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Лидер Оппозиционного Движения Чориев Выдворен Из Узбекистана

Posted by Info on 14/12/2009

Накануне лидер узбекского движения «Бирдамлик» (Солидарность) Баходыр Чориев, вернувшийся 16 октября из США в Узбекистан, в сопровождении сотрудников силовых структур был  отправлен обратно в Соединенные Штаты.Баходир Чориев на самом деле был вызван в Ташкент для возврата ему ранее изъятых вещей – компьютера, американской грин-карты и паспорта гражданина Республики Узбекистан, после чего связь с ним пропала.

Как сообщалось, 16 октября находившийся в вынужденной эмиграции в США лидер оппозиционного движения «Бирдамлик» Баходир Чориев неожиданно для властей вернулся в Узбекистан. Главной причиной его возвращения было желание продолжить политическую деятельность на родине и провести давно запланированный съезд движения.

Однако сразу же после прибытия Баходир Чориев столкнулся с проблемами: у него были тут же изъяты компьютер, грин-карта и паспорт…

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Power Of Writing A Letter = International Letter-Writing Marathon

Posted by Info on 14/12/2009

On December 10 the Amnesty International organized at a central Prague cafe the even for the International Letter-Writing Marathon = to  handwrite urgent appeals for prisoners of conscience all around the globe.

Among those letters was also an appeal to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev urging him to release two jailed Azerbaijani bloggers.Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizada were sentenced to 2 1/2 and two years in jail, respectively, last month on hooliganism charges following a scuffle in a Baku restaurant in July. International human rights organizations consider the case politically motivated as the two had written critically about the government.

Skeptics have asked what difference letter-writing can make to the plight of individuals jailed by authoritarian regimes that are often resistant to foreign pressure.

But Matt Gregory, coordinator of Amnesty ‘s English speaking group, said the point is to “give voices to the voiceless.”
“Many times prisoners think that no one knows about their plights and what’s happening to them. Governments act as if no one knows what they are doing. The letter writing does the job of bringing attention to these issues and cases. There have been multiple examples of letter-writing being one of the reasons that got prisoners released.”

And Slawomir Sierakowski, a Polish political commentator : “Let them  know, let them have the satisfaction, that their time spent in prison is a breakthrough and is important for their self-organization. I can only hope that those who are free will manage to use their experience to serve well in this case. The bloggers can be proud of themselves.”

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