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Waiting For Trial? You Will First Die or About Prisons In Russia

Posted by Info on 12/01/2010

The remains of the Gulag, By Manfred Quiring:
Russian prisons have a notorious reputation, and many inmates die while being held in detention pending trial. Dmitry Medvedev, president and lawyer, wants to change this.
Amnesty International has for years asserted that incarceration in Russian prisons and camps is the equivalent of torture.

The living conditions for the approximately 875,000 inmates in Russian prisons and the country’s 755 prison camps are so horrible that even the Ministry of Justice had to admit in a report that they are demeaning to human dignity, lead to physical and moral suffering, and violate the human right to health and personal safety.” The figures speak for themselves: In 2005, there were a total of 540 deaths among 100,000 inmates and 686 became invalids.

Butyrka, Moscow’s Detention Centre No. 2, constructed in 1771 is no exception. During this time the 37-year-old lawyer Sergei Magnitsky had died in a cell there. The Magnitsky case is typical of the Russian prison system, say experts in the field. They claim that next to the horrible living conditions it is not unusual to deny medical assistance to those in pre-sentencing detention facilities in order to extort the desired confession.

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Прокуратура Разрешила Кадырову Засудить “Новую Газету”

Posted by Info on 12/01/2010

Все материалы по поводу претензий Кадырова к “Новой газете” возвращены теперь в ГУВД Москвы, где в течение месяца будет рассмотрен вопрос о возбуждении дела. По словам Красненкова, предыдущий опыт защиты Кадырова позволяет “с уверенностью 99 процентов” утверждать, что дело возбудят.

Адвокаты чеченского президента хотят привлечь к ответственности главного редактора “Новой газеты” Дмитрия Муратова и трех журналистов издания за статью от 4 февраля 2009 года “Венское убийство” по поводу убийства в Австрии бывшего охранника Кадырова Умара Исраилова. Стоит отметить, что статья основана на данных расследования журналистов The New York Times и во многом состоит из перевода добытых американской газетой сведений.

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New Law On House Arrest Introduced In RUSSIA – Could It Be New THREAT?

Posted by Info on 12/01/2010

From January 10 onwards a law imposing house arrest for minor offenses will be in effect in Russia. The bill could help thousands avoid imprisonment.The new law will likely apply to those convicted of libel, insult, theft, fraud and other minor crimes.

Be careful! We are in Russia!

Evgeny Arkhipov from the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights says there is concern that the possible benefits of the law may be hindered by corruption:
The introduction of house arrest is a major breakthrough in the humanization of Russian law. It shows our state respects human rights, and works to eliminate the violations in jails and reduce the number of prisoners. But if we try to foresee how it will be applied, there is the threat of violation,.Those who implement punishments may be bribed in order to help criminals avoid the penalty they deserve. And this will allow them to feel safe and carry on with their crimes. House arrest procedures should be prepared very thoroughly. The personnel implementing it should be well-paid and perfectly selected. Otherwise the new measure will remain on paper and those supposed to apply will seem inconsistent and corrupt,” the lawyer believes.

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On 15.1.2010 Russia Again Considers Strasbourg Court Reform = 14 Protocol

Posted by Info on 12/01/2010

The Russian parliament will again discuss ratification of an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights on Friday.The State Duma, dominated by the Kremlin-backed United Russia party, declined to ratify the protocol in December 2006 on the grounds that some of its provisions contradicted Russian legislation.

Protocol 14 to the Convention, designed to simplify and speed up litigation in the European Court of Human Rights has been signed and ratified by all Council of Europe member states except Russia. The protocol will only come into force once it has been ratified by all member-countries.
The protocol was introduced to help the Court cope with the growing influx of complaints and to speed up investigations and trials, some of which continue for up to 10 years.

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Russia: Who is Lyudmila Alexeyeva 82 Years Old Dressed As Snow Maiden?

Posted by Info on 12/01/2010

Ms. Alexeyeva sat through so many K.G.B. interrogations. She was developing a variety of strategies to distract, deflect and otherwise irritate the authorities. Ms. Alexeyeva is now in her 43rd year of provoking official Moscow.

Upon hearing the details of Ms. Alexeyeva’s arrest on 31.12.2009, Paul Goldberg — who wrote with her The Thaw Generation: Coming of Age in the Post-Stalin Era,” her memoir of life as a dissident — said It is not fun to tangle with this person. She will make you feel like dirt, and she will not do it gratuitously. She will do it because you are dirt.

Everyone knew the sentence for crimes against the state: seven years in a penal camp and five years in exile. ..In 1993, after 16 years in exile in the United States, Ms. Alexeyeva and her husband moved back to a changed Russia. As chairwoman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, the organization she helped found in 1976.

Those days Ms. Alexeyeva has received death threats, and last year she buried two friends who were killed. Legal risks are unpredictable, too. While Soviet dissidents could strategize to protect themselves — knowing, for example, that prosecutors needed at least two witnesses — their tricks are of no use in a post-Soviet justice system, where cases can be wholly fabricated, she said.

“Now they do what they want,” she said. “There were rules then. They were idiotic rules, but there were rules, and if you knew them you could defend yourself.”

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