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Russia Celebrates New Year 22 Times = 11 Time Zones x 2 Calendars

Posted by Info on 01/01/2010

For some Russians, 2010 is already here!
The first to mark the new decade were border guards at the Easternmost points of the country in Ellen (+ 12 hours from UTC)
Outdoor celebrations have kicked off in Russia’s Far East despite extremely chilly weather.

The world’s biggest country will mark the New Year eleven times as it covers that many time zones.
People in Russia like to celebrate holidays twice – according to the STANDARD and OLD orthodox calendars.

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Freezing Cold New Year 2010 for Homeless = 2 % of Total Population in Russia

Posted by Info on 01/01/2010

There are almost three million homeless in Russia – making up 2% of the country’s population.

Being left alone on the street is mostly unbearable for homeless people, but once a year they meet their very special “Santa” = Those volunteers call themselves “Friends on the Streets”. Two days every week they dedicated their lives to helping those who have nothing and nobody.

The coldest months in Moscow are January and February with an average temperature of +16 degrees F (-9C). Cold waves can bring brutal -35 degrees F. The first snow falls about the end of October and remains until the beginning of April.

The homeless nation is two percent of Russia’s population. In spite of the common belief, it is almost never by their own choice. Many of those people are psychologically scared of life, so apart from the obvious difficulties of living on the streets; socializing is a big problem and the gift of friendship of the volunteers is priceless.

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