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35 Political Prisoners On Hunger Strike In Prisons In Georgia

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

35 prisoners of Georgia, whose arrest was politically grounded, have embarked on hunger strike. Meanwhile, All-Georgia Human Rights Association appealed to international human rights defenders, calling to influence the Georgian jurisdiction. Persecution of the families of Gamsakhurdia, Beselia and other unwanted people goes on.

The prisoners have made applications to the prison administration; however, not all of these applications have been accepted. For example, administration of the second zone of Rustavi prison refused to register the prisoners’ strike.

The only thing that the prisoners demand is the opportunity to meet with the experts of Council of Europe.

The point is that this spring, the Europeans studied 19 cases reported by the Georgian human rights defenders. 8 people were recognized as political prisoners on the international level. Council of Europe recommended the Georgian government to reconsider their cases.

The opposition is asking the international observers to join the court hearings monitoring. “We hope that together with the diplomatic corps, we will be able to hold control over the hearings”. Political judges require thorough watch and care: they often ignore obvious proof in favor of the accused.”

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Майор Милиции Дымовский Заявил О Создании Правозащитного Движения

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

Майор милиции Алексей Дымовский заявил о создании правозащитного движения “Белая лента”. Новая организация (ранее она была анонсирована на сайте уже имеет три отделения – в Санкт-Петербурге, Новороссийске и Краснодаре. Новороссийский филиал “Белой ленты” возглавил сам Дымовский.

“Организация будет проводить инициативу снизу, связанную с реформой органов внутренних дел”, – описал майор задачи движения.

При этом Дымовский подчеркнул, что деятельность “Белой ленты” не будет ограничиваться милицейской реформой. “Я в сутки получаю до тысячи звонков. За помощью обращаются самые разные люди”.

Майор Алексей Дымовский получил общероссийскую известность после своего видеообращения к Владимиру Путину. В ролике Дымовский рассказал о высоком уровне коррупции в органах внутренних дел и призвал разобраться в ситуации. Кроме того, он обратился за поддержкой ко всем офицерам, которым небезразлична репутация милицейской профессии.

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Russia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Trends And Long-Term Projections

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

United Nation Climate Change Conference 7.– 18.12  2009 By Dr. George V. Safonov,

Historically, Russia has been one of the largest sources of carbon emission in the world. During Soviet era, Russia emitted about 1/5 of global CO2 emissions from energy consumption, so Russia is responsible for a large share of cumulative anthropogenic carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Even after the economic collapse of 1990s and sharp drop of industrial production, Russia is still one of the leaders in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. According to IEA estimates, Russia is the fourth largest emitter of CO2 from energy sector after China, USA, and EU.Russian GHG emissions dropped down by 40% from 1990 to1998 following a dramatic decline in energy consumption and industrial production. In 1999-2007 emissions have grown by 10% up to 66% of 1990 level.

Was it so that FSB accused of paying hackers to discredit scientists after stolen correspondence traced to server in Siberia? The news that a leaked set of emails appeared to show senior climate scientists had manipulated data was shocking…The leaked emails, which claimed to provide evidence that the unit’s head, Professor Phil Jones, colluded with colleagues to manipulate data and hide “unhelpful” research from critics of climate change science, were originally posted on a server in the Siberian city of Tomsk, at a firm called Tomcity, an internet security business.

RUSSIAN U-TURN IN CLIMATE POLICY-In a spectacular change of position, Russia now accepts that global warming brought on by human activities poses severe risks and requires immediate action to reduce carbon emissions.

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Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

Amnesty International (AI): The Russian authorities must stop persecuting human rights activists and instead channel their efforts into investigating those responsible for their murders.

“The continuing failure of the Russian authorities to respect and safeguard the work of human rights defenders as an integral part of a functioning society is in breach of their international obligations.”

AI calls for the immediate release on bail of Alexei Sokolov, head of a Russian non-governmental organization (NGO) campaigning against torture or other ill-treatment in places of detention.

Oleg Orlov, head of the Russian NGO Human Rights Centre Memorial, could also be named a prisoner of conscience if he is imprisoned on charges of defamation after he made a statement following the murder of fellow activist Natalia Estemirova in which he referred to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. Oleg Orlov has already been fined after being convicted on civil charges of slander arising from the same statement.

“Public officials should be prepared to be under close scrutiny, they have to take responsibility for their actions and statements,” Nicola Duckworth said.While the right to freedom of expression can be limited by law, the persecution of Oleg Orlov is a wholly disproportionate infringement of this right. These latest cases characterize the climate in which many human rights defenders in Russia have to work. They illustrate the lengths to which the authorities are prepared to go in order to stifle any criticism from human rights defenders directed at them.
“In the meantime, the murders of human rights defenders such as Natalia Estemirova and Zarema Sadulaieva,
who both worked in Chechnya, remain unresolved.”

On 31 October, Zarema Gaisanova, a staff member of a humanitarian organization, was abducted from her home in Grozny at the time of a security operation reportedly overseen in the area by President Kadyrov.


