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Natalia Estemirova and Maksharip Aushev decorated with Ombudsman’s medals

Posted by Info on 13/12/2009

On the eve of the International Day of Human Rights 10 december, Moscow hosted a ceremony of awarding the medals of the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation “Hurry Doing Good”. Two of the laureates were rewarded posthumously – human rights defenders Natalia Estemirova from Chechnya and Maksharip Aushev from Ingushetia.

“Maksharip Aushev was one of very prominent and respected Ingush citizens and figures, who kept taking their active life stand in different times. This stand was always independent. And when it is independent, not extremist, ill-wishers appear from all sides. Maksharip fell victim of cruel and cowardly killers, who were not capable to argue with him publicly, personally and peacefully. We condole and we are sure that Ingushetia will manage to overcome these tragic cataclysms that it is now facing from all directions,Vladimir Lukin, Russian Ombudsman, said at the awarding ceremony.

Except for the laureates and their representatives, presentations at the party were made by Yuri Lyubimov, arts director of the Moscow Taganka Drama and Comedy Theatre, Natalia Solzhenitsyna, widow of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Cherkasov, a member of the board of the Human Rights Centre “Memorial” and others.

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‘Serious danger’ – Russia-France Arms Deal Increase Tensions In Region

Posted by Info on 13/12/2009

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discussed the potential deal during a recent official visit to Paris. Moscow confirmed to be getting closer to buying from the French a Mistral-class assault warship – capable of transporting and deploying up to 16 helicopters, 13 battle tanks and 450 troops – costing between $600m (£368m) and $750m. Mr Putin  stressed Russia would use the warship how it wished.

But critics of the potential deal in nations neighbouring Russia – such as Ukraine, Georgia and the Baltic states – say it would dramatically increase the military threat from Russia, increasing tensions in some already difficult relations.

Should Paris decide to go ahead with the sale, France would become the first Nato member to have chosen to sell advanced military technology to Moscow.

Concerns have also been raised in France itself. “If such a decision is made, we need to understand the long-term consequences it will have. It’s obvious that such weaponry would allow Russia to mount aggression against its neighbours.” Francoise Thom, an expert on the former Soviet Union at Sorbonne University in Paris, told the BBC’s Ukrainian Service.

“It looks like France is giving Russia a green light for new imperialistic wars.”

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Bagapsh Re-elected President Of Abkhazia BUT 40 000 Not Allowed To Vote

Posted by Info on 13/12/2009

Sergei Bagapsh has won a second five-year term as president of the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia. The head of the Abkhaz election commission, Batal Tabagua, declared that Mr Bagapsh had been re-elected the region’s president, having gained the 50% plus one vote required to win outright in the first-round election.

Most of the estimated 40,000 ethnic Georgians living in Abkhazia were prevented from voting because they did not have Abkhaz passports.

Georgia, which disputes Abkhazia’s independence, has denounced the election as “illegitimate and amoral”. As any election in Russian-occupied Abkhazia is illegitimate due to the fact that 80% of the pre-war population of Abkhazia has been driven out by two decades of ethnic cleansing.”

Since its brief war with Georgia last year over another disputed territory, South Ossetia, Russia has provided security for Abkhazia and about 60% of its budget and it has been recognised as independent only by Russia, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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