Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Not All Caucasians Coming To Poland Have Right To Status Of Refugees

Posted by Info on 27/12/2009

Many people who come to Poland from Caucasian republics have no grounds to claim for the status of refugees.

“Having come to Poland, refugees wait for their status. Cases are different, some are considered quickly, but there are situations, when cases need more time for consideration. There are people who live for a year without any status. The point is that frequently such persons have no grounds to claim for the status, since it is awarded only to those who suffer from personal persecution in their country. They can hardly prove that they are persecuted all over Russia. Even if they have problems in Chechnya, not necessarily they will be persecuted all over Russia.”

“Besides, the majority of refugees just want to reunite with their families living in Western Europe. They just go to their relatives in Austria, France, Norway and Germany. It’s understandable; moreover, it’s much easier to find job in Western Europe, and social benefits provided, even if they live in refugees’ camps are much higher than in Poland, where it’s just a subsistence level. This may be the main reason why refugees leave Poland.”

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