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Бывший Сотрудник УВД Алексей Дымовский Стал Судьей

Posted by Info on 11/01/2010

НОВОРОССИЙСК, 11 января. Алексей Дымовский получил статус судьи третейского суда. Hовороссийский милиционер 8 января согласился стать судьей третейского суда при Новороссийском комитете по правам человека.

«Алексей Дымовский теперь может рассматривать судебные споры по гражданско-правовым отношениям – это арбитраж, раздел имущества, определение границ земельных участков, — сообщил Вадим Карастелев. – Во многих регионах такие суды уже созданы в рамках федерального закона о третейских судах и действуют при негосударственных органах. Решения третейских судов имеют такую же силу, как и федеральных. Только граждане, обратившиеся в такие суды, времени тратят меньше, и решения третейских судов вступают в силу немедленно».

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European Court Decided Against Russia and Cyprus – About “Cabaret Artists” – Prohibition Of Slavery

Posted by Info on 11/01/2010

Rantsev v. Cyprus and Russia (no. 25965/04)
The applicant, Nikolay Rantsev…relying on Articles 2 (right to life), 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment), 4 (prohibition of slavery and forced labour), 5 (right to liberty and security), 6 (right to a fair trial) and 8 (right to private and family life), he complains that no adequate investigation was carried out by the Cypriot authorities into the death of his daughter who died in Cyprus, where she had gone to work, in March 2001. He also alleges that the Cypriot police did not do everything possible to protect his daughter from alleged trafficking while she was alive and to punish those responsible for her death. Mr Rantsev also complains about the failure of the Russian authorities to investigate his daughter’s alleged trafficking and subsequent death and to take steps to protect her from the risk of trafficking. Finally, he complains about the inquest proceeding in Cyprus.

The court found:
Violation of Article 2 (right to life) for failure to conduct effective investigation by Cyprus and no violation of this Article by Russia
Violations of Article 4 (prohibition of slavery and forced labour) by Cyprus and Russia
Violation of Article 5 (right to liberty and security) by Cyprus
of the European Convention on Human Rights comment about this case here

There is not any secret that many girls are trafficked as well from Moldova and “working” while being locked forced to prostitution in Cabarets on Cyprus. Therefore Moldavian government should protect those girls who are leaving Moldova without even knowing their own travel destination and believing that their visa “ for artists” will indeed help them to get a real job. the UN’s “2009 Trafficking in Persons Report” estimates that 25,000 Moldovans were trafficked in 2008 alone.

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Russia Says Kills Two Daghestan Rebel Leaders

Posted by Info on 11/01/2010

Russian security forces shot dead two senior rebel leaders and several followers in separate operations in southern Russia.

The Federal Security Service (FSB)
said that Marat Kurbanov, known as the “Emir of Daghestan,” was shot dead along with two junior rebels late on January 9 outside the village of Shamkhal in Daghestan as the trio were transporting explosives in a car., a website which has links to the Islamist rebel movement, said three people in a car were killed late on January 9 but it was not clear who they were.

Some information received during the January 9 raid had helped its agents identify a hideout of another senior insurgent. Thus The FSB has said that they security forces “neutralized” Madrid Begov, a Russian special-police soldier who allegedly defected and had turned against the authorities, after storming a private house in Daghestan’s capital of Makhachkala this morning.

President Medvedev said the “bandits” should be “eliminated.”

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Страсбургский Суд Осудил Кипр И Россию По Делу О Торговле Людьми = “АРТИСТКИ ВАРЬЕТE”

Posted by Info on 11/01/2010

Европейский суд по правам человека в ходе процесса по делу о торговле людьми осудил Кипр и Россию. Как сообщает в четверг, 7 января, агентство KNA, судьи в Страсбурге приняли решение удовлетворить иск отца погибшей на Кипре россиянки и обязали выплатить в качестве компенсации 42 тысячи евро. Оба государства не приняли достаточных мер для того, чтобы защитить россиянку от преступников, занимающихся торговлей людьми, отмечается в постановлении суда. Кроме того, кипрские власти до сих пор не подготовили нормативные правовые акты, призванные предотвратить эксплуатацию молодых девушек, которых приглашают в страну, обещая работу в качестве “АРТИСТОК ВАРЬЕТЕ”..

Не секрет, что многие девушки становятся объектом торговли, а также девушки из Молдовы. Поэтому молдавское правительство должно защищать тех,кто уезжает, даже не зная куда.

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