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Tajik Journalists Pay For Information Obtained From Officials

Posted by Info on 21/11/2009

The Tajik government has introduced a new decree obliging journalists to pay for information obtained from officials. Journalists must pay 25 somoni (about $4.50) for each page of printed text provided by an official institution or state agency. As of January 1, the cost will be increased to 35 somoni per page.
Tajik officials say the decree was adopted on October 31 and corresponds to the newly adopted law on the mass media.

National Alliance of Independent Media Chairman Nuriddin Qarshiboev said that the decree violates the constitution, which guarantees free access to information.

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Beslan victims establish new social movement “For Status of Terror Act Victims”

Posted by Info on 21/11/2009

In North Ossetia, on November 18, the “Voice of Beslan” founded a new social movement “For Status of Terror Act Victims“. The aim is to enforce legalization of the status of terror act victims.

The decision to found the movement was adopted after the Council of Federation had concluded the must of this law. Alexander Dzasokhov, Senator from North Ossetia, moved this initiative at the federal level. He offered to set up a working group consisting of the members of the Council of Federation and deputies of the State Duma, which could start preparing the law on terror act victims.

The “Voice of Beslan” notes that they had gathered 1700 signatures of victims and supporters under the bill and organized numerous actions in support of the rights of terror act victims.

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