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Slovak Sniffer Dogs Training Againts Terrorists – Explosives On Plane To Dublin

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

The government of Slovakia apologized to authorities in Ireland after a security exercise didn’t go as planned. In retrospect, as the Slovakian government has admitted, it probably wasn’t a very good idea in the first place.

The plan on Saturday was to plant plastic explosives in the luggage of passengers at Slovakian airports without their knowledge. Authorities then would test whether Slovakian sniffer dogs could find them.

A border police officer who works as a dog handler, placed two samples of an explosive into one bag,” says Ludmila Stanova, spokeswoman for the Slovakian Interior Ministry. “The sniffer dog found one sample, after which the police officer and the dog were called off to a different matter, and the officer had forgotten to take out the second sample.”

When he realized the oversight, the police officer contacted the pilot of the plane which was still on the tarmac. The pilot decided the explosives — which the Slovakians say were not dangerous because they were not attached to other bomb components — did not pose a safety risk, and the plane took off for Dublin as planned.

The Slovakians say they contacted Dublin airport, but it has emerged they sent a telex to the Dublin baggage handlers, and the message went astray. Dublin airport officials say they did not hear about the issue until Tuesday morning when the Slovakians called them. The Dublin Airport Authority confirmed that no incoming baggage is screened in Dublin.

Dublin airport officials then called in police, who surrounded the apartment of the man whose luggage contained the planted explosives. Police evacuated his neighbors and arrested him. The man didn’t find out about the explosives cache until Irish police, acting on a Slovak tip-off, raided his inner-city apartment Tuesday morning. Police said they initially were led to believe the man might be a terrorist.The man eventually was released without charge when the facts were finally sorted out.

Slovakia will search for new ways to train its sniffer dogs. GOOD IDEA!

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В 2009 г. В Узбекских Тюрьмах От Пыток Погибло Более 20 Заключенных

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

B 2009 году в тюрьмах и колониях республики от пыток погибло более двадцати заключенных по религиозным мотивам. По обвинению в участии в запрещенных религиозных организациях и течениях «Хизб ут-Тахрир», «Ваххабизм» и «Нурси» было осуждено более 200 человек.

По сведениям ИГНПУ (Инициативной группы независимых правозащитников Узбекистана), в течение минувшего года к ним за помощью обратилось немало граждан, родственники и друзья которых были задержаны по религиозным мотивам и подвергались в тюрьмах жестоким пыткам. Суды над ними проводились по сфабрикованным сценариям в закрытом режиме. В частности, обратившиеся в ИГНПУ граждане сообщали, что уголовные дела были сфабрикованы в отношении более шестидесяти задержанных по обвинению в покушении на главного имама Ташкента Анвара-кори Турсунова и убийстве высокопоставленного чиновника МВД Узбекистана Хасана Асадова.

По данным ИГНПУ, в 2009 году в тюрьмах и колониях Узбекистана в результате избиений и пыток погибли более двадцати заключенных по религиозным мотивам. Тела погибших выдавались родственникам тайно, журналистам и правозащитникам запрещалось сообщать об их смерти.

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Дагестан: ХРОНИКА ТЕРРОРА (1996-2009 ГГ.)

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

В последние годы все больше фактов указывает на то, что многолетние боевые действия в Чеченской республике вызвали неизбежную цепную реакцию напряженности и в других регионах Северного Кавказа. Противостояние вооруженных групп непримиримой оппозиции и официальных властей все больше принимает вид активных партизанско-диверсионных действий с одной стороны и ответных контр-террористических операций с другой.
Ситуация в Дагестане является ярким примером подобной вялотекущей гражданской войны в отдельно взятом регионе Кавказа.

Хроника террора 1996-2009 гг.

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В Дагестане Введен Режим Контртеррористической Операции

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

В настоящее время в Дагестане в селении Коркмаскала введен режим контртеррористической операции. Идет штурм дома, где находятся предполагаемые боевики.
B селении Коркмаскала Кумторкалинского района 6 января был блокирован жилой дом, в котором предположительно находятся боевики. Из соседних домов эвакуированы местные жители.

Милиционеры полагают, что боевики являются членами диверсионно-террористической группировки, действующей на территории Карабудахкентского и Сергокалинского районов Дагестана под руководством объявленного в федеральный и международный розыск Магомедали Вагабова.

B Дагестане ситуация остается довольно напряженная. Практически ежедневно из республики приходят сообщения о подрывах, покушениях и терактах. Эти сообщения чередуются с вестями об уничтожении предполагаемых боевиков.

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Was Russian Spy In Poland ?

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

A Russian citizen, allegedly working for Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate, has been detained in Poland after living in Poland for 10 years illegally.

The arrest took place a year ago in spring 2009. A special device for sending coded messages was found among the man’s possessions. He was reportedly contacting Moscow directly, avoiding the Russian embassy in Warsaw.

Warsaw’s deputy Prosecutor Robert Majewski confirmed that a case investigating espionage is in progress, the paper said.
In January 2000, Poland ordered nine Russian diplomats out of the country over spying accusations.

This news from spring 2009 was published on Russian News today on 6.10.2010, just after the trial with Russian double agent in Spain was announced at press. WHY?

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Spain and Russia Shared The Same Spy – Today on Trial In Embarrassed Spain

Posted by Info on 07/01/2010

The upcoming trial of Roberto Flórez García, an alleged double agent of the CNI (the Spanish CIA) who is accused of working for the FSB and selling hundreds of secret government documents to the Russian government. This trial is “unprecedented in the history of democratic Spain,” and that one of the first decisions the court will make is whether to grant the prosecutor’s request that the trial be conducted behind closed doors. The Spanish government desires to bury the story and not raise any ruckus in their relations with Russia (hence the request for a closed trial).

Flórez was managed by the Russian liaison Petr Melnikov, who was worked as a consultant in the Russian Embassy in Madrid and apparently was one of the top three most important managers of Russia’s espionage operations in the SVR.

Among his reasons cited, apart from financial gain, Flórez writes about his admiration of Russia, his leftist political ideology, and his rejection of U.S. foreign policy.….hm

Numerous European governments have noted a strong uptick in the presence of Russian espionage in recent years.
Britain’s MI5 once even amusingly complained about the annoyance of FSB espionage in the United Kingdom.. Austrian prosecutors are swamped with complicated cases going all the way back to the murder of Andrei Kozlov. There are poisonings in London, shootings in Washington, and even assassinations in Qatar. It’s just the murky business as usual.

Everyone in Europe is talking about partnership and “new chapters” with Russia,. A whole variety of academics at Western think tanks declare the Cold War to be over and long gone – yet we have these kinds of events and trials of double agents.
That just doesn’t correspond to the reality.

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