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Европейский Суд Признал Применение Пыток И Запретил Экстрадицию

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

Европейский суд по правам человека во второй половине ноября отказал в экстрадиции из Украины в Казахстан гражданина республики Амира Кабулова.

Причиной отказа названы систематическое применение пыток в Казахстане и отсутствие независимой судебной системы.

Тем самым суд, по сути, создал прецедент, в результате которого как политические беженцы, так и преступники, покинувшие Казахстан, становятся недосягаемыми для казахстанского правосудия в 51 стране, для которых решения Европейского суда по правам человека является обязательными.

Суд согласился с казахстанской стороной в той части, где говорилось о необоснованности опасений применения в отношении А.Кабулова смертной казни, однако в области возможного применения пыток судебная коллегия приняла сторону обратившегося с жалобой.

«Суд изучил доклады различных международных и национальных организаций, описывающие многочисленные факты применения пыток и жестокого обращения к заключенным, систематические избиения и применение насилия с целью получения от подозреваемых  признательных показаний, а также малоэффективные следственные процедуры», – говорится в решении. В нем также отмечены плохие условия содержания в местах заключения и неоказание заключенным медицинской помощи.

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Some 60 Of Uzbeks Detained For Islamic “Extremism”

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

Isroil Rizaev, from the Tashkent-based human rights organization Ezgulik (Benevolence), told  that young practicing Muslim men in the southern Sirdaryo region were initially accused of extremism based on their affiliation with the new religious organization Birodarlar (Brothers).

BUT they are now being charged with being jihadists.
Rizaev said police who investigated the charges say that Avazbek Soipov, arrested on October 2,  is a leader of the Jihadists in Sirdaryo, which is about 100 kilometers from Tashkent. His mother, Dilbar Soipova, said that he is being accused of threatening Uzbekistan’s constitutional system and has been tortured in jail.

“birodarlar” or “brotherhood”= practically speaking, the group was united by the idea of cooperation among Muslim businessmen and pooling of some of the financial resources “for achieving the general good.” Despite the claims of the Uzbek authorities, the “brotherhood” was not a terrorist group or organized extremist movement, with a goal of overthrowing the government..

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Azerbaijan: Baku May Blacklist European Tv News Channel

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

A late November Euronews report on the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh is prompting Azerbaijan’s broadcasting regulator to threaten to ban “anti-Azerbaijan” cable television stations.

The Azerbaijani government claims that Euronews reporter Michael Raikhman’s documentary was biased in favor of Armenia. “If any foreign television channel continues broadcasting such biased programs, we will demand cessation [of transmitting the channels on cable],” the Trend news agency quoted National Broadcasting Council Chairperson Nusheravan Maharrami as saying on December 5.

Describing the broadcast as “political,” Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov argued that “[s]omeone is intentionally doing this at Euronews.”

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New Fears Of Internet Censorship – Access To Some Web Sites Blocked

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

On Monday wireless Internet provider co-owned by Russian Technologies acknowledged blocking access to some web sites.

Yota provider have been unable to access web sites such as Garry Kasparov’s, Solidarity’s and the banned National Bolshevik Party’s over the past few weeks, bloggers and the sites’ editors said.Access also was patchy until Sunday to the site of opposition magazine The New Times, its web editor Ilya Barabanov said Monday.

Yota denied that it was blocking those sites. But Denis Sverdlov, chief executive of WiMax operator Skartel, which runs the Yota brand, did acknowledge that Yota blocks access to sites that are classified as extremist by the Justice Ministry. Because of that, Yota users cannot open the Chechen rebel web site

“In November, we got an order from prosecutors recommending that we close access to extremist sites,” . “Since we are a law-abiding firm, we put the order into practice.”

As for users’ lack of access to the opposition web sites, Sverdlov blamed technical difficulties that arose after Yota introduced new IP addresses to cope with the rapid growth of its customer base. “On Oct. 23, we were assigned a bloc of 65,536 IP addresses. After we put them to commercial use, we found that IT managers of some other sites could not exclude them from those IP addresses they filter,” Sverdlov said.

Kavkaz Center was declared extremist in a 2008 court decision and appears 10 times on the Justice Ministry’s list of more than 450 items classified as extremist. The ministry’s list does not mention any of the opposition sites that have complained of being inaccessible to Yota users.

Critics say the extremism law, which was widened in 2006, is being used to silence the opposition.

A representative at Yota’s technical support hot line told the Novy Region news agency on Friday that the company was blocking 29 extremist sites. The unidentified representative said was not on the list but the list had been updated a week earlier.

Bloggers, meanwhile, are rattled by an audio file posted online Sunday in which a female voice  says Kasparov’s and Solidarity’s sites are blocked because they are on that list. “This strongly smells of political censorship,” said Denis Bilunov, a senior member of Kasparov’s Other Russia movement.

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Организации Обязаны Публиковать Отчет О Деятельности C Aпреля 2010 г

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

С 1 июля 2009 г. некоммерческие организации, в числе учредителей которых есть иностранцы, бюджет которых пополнялся за счет иностранных средств или просто превышает 3 млн руб., обязаны публиковать отчет о своей деятельности по итогам года. Остальным достаточно опубликовать сообщение о продолжении деятельности. Эти правила согласно измененному закону об НКО начнут действовать с апреля 2010 г.

