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Tajikistan Sentences For 20 Years Man For “Spying” For Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

Boymurod Anarov was sentenced today to 20 years for treason and illegally crossing the border. Anarov, ethnic Uzbek, left Tajikistan in 1992 and returned illegally in 2005 but than he officially worked as a watchman during the construction of Sangtuda-1 after he returned to Tajikistan in this year 2005.

Anarov told (?) investigators that former Tajik citizen Bakhtiyor Alimardonov, who reportedly left Tajikistan in 1992 and purportedly works within the Uzbek intelligence service, asked Anarov to return to Tajikistan and gather information about energy projects in Tajikistan like the Nurek and Sangtuda-1 hydropower plants.

Relations between the two neighboring countries were strained after the Tajik government ignored Uzbekistan’s objections and decided to complete the Roghun hydropower plant.Uzbek officials are concerned that they will receive less water from Tajikistan as a result of the new hydropower plants. Spying accusations are not unusual in Tajikistan.

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Кадыров Сделает Чечню Туристическим Центром России

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

Президент Чечни Рамзан Кадыров убежден, что у Республики есть все шансы стать одним из туристических центров России. К такому выводу Кадыров пришел после двухдневного визита в высокогорные Итум-Калинский, Шаройский и Шатойский районы республики. Особое внимание глава республики уделил изучению возможности размещения в горах санаториев и туристических баз.

«Я окончательно убедился в том, что Чеченскую Республику можно превратить в один из туристических центров России. Для этого есть всё — горы, леса, реки, альпийские луга, вечно покрытые снегом вершины, возможность оборудовать лыжные трассы и маршруты для альпинистов»,заявил Кадыров журналистам с пистолетом в руке.

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Medvedev Orders Tighter Security In N. Caucasus After Terror Act

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today ordered the Federal Security Service to tighten security in the North Caucasus following a suicide bomb attack in Dagestan that killed six and wounded over 10 police officers.The suicide bomber drove a car into a traffic police depot in Dagestan’s capital, Makhachkala, early morning but was blocked by a police vehicle .

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has earlier pledged to wage “a ruthless fight” against militant groups but also acknowledged a need to tackle unemployment, organized crime, clan rivalry and corruption as causes of the ongoing violence.

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Extended Mandate Of OSCE But Restricts Its Activity With Right To Close It

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

The Belarusian authorities extended a mandate of the OSCE Office in Minsk until December 31, 2010, but makes strict conditions of the mission’s work and preserved the right to close it in any moment while saying that there are no objective reasons today for the OSCE to have a field mission in Belarus.

In case “the OOM fails to follow its mandate and conducts activities that go beyond the agreed parameters, the Belarusian side reserves the right to terminate the activities of the OSCE Office in Minsk, the MFA’s statement says.

OSCE has its offices in the so called problem countries, and problem of Belarus is “absence of democracy and dictatorial regime. Thus, following the OSCE principles, first of all the right to choose the country’s authorities and control over electoral process, is vital for Belarus. “But this should be the OSCE Office, not an office of Lukashenka’s administration,” the former diplomat Sannikov said.

Under previous head of the Office Hans-Johann Schmidt, the office performed a supporting role for adopting some decisions by the OSCE. … one cannot say Schmidt didn’t work, but “he was afraid of taking an active stand on the issues that must be primary in the mandate, namely human rights”. Sannikov added.

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European Court May Be Late With Its Verdict – As New Charges Were Invented

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

The editor-in-chief of the now-defunct newspapers Realny Azerbaijan and Gündalik Azarbaycan, Fatullayev was sentenced in 2007 on charges of ‘defamation of the nation’, threat of terrorism and tax evasion, accusations that OSCE at that time condemned as “a gross violation of OSCE commitments on press freedoms”.
On 24 November 2009 the Committee to Protect Journalists honoured Fatullayev with its annual International Press Freedom Award.

The European Court of Human Rights is reviewing Fatullayev’s appeal against his 2007 sentence and a verdict is expected soon.

Thus Officials at the penitentiary colony No. 12, where Fatullayev is serving a combined ten-and-a-half-year jail sentence, said that 0.22 grams of heroin had been found on his sleeve and shoe during a search on 29 December. The detainee was then placed in a punishment cell and procedures were started against him.If Fatullayev is charged with and convicted on new charges of drug possession, he could face an additional prison term of up to three years.

I visited Eynulla Fatullayev twice in his high-security prison and found allegations of heroin smuggling or possession highly improbable,” said Miklos Haraszti, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. “This is a provocation aimed at pre-empting the European Court of Human Rights’ expected verdict, and smearing Fatullayev’s reputation in a country where the media hardly dare to question official news.”

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В Узбекистане Начался Суд Над 57 Верующими Мусульманами

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

Проведение «невиданного по количеству обвиняемых процесса». Обвиняемым вменяются сразу несколько статей, среди которых, предположительно, есть и статья 159 (Посягательство на конституционный строй). Подсудимые обвиняются в причастности к покушению на главного имама столицы и августовским перестрелкам на массиве Кукча Ташкента.

Однако родные большинства подсудимых считают, что следствию не удалось представить доказательства и подтверждение причастности обвиняемых к событиям. Все обвиняемые, по данным их близких, подвергались пыткам и унижениям.

По сведениям правозащитного общества «Эзгулик» (Милосердие), привлеченных к ответственности верующих намного больше – предположительно около 100 человек. Скорее всего, проходят сразу несколько процессов по схожим обвинениям. Однако подтвердить эту информацию пока не удается.

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“Reporters without Borders” : Azerbaijan Censors Internet

Posted by Info on 06/01/2010

The organization named “Reporters without Borders” (RwB) has put Azerbaijan on the list of countries practicing censorship on the Internet. Among the most active censors are China, Iran, Thailand and South Korea. The organization gives Azerbaijan an example, where two bloggers were sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment for their video clips with satire on their country’s political elite, the “” writes.

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