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Kadyrov Appeals Against Refusal To Open Case Against “Novaya Gazeta”

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

Kadyrov had addressed the Inquiry Division of Moscow with a demand to open a slander criminal case against Mr Muratov.  President of Chechnya had found slanderous the publication of “Novaya Gazeta” entitled “Viennese Murder”, dealing with possible Kadyrov’s involvement in the murder of Chechen resident Umar Israilov, committed in Austria.

Another articles from “Novaya Gazeta” was  telling about the murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov. “Referring to anonymous human rights activists, they supposed Kadyrov could have to do with the lawyer’s murder,” said Mr Krasnenkov, Mr Kadyrov lawyer.

President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov asks the prosecutor’s office to cancel the decision about refusal to initiate a slander case against Dmitri Muratov, editor-in-chief of the “Novaya Gazeta”. Allegedly the Inquiry Division at first refused to bring case against Muratov; and this decision was appealed against at the prosecutor’s office. Krasnenkov said that  the supervising body has one month to answer the complaint.

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Начался Судебный Процесс Над 56 Гражданaми Таджикистанa

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

В Душанбе начался громкий судебный процесс над предполагаемыми сторонниками исламской группировки “Джамаат Таблиг”. С начала 2009 года это уже второе разбирательство в отношении активистов организации “Джамаат Таблиг”. Ранее к различным срокам заключения были приговорены четыре человека.

Власти объявили, что громкий процесс будет открытым (??), однако ни родственники, ни журналисты в зал судебных заседаний попать не могут. Кроме того, представителей СМИпопросили освободить территорию у городской тюрьмы, где проходит суд, и не разрешили общение с родными подсудимых.

Это дело рассматривают не в здании Верховного суда, а в следственном изоляторе, где уже почти год содержатся заключенные. Повышенные меры безопасности приняты властями из опасений побега и ввиду большого числа подсудимых.

“Все 56 подсудимые граждане Таджикистана, – подтвердил Шерали Шарипов, сотрудник информационного центра Верховного суда республики. – Им предъявлено обвинение в организации и участии в экстремистских группах, запрещенных в стране”.

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Адвокат Кадырова: Является Ложным Что В Чечне Создана Атмосфера Страха, Насилия И Полнейшего Неуважения К Правам Человека

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

Адвокат Андрей Красненков, представляющий интересы президента Чечни Рамзана Кадырова, рассматривает возможность обращения в правоохранительные органы с просьбой о возбуждении уголовного дела по статье “клевета” в отношении члена совета правозащитного центра “Мемориал” Светланы Ганушкиной и ее публичные высказывания о том, что в Чечне нарушаются права человека.

“Если Ганушкина не прекратит клеветнические и оскорбительные высказывания в адрес Кадырова, ей за это предстоит ответить. Она говорит: “Кадыровым в Чечне создана атмосфера страха, насилия и полнейшего неуважения к правам человека”, – что, на наш взгляд, является ложным”, – сказал Красненков.

Кадыров 20 июля обратился с заявлением в ГУВД Москвы с просьбой возбудить в отношении Орлова уголовное дело по статье 129 УК РФ (клевета) в связи с заявлениями главы “Мемориала” о том, что Кадыров, якобы, причастен к убийству сотрудницы правозащитного центра Натальи Эстемировой.В отношении Олега Орлова было возбуждено уголовное дело по частям 2 и 3 статьи 129 УК РФ (клевета), санкция который предусматривает до трех лет лишения свободы.

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UN Human Rights Committee Found Violations In Cases From Tajikistan

Posted by Info on 09/12/2009

1) Mrs. Nadezhda Kirpo v Tajikistan (Communication No. 1401/2005)

Substantive issues: Torture; forced confessions; habeas corpus; right to defense.

The author of the communication is Mrs. Nadezhda Kirpo,.. claims that her son, Pavel Kirpo, also a Tajik resident of Russian origin born in 1977, is a victim of violations of his rights under article 7; article 9, paragraphs 1 and 3; and article 14, paragraph 3 (d), of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.(ICCPR)

The Committee recalls that once a complaint about ill-treatment contrary to article 7 has been filed, a State party must investigate it promptly and impartially. It considers that in the circumstances of the present case, the facts as presented by the author and which are uncontested by the State party reveal a violation, by the State party, of the rights of the author’s son under article 7 and article 14, paragraph 3 (g), of the Covenant.(6.3)

The Committee considers that the fact that he was kept in detention for thirteen days before his actual arrest to be documented formally and without informing him officially of the reasons of his arrest, constitutes a violation of Mr. Kirpo’s rights under article 9, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Covenant.(6.4)

2) Mr. Valery Khostikoev v Tajikistan (Communication No. 1519/2006)

Substantive issues: Bias and partiality of courts (unfair trial)

The author of the communication is Mr. Valery Khostikoev… claims to be a victim of violations by Tajikistan of his rights under article 14, paragraphs 1 and 3 (b) and (d), of the Covenant (ICCPR).

In the Committee’s opinion, amount to a breach of the basic guarantees of a fair trial, such as equality before the law and a fair hearing by an impartial tribunal. The Committee concludes that the author’s rights under article 14, paragraph 1, have thus been violated.

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