В документе говорится, что отчет можно будет передать в любое официально зарегистрированное СМИ или опубликовать в интернете на любом общедоступном сайте, в том числе на сайте самого Минюста, где будет создан специальный портал. Это приравняют к официальному отчету, который должна сдавать каждая организация — в таком случае бумажный отчет можно не пересылать.

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Russians Riveted, Outraged By Prison Letters – Practices Of Gulag Continue

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

What is Gulag? = The Soviet system of forced labor camps since 1919 with prisoners included murderers, thieves, and other common criminals–along with political and religious dissenters. The Gulag whose camps were located mainly in remote regions of Siberia and the Far North, made significant contributions to the Soviet economy in the period of Joseph Stalin. Conditions in the camps were extremely harsh. Prisoners received inadequate food rations and insufficient clothing, which made it difficult to endure the severe weather and the long working hours; sometimes the inmates were physically abused by camp guards.

In the weeks before his death in a Moscow prison, lawyer Sergei Magnitsky drafted a series of handwritten letters and petitions describing his transfer through a succession of crowded jail cells, some reeking of sewage, others cold and damp, each more awful than the last.

He reported being denied medical care despite abdominal pains so intense that he couldn’t lie down and a prison doctor telling him he needed surgery. Magnitsky’s detention received little attention in Russia before his death. Hermitage sent appeals to Medvedev and more than a dozen cabinet ministers; none replied.

Yevgenia Albats, a prominent opposition journalist and an editor for the New Times magazine, said she and others were slow to tackle the story in part because of doubts about Hermitage and its U.S.-born chief executive, William Browder, who led investor campaigns against corruption in state firms.

The New Times published 43 pages of prison writings on its Web site. “It was just stunning for us to read this documented humiliation of personal dignity and human rights,” Albats said. “We had this in Stalin’s time, but never since then have we had such a detailed account that suggests the practices of the gulag continue to exist now.”

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Azerbaijan : CPJ Calls To Release Sick Journalist – Right To Life May Be Violated

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

In August  journalist Novruzali Mamedov died in Azerbaijani prison because of lack of proper medical treatment.

Today The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) calls the authorities to release Mushvig Guseinov, imprisoned journalist of the newspaper “Bizim Yol”, arrested in 2007 on charges of receiving a bribe, because of his illness.The CPJ made this statement after reports in the press about Guseinov’s aggravated health condition; he suffers from heavy tuberculosis and is serving his 5-year term.

“We call the Azerbaijani authorities to demonstrate humanity and reduce Mushvig Guseinov’s prison term, so that he could immediately get access to the necessary medical aid,” said Nina Ognianova, coordinator of the Euro-Asian CPJ programme.

As a Party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights (ICCPR), Azerbaijan has an obligation to protect the right and freedoms of  all individuals.

Just see: The UN Human Rights Committee found the Violation of the article 6 of the CCPR Right to Life in Communication no 763/1997, Yekaterina Pavlovna Lantsova on behalf of her son, Vladimir Albertovich Lantsov v. Russia

Mrs. Lantsova submits that her son was healthy when he first entered Matrosskaya Tishina, but that he fell ill due to the very poor conditions at the prison….shortly after he was brought to this prison his physical and mental state began to deteriorate. He begun to lose weight and developed temperature…The conditions here are cruel, inhuman and degrading; they are torturous [para 71]. The detainees requested medical assistance for Mr Lanson…the medical doctor attended to him twice and he was given aspirin for his temperature…he received no medical attention despite repeated requests from assistance by the other detainees. Mr Lantson died later..

The Committee concluded that in this case, there has been a violation of paragraph 1 of article 6 (right to life) and of Article 10 (persons deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity..)of the Covenant. In the light of the above findings of violations of Article 6 and article 10 of the Covenant; The Committee does not consider it necessary to pronounce itself on a violation of article 7 (prohibition of torture).

See the case in Russian here page 45

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Рoссияне Верят В Высшую Меру

Posted by Info on 08/12/2009

1 января 2010 года в стране заканчивается мораторий на смертную казнь, а в конце октября Верховный суд обратился в Конституционный за разъяснениями: казнить с нового года или нет.Конституционный суд постановил, что мораторий на смертную казнь в России будет действовать до тех пор, пока депутаты Госдумы не определят свое отношение к протоколу № 6 Европейской конвенции о защите прав человека и основных свобод.

Протокол, предполагающий отмену казни как вид уголовного наказания, подписан МИДом еще в 1997 году, но Госдумой до сих пор не ратифицирован.

В частности, согласно опросу, проведенному “Левада-центром”, 41% россиян считают нужным “восстановить смертную казнь в прежних рамках”, действовавших до моратория. За “полную ее отмену” высказались только 12%. И еще 24% находят достаточным “соблюдать мораторий”.

Больше всего смерти заслуживают, по мнению россиян, люди, осужденные за изнасилование несовершеннолетних. Такого мнения придерживаются 79% людей.

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