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Dymovskiy About Instructions To Militiamen To Confront Human Rights Activists

Posted by Info on 12/12/2009

Militia Major Alexei Dymovskiy from Novorossisk has stated that militia bosses from his city issued orders on how to counteract human rights activists.

“On December 9, in Krasnodar, at public hearings ‘Efficient Defence of Militiamen’s Rights’, organized by the public movement ‘White Tape’ and the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization ‘Novorossisk Committee on Human Rights’, Major Alexei Dymovskiy told about the main trouble – oral instructions of the bosses on application of illegal actions to citizens.”

Mr Dymovskiy said that his militia bosses tried to involve him in the action against supporters of cancellation of the “curfew” for minors in the course of demonstration on May 1 this year. “In particular, Alexei was ordered ‘to cut off’ human rights activists, after their banner ‘We are against curfew!’ would be pulled out of them,” said Karastelyov.The banner was indeed pulled out of protesters’ hands.

“I hope that the illegal use of militiamen against human rights activists will draw attention of the officials …… Use of militiamen for political purposes should be stopped!” said Vadim Karastelyov,an expert of the Novorossisk Committee for Human Right, who is Dymovskiy’s official representative.

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