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Дымовский передумал встречаться с Путиным по соображениям чести :”Hе буду встречаться с премьер-министром”

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

Майор милиции Алексей Дымовский заявил, что отказался от идеи встретиться с Владимиром Путиным. “Я хочу официально заявить, что не буду встречаться с премьер-министром, так как считаю это оскорблением моей чести”, – сказал Дымовский; его слова передает “Эхо Москвы”.

По словам майора, реакция Путина на видеообращения в интернете, которые записали он и еще несколько милиционеров, свидетельствует о том, что премьер-министр не хочет общаться с народомТогда я тоже не хочу. с ним общаться”, – сказал Дымовский. Ранее же Дымовский в своем видеообращении, выложенном в Сеть в начале ноября, просил Путина о встрече. Майор предполагал, что председатель правительства может не знать о коррупции в милиции и тяжелых условиях работы милиционеров.

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“Мемориал” обжаловал решение Тверского суда по иску Кадырова против Орлова

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

Представители ПЦ Мемориал” и Олега Орлова 16 ноября подали кассационную жалобу на решение Тверского районного суда, который частично удовлетворил иск президента Чечни Рамзана Кадырова к главе организации Олегу Орлову, в Московский городской суд. В заявлении ПЦ “Мемориал” говорится о том, что решение Тверского суда является незаконным и необоснованным.

Напомним, 6 октября суд удовлетворил иск Рамзана Кадырова к ПЦ “Мемориал” и Олегу Орлову о защите чести и достоинства. В пользу президента Чечни постановлено взыскать с ПЦ “Мемориал” 50 тысяч рублей, еще 20 тысяч лично с Орлова. Причиной разбирательства стало обвинение Орловым Кадырова в причастности к убийству правозащитницы Натальи Эстемировой.

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Kazakhstan: Parliament passed a number of laws

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

At the plenary session, the deputies of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan passed a number of laws, such as  the Law on Preventive Measures of Domestic Violence, the Law on State Guarantees of Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women, which regulates public relations in regards to guarantees of equal rights and equal opportunities for women and men. The law is directed at prevention of any forms of sex discrimination.

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No Swine Flu In Turkmenistan? Female Teachers + Students Forced To Wear National Dress

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

New Rules in Turkmenistan: Girl with a bare navel is depravity, and cotton-gauze bandages on faces is alarmism-Vice Premier of Turkmenistan

Vice-Premier of Turkmenistan Maysa Yazmuhammedova earlier  introduced a uniform for female school teachers. Now, they and female students should visit classes wearing only national dress. Besides, minister personally approves dresses of artists participating in national celebrations. If anybody stands against the rules he would be deprived an opportunity to perform in the country. And their music recordings would be withdrawed from sales.

More over:  This Autumn rectors of higher education institutes received requirement to decline student to drive to institutions on their own automobiles. At the same time traffic police was ordered to catch young infringers and levy fine equivalent to US$ 50.

Local experts are in doubts concerning extraordinary authorities decisions. Struggle against A/H1N1 flu is conducted very originally. Health Minister of the Republic performed on TV with a statement that no cases of swine flu were registered in Turkmenistan. Hence, no need to wear respiratory masks.

Health Ministry officials visited outlets and educational institutions of Ashgabat. Ministry strongly demanded a removal of gauze bandages not to sow panic among the population….Infectious hospitals are filled. In some of them, doctors decline to receive new patients and recommend treatment at home. Rumors tell about dozens deaths of the flu. With all this, reliable information is closed for population.

State authorities prefer to talk only about prosperity in Turkmenistan.

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Who Fears a Free Mikhail Khodorkovsky? Who Is He?

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once his country’s richest man, has resided in “gulag lite,” as he calls the Russian penal system under Vladimir Putin, for six years. Convicted of tax evasion and fraud in 2005, Khodorkovsky now faces a fresh set of charges that add up to the supposed theft of $30 billion.

The new indictment is one single accusation: that the former C.E.O. of the Yukos oil firm and his deputy, Platon Lebedev, were part of an “organized criminal group” that stole 350 million tons of oil from their company between 1998 to 2003. The tonnage exceeds Yukos’s production during the period in question. If convicted, Khodorkovsky, whose first sentence ends in 2011, could face an additional 22 years in jail.

Khodorkovsky’s arrest stunned Russian nationalists and Western hedge-fund managers alike. Putin made it clear: profits could be blessed, but only if politics stayed off-limits. “The Yukos case marked the start, in 2003, of gosudarstvennoe reiderstvo” Khodorkovsky said The attacks, he argued from jail, spelled “are disaster for Russian business.”

By 40, Khodorkovsky reigned among the oligarchs.His Yukos rose as its most prodigious oil company, its C.E.O. became a multibillionaire. But Khodorkovsky never got caught in a compromising position — never snared at an Alpine resort, a Moscow casino or on a Riviera yacht. Girls, power, even the money, seemed to hold no magic. Where others basked in pomp, he was shy and painfully soft-spoken…more about him here

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Russian Orthodox Priest Killed In Moscow In Church

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

An unidentified gunman killed a well-known Russian Orthodox priest and wounded another clergyman in a church in southern Moscow.

The killer, who was wearing a face mask, entered the St. Thomas the Apostle church on Thursday night and opened fire with a 9-mm automatic pistol, deliberately targeting its rector, Daniil Sysoyev. The priest died in a hospital after sustaining head and chest wounds.

Sysoyev, 35, was well-known for his missionary activities and the fight against sectarianism and occultism.Investigators suspect that the murder was premeditated and had religious motives because Sysoyev had received death threats on several occasions in the past.

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“Lettre à Anna” – Anna Politkovskaïa, une héroïne parmi d’autres = одна героиня из многих

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

L’Express “Un documentaire poignant sur la vie et le combat d’Anna Politkovskaïa sort dans les salles françaises ce mercredi, alors que s’ouvre le sommet UE-Russie en Suède. Au-delà de l’hommage à la journaliste devenue icône, cette Lettre à Anna évoque les “héroïnes” de l’ombre qui défendent la liberté d’expression en Russie.”

В среду на французские экраны вышел документальный фильм о жизни и борьбе Анны Политковской “Письмо Анне” (Lettre à Anna) швейцарского режиссера Эрика Бергкраута. В фильме рассказывается об убийстве российской журналистки, ее близких, коллегах, а также врагах, например, чеченском президенте Рамзане Кадырове, сообщает L’Express.

Эрик Бергкраут делает также акцент на отсутствии политического стремления осудить авторов и заказчиков этого преступления.  Фильм рассказывает, как она боролась за свое дело, несмотря на опасность.

В попытке разоблачить “геноцид” в Чечне она встретила родственную душу – Зайнап Гашаеву, главу НКО “Эхо войны”. Она открыла в Грозном приют для сирот, но была вынуждена его закрыть, потому что “президент Рамзан Кадыров утверждает, что в Чечне нет сирот“, говорит Эрик Бергкраут.

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Russian Court Prolongs Moratorium On Death Sentences

Posted by Info on 20/11/2009

Russia’s Constitutional Court prolonged on 19.11. a moratorium on the death penalty, which was due to expire on January 1, until it is banned completely.

Russia imposed the moratorium, when it joined the Council of Europe and signed the European Convention on Human Rights, but it has not ratified the document yet.

“This decision is final and shall not be appealed,” court chairman Valery Zorkin said. He added that  the moratorium on executions will be in place until Russia ratifies Protocol 6 to the European Convention banning the death penalty . Zorkin said an “irreversible process to abolish capital punishment” is going on in Russia, which is in line with its international commitments and global tendencies.

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