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Чеченский Правозащитник Требует Отставки Главы Военного Следственного Управления На Северном Кавказе

Posted by Info on 19/01/2010

29.12.09г. Чеченский омбудсмен выступил против руководителя военного следственного управления ОГВ (с) на Северном Кавказе . Правозащитник считает, что нынешнего главу военно-следственного управления необходимо отстранить от должности и привлечь к уголовной ответственности за шовинистические высказывания.

Уполномоченный также отметил, что бездеятельность следственных органов в поиске похищенных и пропавших без вести граждан может вызвать в регионе массовые акции протеста.
Близкие родственники более 5 тысяч похищенных и пропавших без вести граждан возмущены бездействием (в течении уже многих лет) военной прокуратуры и военного следственного управления в решении этой проблемы. Многие граждане призывают к проведению массовых гражданских акций протеста, как в Чеченской Республике, так и в Москве. Мы прилагаем большие усилия к предотвращению взрыва в гражданском обществе республики, – подчеркнул Нурди Нухажиев.

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Ombudsman of Chechnya Complains of Inspectors’ Passiveness as 5000 Missing

Posted by Info on 19/01/2010

The inactivity of the investigatory bodies in searching the missing and kidnapped residents of Chechnya provokes protest actions. This is asserted by the Ombudsman of Chechnya Nurdi Nukhazhiev in his letter to Yuri Chaika, General Public Prosecutor of Russia, where he asked Mr Chaika to interfere.

“Close relatives of more than 5 thousand kidnapped and missing citizens are exasperated by the inaction (throughout many years already) of the Military Prosecutor’s Office and Military Investigative Department in addressing this problem. Many citizens call to mass civil protest actions both in the Chechen Republic and in Moscow. We are making great efforts to prevent the outbreak in the civil society of the Republic.”
runs the press release of the Chechen Ombudsman.

In his application, Mr Nukhazhiev also asked to dismiss Sergey Sharshavykh, head of the department of the Investigatory Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office in Northern Caucasus. So far, no comments have arrived from the officials of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia and Mr Sharshavykh himself in reply to the statement of the Chechen Ombudsman.

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Another Criminal Case Initiated Against Major Dymovskiy

Posted by Info on 19/01/2010

Sergey Kucheruk, head of the GUVD (Interior Department) of the Krasnodar Territory said that the second criminal case was opened against former Militia Major from Novorossisk Alexei Dymovskiy; this time under Article 303 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – forgery. Mr Kucheruk gave no details, but promised that more criminal cases will follow.

Alexei Dymovskiy has learnt about his new criminal case on forgery from journalists; he was not official notified about it. “I think the point is not in a new article of the Criminal Code, but in a simple re-qualification of the first case from Article 159 into another one. The investigation has nothing to prove under the first article. “

On January 25, the Primorskiy District Court of Novorossisk will start considering the first criminal case a slander claim lodged against Alexei Dymovskiy by Novorossisk militia bosses.

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