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Poland To Deport Georgians On January 13th Soon After Their Complains

Posted by Info on 09/01/2010

The ambassador of Georgia to Poland said that 30 Georgian citizens who violated the border and committed crimes in the territory of Poland, will be deported – RosBalt.

In Poland in December 2009 refugees from Georgia and Russia [regions of Chechnya and Ingushetia] broke into a train and intended to reach Strasbourg without tickets to complain about bad conditions in the refugee camp.
They demanded the sooner completion of the process and better food.
At the Polish-German border they were forced to leave the train.

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5.1.10 Новые Решения Европейского Суда По Правам Человека B Страсбурге

Posted by Info on 09/01/2010

Impar Ltd. против Литвы (№ 13102/04)Нарушение Статьи 6 § 1 (длительность разбирательства)

Šulcas против Литвы (№ 35624/04)Нарушение Статьи 6 § 1 (длительность разбирательства),Нарушение Статьи 13

Букурия [Bucuria] против Молдовы (№10758/05) Нарушение Статьи 6 § 1 (справедливое разбирательство)

Пэдурец [Pădureţ] против Молдова (№ 33134/03), Нарушения Статьи 3 (пытки и расследование)

Райлян [Railean] против Молдовы
(№ 23401/04), Нарушение Статьи 2 (расследование)

более подробнo здесь

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Azerbaijan:First Tortured 15 Elderly/Then Son Burned Alive/Then 100 Arrested

Posted by Info on 09/01/2010

More than 100 people were arrested on January 5 by security forces. The action by security forces followed an incident with police after the Ashura religious ceremony, which was celebrated on December 28., when police detained several residents of Bananyar, allegedly because of their overly emotional mourning for Imam Husayn — the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad whose death in 640 is marked during Ashura.

The detained Bananyar residents were reportedly subjected to questioning and physical abuse(torture).
Villagers said abuse by police against Kamal Aliyev, 66, and his wife and daughters led to a strong protest from Aliyev’s son, Yunis Aliyev, who threatened to set himself alight if police did not release his family. The police reportedly ignored Yunis Aliyev as he poured gasoline on his body and set himself on fire.

Eight days later, security forces entered the village and began arresting people they said helped to organize the Ashura ceremonies.

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