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List Of Authors Of Statement About “Memorial” In Chechnya Was Forged

Posted by Info on 04/01/2010

The statement of Chechen NGOs criticizing the work of the HRC “Memorial” is nothing more but a vivid confirmation of impossibility for human rights activists to work in this republic. Oleg Orlov, head of the organization.

“Employees of the ‘Memorial’ (…) often approach the issues of defending human rights without taking into account local specificities, from the point of view of the uniform standards of western countries, with tough opposition to the existing power bodies, the legitimacy of which they, at the best, put under doubt,”

All their actions are not towards solving the available problems inside the republic or even in Russia as a whole, but abroad, with the aim to have sanctions imposed and requirements put forward to Chechnya and Russia by the international community. In other words, the actions of the ‘Memorial’ have an obvious political subtext, says the document, which was sent to different mass media.

Many of the alleged signatories told us that they not only never put their signatures under the text, but learnt about it already after it was widespread.” said Oleg Orlov.

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Ombudsman Of Chechnya Complains Of Passiveness In Searching of 5 000 Kidnapped And Disappeared

Posted by Info on 04/01/2010

The inactivity of the investigatory bodies in searching the missing and kidnapped residents of Chechnya provokes protest actions. This is asserted by the Ombudsman of Chechnya Nurdi Nukhazhiev in his letter to Yuri Chaika, General Public Prosecutor of Russia.

“Close relatives of more than 5000 kidnapped and missing citizens are indignant with the inactivity of the military prosecutor’s office and the military-investigatory department in addressing this problem. Many citizens call to mass civil protest actions both in the Chechen Republic and in Moscow,” runs the press release of the Chechen Ombudsman.

The “Caucasian Knot” has reported earlier that President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov had stated that Chechen leaders are doing the utmost to establish the whereabouts of the persons who had disappeared or were kidnapped in the course of counterterrorist operations.

In 2009, about one hundred new complaints were lodged from Chechnya to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). They have to do mainly with detentions and disappearances of applicants’ relatives. This was explained by Anatoly Kovler, Judge of the European Court from the Russian Federation.

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За Форумы Будут Сажать

Posted by Info on 04/01/2010

Интернет-СМИ должны нести ответственность за все, что они публикуют на сайте. Это касается блогов и форумов, убежден глава Федеральной службы по надзору в сфере связи, информационных технологий и массовых коммуникаций (Роскомнадзор) Сергей Ситников.

По словам чиновника, если сайт не зарегистрирован как СМИ и “если размещаемая на незарегистрированном сайте информация наносит ущерб государству, гражданам, организациям, то в действие вступает не Роскомнадзор, а правоохранительные органы, которые предпринимают меры к нарушителям закона”.
При этом практика уголовных дел по этим статьям разнородна, т.е. в зависимости от обстоятельств к уголовной ответственности может быть привлечен как журналист, так и главный редактор, так и третье лицо (в случае, если оно – автор соответствующего материала).

На “сетевого экстремиста” завели уголовное дело по двум статьям – ч.1 ст.280 УК РФ (публичные призывы к осуществлению экстремистской деятельности), по ч.1.ст.282 УК РФ (возбуждение ненависти либо вражды, а равно унижение человеческого достоинства).

За 2008 год Роскомнадзор вынес 28 предупреждений СМИ за распространение материалов с признаками экстремизма, в 2009 году – 27 предупреждений.

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Милиции Нужны Реформы Или Революции ?

Posted by Info on 04/01/2010

2009 год ознаменовался целым рядом скандалов, связанных с российской милицией.

Среди самых громких – видеообращение майора Дымовского к премьер-министру Владимиру Путину, в котором он говорил о злоупотреблениях и нарушениях закона в правоохранительных органах, и дело майора Евсюкова. 22 декабря в Москве начался суд над Денисом Евсюковым: он обвиняется в убийстве двух человек и покушении на убийство еще 22-х.

Существует ли возможность реформирования этих структур?

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Top Ten Events In Russian Judiciary And Legal System In 2009

Posted by Info on 04/01/2010

Every year, the Russian judicial system hands down a number of unexpected rulings and dramatic judgments on interesting issues and cases.
1)The death penalty resolution: On November 20, the Russian Federation’s Constitutional Court finally abolished the death penalty in Russia.

2) Repeat tax inspections are rescinded: On March 17, the Constitutional Court prohibited tax authorities from carrying out repeat inspections of taxpayers where a court ruling on the results of a previous inspection is in force.

3) Khodorkovsky and Lebedev: The trial in the second criminal case involving the former heads of Yukos and Menatep, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev, started in spring 2009 in Moscow’s Hamovnichesky Court. Khodorkovsky and Lebedev had already been sentenced in 2005 under seven articles of the Russian Federation Criminal Code to eight years in prison.

4) Anna Politkovskaya: In February 2009, the Moscow District Military Court (MOVS) handed down a verdict of “not guilty” in the sensational case of the murder of Novaya Gazeta correspondent Anna Politkovskaya, and in September, on a directive from the Supreme Court, MOVS returned materials to investigators

5)The condemned investigator Dmitry Dovgy, who was investigating the Yukos and Khodorkovsky cases, has himself been imprisoned. Now the former investigator faces nine years in a maximum security prison.

6)Alexander Bulbov, a lieutenant general in the Russian Federal Service for Drug Control, who had been under arrest for over 25 months, was released in November from Lefortovo remand prison on his own recognizance not to leave the country.

7) The former Yukos lawyer Svetlana Bakhmina has been freed. She was arrested in 2004 and sentenced in 2006 to six and a half years imprisonment

8) The former management of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund
was sentenced to 47 years for accepting bribes and performing illegal operations with regard to supply of crucial medicines. Seven of the 11 high-ranking officials in the case were found guilty by a jury.

9) Maximum punishment for child killers = a married couple in Moscow region were found guilty of the cruel and unusual punishment and torture of their adopted children, as well as the murder of one of them. The man was sentenced to life in prison and his wife Baskaya to 16 years.

10) Berezovsky’s case: In 2009, the fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who resides in the U.K., was tried for one more of over ten criminal cases against him. The Krasnogorsky City Court of Moscow Region sentenced Berezovsky in absentia to 13 years in prison for the embezzlement of 58 million rubles from LogoVAZ.

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