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Medvedev submits bill on socially-oriented non-profit organization benefits

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev submitted a bill on the benefits for non-profit organizations in the State Duma on Monday 23.11.2009.

“In the latest state-of-the-nation address (to the Federal Assembly) I proposed to establish the institute of socially-oriented non-profit organizations, which will receive the all-round support from the state – financing, property and consultations, including tax and duty benefits, the placement of state and municipal orders, the property transfer for their management,” Medvedev said at a meeting of the Presidential Council on Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights on Monday.

“The corresponding bill has been drafted. I signed it and submit it today to the State Duma,” Medvedev said.

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Гражданский сектор Таджикистана добивается ликвидации дискриминации женщин

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

Гражданский сектор Таджикистана добивается ратификации факультативного протокола к Конвенции о ликвидации всех форм дискриминации в отношении женщин.

Таджикистаном были ратифицированы многие международные документы, направленные на защиту прав женщин, в частности, Конвенция ООН об устранении всех форм дискриминации в отношении женщин, утвержденная в октябре 1993 года. Однако печальная статистика роста семейного насилия, женского суицида, и расширяющееся влияние патриархальных традиций показывают, что принятых мер оказывается недостаточно и положение женщин постоянно ухудшается.

Одной из дополнительных мер по соблюдению прав женщин может стать ратификация факультативного протокола к Конвенции о ликвидации всех форм дискриминации в отношении женщин. Еще в сентябре 2000 года президент Таджикистана Эмомали Рахмон подписал протокол, но за прошедшие 9 лет он так и не был ратифицирован.

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UN expert on Violence against Women ends visit to Kyrgyz Republic

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

The UN Special Rapporteur Ms. Manjoo noted that “since the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic, formal legislative and policy efforts have been accompanied by widespread poverty on the ground….., gender stereotypes and de facto discrimination. In this context, women and girls’ vulnerability to violence, exploitation and destitution has increased”.
She continue that the most prevalent forms of violence against women  include domestic violence, bride-kidnapping, under-age marriages, unregistered marriages, trafficking, polygamy, violence and discrimination against women … and violence committed by law enforcement agents.
She noted that the causes of such violence include “the lack of effective implementation of legislative and policy measures, poverty, unemployment, traditional and religious practices, internal and external migration, and the lack of accountability in relation to state agents who violate the human rights of citizens.”
As a result, she said, “there is an increase in the prevalence levels of violence against women and girl-children, homelessness, migration, the numbers of women being incarcerated for drug-related offences and also for the killing of family members, rates of HIV/AIDS infections, maternal mortality rates, levels and forms of corruption, and impunity for acts of violence against women by both state and non-state actors.”

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Medvedev Awarded Kadyrov For His Achievements

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

BBC Russia: According to the information published on the official website of the President of the Chechen Republic, Dmitry Medvedev has signed the decree to award the special rank of Major General of Militia to Ramzan Kadyrov.

The administration of the head of the Chechen Republic informed the agencies that this high rank was awarded to Kadyrov for his achievements in the organization and carrying out of special operations against the armed opposition groups.

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Denial of Medical Care Common Blackmail Practice in Russian Prisons

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

Human-rights activists and colleagues of a 37-year-old attorney Sergei Magnitsky who died Tuesday in a Moscow prison say it is common practice in Russia to deny medical attention to people in custody as a way to force them to cooperate with prosecutors or corrupt officials.

Russian Interior Ministry spokeswoman Dudukina says attorney died of heart failure in pretrial detention. Magnitsky developed problems with his pancreas and gall bladder as a result of what his American business associate, Jamison Firestone, described to VOA as filthy prison conditions. They included a tiny cell with two other people, no hot water, a shower once a week, and a kitchen above a hole in the floor that served as a toilet.
Firestone says the denial of medical care resulted in a slow motion killing by Interior Ministry officials seeking to hide corruption Magnitsky helped expose.

Magnitsky was a tax lawyer for the London-based Hermitage Capital Management Fund.  It was once the largest foreign investor on the Russian stock market.
The Fund’s Chief Executive, William Browder, waged an anti-corruption campaign in Russia to increase investor confidence. The campaign led to allegations that Russian Interior Ministry officials colluded with tax authorities to steal $230 million from the national treasury.

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Russia ‘is now a criminal state’, says Bill Browder

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital was reacting to the news that his lawyer had died in prison in Russia after being held for a year without charge. He told the BBC that his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, had in effect been “held hostage and they killed their hostage.” Bill Browder campaigned against corruption at some of Russia’s largest companies.

Mr Browder says he was punished for being a threat to corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.Since then, a number of Mr Browder’s associates in Russia – as well as lawyers acting for his company – have been detained, beaten or robbed. Before the accusations of tax evasion were raised, Mr Browder had for many years been one of the most outspoken defenders of the Russian government and its then-president Vladimir Putin.

According to Mr Browder, Sergei Magnitsky developed stomach and pancreas problems in prison which were diagnosed by a prison physician. He says Mr Magnitsky was then moved to a new prison and deprived of medical treatment.

“Sergei Magnitsky was one of the lawyers who discovered the whole crime, figured out who was responsible and then testified against the police officers – and after he testified against the police officers, the very same police officers had him arrested on spurious charges.”

“When Putin first showed up and said he was going to tame the oligarchs, I was the biggest fan of that particular concept. Then I realised that what he meant by taming the oligarchs was sticking law enforcement people in their place,” he says.

“Now, you have a bunch of law enforcement people who are essentially organised criminals with unlimited power to ruin lives, take property and do whatever they like and that’s far worse than I have ever seen in Russia before. Russia is essentially a criminal state now.”

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Medvedev Considers That Civilians Shall be Tried By Military Courts In Cases Involving Terrorism

Posted by Info on 23/11/2009

On Thursday, President Dmitry Medvedev called interesting the idea initiated by [the party] Yedinaya Rossia [United Russia] regarding the possibility of jury trials of the cases involving terrorism by military courts. The lawyers’ community suggests that the idea be first verified as to its conformity to the Constitution.

At the beginning of September, the President introduced in the State Duma a package of amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, under which the cases involving terrorism could be transferred for consideration directly to the Supreme Court bypassing the local courts upon submission of the Prosecutor General. And on 19.11. at the meeting with the President, Boris Gryzlov, Chairman of the Yedinaya Rossia Supreme Council, suggested that the draft law be amended with the proposal that the jurisdiction in the cases involving terrorism be transferred not only to the Supreme Court but also to the district military courts..

Medvedev replied : “Let’s do as follows. I will consult with the Presidents of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court to hear their views on how well this idea could fit with our court system’s overall organisation, and also on the constitutionality of this kind of amendments. If their response is positive, I will call you and propose making the improvements you have suggested.” more here

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