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Medvedev Signs Laws On Territorial Jurisdiction Of Terror Cases

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev has signed a number of laws changing the territorial jurisdiction of terrorists and allowing consideration of “terrorist” cases by juries.

The above legislation comprises the Federal Law “On Territorial Jurisdiction of District (Fleet) Military Courts” and amendments to a number of legal acts – Federal Constitutional Laws “On Judiciary in the Russian Federation” and “On Military Courts”, to the Law “On Jurymen of Federal Courts of General Jurisdiction”, and to Articles 31 and 35 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

According to the new legislation, upon petition of the public prosecutor or his deputy, the criminal proceeding on terrorist or extremist crimes can be transferred to the regional military court, where the crime was committed. There, such cases may be considered by a jury.

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Human Rights Lawyer & Journalist’s “Killer” Was Forced To Confess

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

Nikita Tikhonov who earlier confessed to the killings of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasiya Baburova in Moscow, has withdrawn his confession.
He said investigators forced him to confess to the shootings in 2009 by threatening his girlfriend.

One victim, Stanislav Markelov, was known for his work on cases involving war crimes and human rights violations.
The other, Anastasiya Baburova, worked for ‘Novaya Gazeta’, the same newspaper where murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya worked.

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Ukrainian Yanukovych Argues Benefits of Authoritarianism

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

The Kremlin-backed Ukrainian political candidate Viktor Yanukovych has given an interview about his view of the fruits of democracy, arguing for a clampdown on freedoms and political sovereignty, and a closer alliance with Russia.

“So what did this Orange Revolution give us? Freedom of speech? That’s very good. But what price did the Ukrainian people pay for this? For the development of this democratic principle in our country, the price was too great.”

Yanukovych said his first priority as president would be to revive the use of the Russian language in schools and in the workplace, a move that would reverse the “forced Ukrainization” of the millions of Russian-speaking Ukrainians who support him.

“Democracy is above all rule of law, it is compliance with the law and constitution by everyone, and in these five years we have seen how the laws have been systematically broken, how the principles of the law have been replaced by political expediency,” Yanukovych said.

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B Туркмении Запрещено Отмечать Новогодние Праздники В Ресторанах

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

Запрет ввел президент страны Гурбангулы Бердымухамедов. Решение было принято в связи с недавним пожаром в российском ночном клубе “Хромая лошадь”, в результате которого погибли более 150 человек.

Запрет продлится до 3 января 2010 года.

Как отмечает агентство, уже с 20 декабря заведения общественного питания перестали принимать от жителей Туркмении заявки на новогодние банкеты. Соглашения с теми, кто забронировал ресторан ранее, были расторгнуты.
Запрет коснулся не всех ресторанов. Исключения сделаны для заведений, которые принадлежат родственникам президента.

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Sergei Magnitsky Was Subjected To “Physical And Psychological Pressure”

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

An independent commission has condemned Russian authorities over the treatment of a lawyer who fought official corruption and died in prison.

The Moscow Public Oversight Commission’s report concludes that Sergei Magnitsky was subjected to “physical and psychological pressure” and names officials blamed for his death. Magnitsky, 37, died last month after being denied treatment for pancreatitis he developed while in jail. He was arrested in 2008 on tax evasion charges linked to his defence of Hermitage Capital Management, a multibillion-dollar fund headed by a British investor.

“A man who is kept in prison is not capable of using all the necessary means to protect either his life or his health. This is a responsibility of a state which holds him captive. Therefore, the case of Sergei Magnitsky can be described as a breach of the right to live. The members of the of the civic supervisory commission, have reached the conclusion that Magnitsky had been experiencing both psychological and physical pressure in prison, and the conditions in some of the wards of Butyrka can be justifiably called torturous. The people responsible for this must be punished.”

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Russia To Prosecute Dymovsky – Its Only Honest Cop!

Posted by Info on 29/12/2009

Former police major Alexei Dymovsky who accused senior officers of corruption in a series of video blogs will himself face prosecution for abuse of office. He used YouTube to appeal to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to tackle corruption in the police force.
Corruption is endemic in Russian society and global surveys have repeatedly ranked the former Soviet state as one of the most corrupt in the world.

A criminal case will be brought against Dymovsky for “fraud committed by a person using his official position”, the Prosecutor-General’s investigative committee said in a statement. It gave no further details.

Dymovsky, who worked for the police force in the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, appealed to Putin to rein in senior officers whom he accused of pressuring subordinates to charge innocent people to meet statistical targets. He was fired after making the appeal, which received more than one million hits on YouTube.

“The main thing is that the people of Russia have seen the light. Others will follow me,. You can’t jail the whole of Russia, it’s not 1937 anymore,” Dymovsky said in a reference to purges under Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

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