Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Want To Be Free From HIV? Go To Turkmenistan And Pay 10 Euro..

Posted by Info on 22/01/2010

Without undergoing any medical tests one can get a medical certificate that he or she has no HIV/AIDS upon payment of 10 dollars to the respective person. The price of such certificates for foreigners is higher.

In her statement at the investment forum that took place in the middle of October in Ashkhabad, Leila Shamuradova, Deputy Minister of Health of Turkmenistan, said, “We have opened an HIV prevention centre within the respective new program of the President in the field of public health. However, we are very happy to note that there have not been registered any HIV cases in the country.

Turkmenistan is isolated from the external world not only by its political regime but also by the invisible curtain, which protects the country from different infections. According to the president, there could not be any bird flu in Turkmenistan since migrating birds that are infection carriers do not fly over Turkmenistan territory and, accordingly, do not winter there. For unclear reasons, there could be no swine flu either.

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