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Dymovskiy’s Syndrome Is Diagnosis To Whole Russian Law-enforcement System

Posted by Info on 24/11/2009

The “Caucasian Knot” has reported that on November 6 Alexei Dymovskiy placed two video appeals in his website, where he told about numerous malversations of his militia bosses. Later he himself was accused of slander; however, now Dymovskiy has followers: already several more militiamen placed the video appeals in the Internet.

Ella Pamfilova, head of the Council for Promotion of Civil Society Institutes under Russian President at Dmitri Medvedev’s meeting with the Council members. She compared a mere strengthening of law enforcement bodies with attempts to cure a mental patient by arming him with an axe.:

“The ‘Dymovskiy’s syndrome’ has confirmed the diagnosis to the whole law-enforcement system. Therefore, modernization of the whole structure is a must. However, any attempts to just strengthen it are not only unpromising – they are dangerous. Prior to strengthening, the system should be cured.”

Today, it became known about a new video appeal, saying about violations in law enforcement bodies. President Dmitri Medvedev was addressed by Alexander Shestun, head of the Serpukhov District, against whom a criminal case was opened under the article of “bribe-taking”. Mr Shestun asserts that “corrupted inspectors try to remove him from his position.” He asks to regard his video appeal as his official application to the General Prosecutor’s Office, as reported by the “Echo Moskvy” Radio.

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Three Tajik Activists of Islamic Movement Arrested In Moscow

Posted by Info on 24/11/2009

Department of counter extremism of Ministry of Internal Affairs conducted a complex of operational and search activities.  As a result three active members of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan were arrested. They were wanted by law enforcement of Tajikistan for terrorist and extremist activities.

In the course of joint activities of Russian and Tajik law enforcement was discovered location of terrorist organization members in the capital region. Wanted persons during their stay in Russia spread extremist ideology.

Presented by Tajikistan materials indicate involvement of arrested in recruitment of illegal armed groups members that carried sabotage and terrorist acts on territories of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

At present, issue of extradition of detainees to Tajikistan is under discussions.

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