almost always goes unpunished,” said Mikhail Chesalin.

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Kyrgyz Member Of Memorial Human Rights Center Detained And Accused Of Extremism

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Representatives of the Kyrgyz State Service for National Security (SSNS) arrested the two men in southern Kyrgyzstan. Hamroev, a Russian citizen, works for the Russian rights group Memorial Human Rights Center. Rakhmatillaev is the head of Law and Order, an Osh group that investigates possible rights violations in southern Kyrgyzstan.  The activists were investigating accusations of government rights violations against individuals accused of extremism.

“The Kyrgyz government is out to stop research into abuses committed against so-called extremists in the region,” said Andrea Berg, Central Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch. “It is crystal clear that the two men were detained in retaliation for their work.”

Hamroev arrived in Kyrgyzstan on November 10, 2009, to conduct research into alleged human rights violations by Kyrgyz government forces in cases of alleged religious extremism and terrorism.

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30 Uzbek Muslim Women Arrested And Exposed To Physiological Torture And Threats Forcing To Write Statements

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Since the beginning of November at least 30 Muslim women have been arrested in the city of Karshi in the Kashkadaria Oblast of Uzbekistan. The  reason of detention is not shared even with close relatives.

According to Latofat Orzikulova, the dozen of policemen and National Security officers entered the house of her mother on November 5 and conducted a search. Finding nothing suspicious, they took two DVDs and book. Besides, the officers detained the mother on suspicion of “organization of jamoat (communities), attraction of youth and increase the number of jamoat members”.

On November 5 sister Zulhumor, nieces Nigora Nosirova, Nodira Burieva, Rahima Burieva, daughter-in-law Hikoyat Imomova, Bahtishod Huzhaeva and Yulduz Tuhtaeva and others were arrested. Thus, at least 30 women were placed to detention center in Karshi. They are exposed to physiological torture and threats. National security officers want them to write statements against Mehriniso Hamdamova. Ms. Hamdamova is characterized as responsible worker and it is unclear what the local authorities suspected in her activity.

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How to Fight Corruption In Dark Russia? ? If Results is Death of Sergei Magnitsky In Prison — State Sanctioned Murder

Posted by Info on 19/11/2009

Unlike the execution-style killings of human-rights campaigners Natalya Estemirova and Stanislav Markelov and journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Anastasia Baburova, or the polonium poisoning of defector Alexander Litvinenko, Magnitsky’s demise can, with technical honesty, be attributed to “natural causes”: toxic shock, heart failure, or rupture to his abdominal membrane, depending on which Russian official you ask. All as natural as the will to power.

The 37-year old Russian lawyer and father of two died in a detention center in Moscow on Monday, having been incarcerated for nearly a year, no trial in sight, on trumped-up tax evasion charges. His real crime was to claim widespread corruption by Russian Interior Ministry officials while defending Hermitage Capital Management against frauds.

His late attorney said that he was  “a healthy 37-year-old professional” when he entered the jail. But being completely cut off from his family, and the physical pressures he endured while in custody, proved too much. Magnitsky made numerous official complaints of his treatment, including a 40-page report to the general prosecutor describing squalid conditions, treatment bordering on torture, and the onset of gallbladder stones, pancreatitis, and a severe digestive ailment.

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