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Judges Seek Protection Against Outside Interference Such As Media And NGOs

Posted by Info on 03/12/2009

Judges in Russia are requesting the right to initiate criminal proceedings against those attempting to pressure them and impede the due process of law.

Evgeny Arkhipov of the Russian lawyers association For Human Rights said that, in his opinion, “this initiative comes not from structures within the Kremlin.” “It is an attempt to pressure social organizations and independent media, which will be blamed for pressure” on the judges.

If the proposal is made in to law, Arkhipov said, it would allow judges to conduct high-profile proceedings without the participation of the public or media, bringing about massive judicial violations.

Ivanov’s announcement is reminiscent of the case of a Russian judge dismissed in 2004. Olga Kudeshkina was stripped of her status as a judge after accusing government officials of pressuring her, and for saying that the Moscow City Duma had devolved into a place for “the settling of political, commercial, and other scores.” After being fired, the former judge appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, which ordered Russia to pay her 10,000 euro in moral damages.

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Students Expelled For Criticizing State And Police

Posted by Info on 03/12/2009

Anton Zhebrun, one of the leaders of the Omsk regional youth branch of the liberal Yabloko party, was among students expelled from the university (OmGU) for “academic failure.”

Opposition activists in Omsk believe that Zhebrun, a political science major, was expelled for his activism. Over the course of a year, the student had participated and organized a series of public events criticizing state and regional leaders and the police.

Last month, administrators at OmGU drew up a list of “extremist” students and set aside class time to discuss counter-measures against their activities. Some students on the list had participated in opposition activism, while others had been vocal in complaining about the quality of the school’s cafeteria. It was not immediately clear whether Zhebrun had been on the list.

Sergei Kostarev, leader of the Omsk regional branch of Yabloko and professor of political science at OmGU, said that students on the list “do not have problems with studies and none of their teachers expressed complaints about the quality of their knowledge.”

Close relatives and friends of the twelve listed students say that they periodically receive phone calls from people claiming to be from the police, saying that serious hardships await the students if they don’t put a stop to their political activities.

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Five Uzbek Women Released From Detention

Posted by Info on 03/12/2009

Uzbek officials have released five of 30 women who were arrested on November 5 on religious extremism charges in southern Uzbekistan.
Gulshan Qorayeva, the chairwoman of a human rights organization in the southern Kashkadarya region said  that a total of seven different political and religious extremism charges were filed against the women, the most serious being threatening the life of the Uzbek president.

Nosirova said she was released along with four others. She said her mother is still jailed but she does not know where she is being kept.
Nosirova added that the released women are still being interrogated by officials.

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Tajik Citizen Wins European Court Case Against Russia

Posted by Info on 03/12/2009

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Russia to pay more than 18,000 euros ($27,000) in compensation to a Tajik citizen who was imprisoned in Russia for three years. Rahmatullo Nazarov was arrested in April 2004 and charged with the purchase and possession of large amounts of drugs.

Nazarov complained that he suffered inhumane treatment while in prison and was kept in extremely poor conditions. The Strasbourg court agreed with Nazarov’s claims and ruled that his right to freedom and personal security were violated.

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